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Articles on Mexico after 2009
The Mexican civil war
Articles on Mexico before 2009

  • (february 2009) The Mexican civil war. In 2008 more than 6,000 people died in violence related to organized crime in Mexico. That's the same number of civilians killed in Iraq. By mid-february 2009 there had already been 1,000 killings in Mexico, a lot more than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Let's call it what it is: the Mexican civil war.
    Four drug cartels (the Sinaloa cartel, the Gulf cartel, the Tijuana cartel, and the Juarez cartel) now effectively control parts of the north, at the border with the USA. Their yearly revenues are about 13 billion dollars. Not much by USA standards, but enough to buy a lot of politicians and police officers in developing countries. By recruiting professionals from the Mexican army, the cartels have created their own army, nicknamed "Los Zetas". The Zetas are in charge of protecting the routes of drug trafficking.
    The irony is that this is civil war entirely funded and armed by the USA. It is funded by the millions of dumb USA citizens who consume drugs, thus supporting the business of the cartels. And it is armed by the NRA (National Rifle Association) and its allies in Washington that protect arm sellers: Mexican gangsters can purchase legally highly sophisticated weapons in the USA and then use them across the border against under-armed Mexican police officers. Unfortunately, very few of the USA citizens who caused the problem are paying the price.
    The government of Mexico should start asking the USA to bomb private USA residences and arrest USA private citizens instead of trying to fight (and lose) a battle against druglords who can arm themselves in USA arm stores with the money that they receive from USA drug users.
    Isn't this what the USA did to Afghanistan when people from Afghanistan attacked the USA?
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  • Articles on Mexico before 2009
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