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Articles on Mexico after 2010
The other war on drugs
The ideology of Mexican murales
Articles on Mexico before 2010

  • (march 2010) The other war on drugs. USA citizens have a vague notion that there is a drug war being fought on the Mexican side of the border, that thousands of people are being killed, that traveling to Mexico is unsafe, etc. Mexican gangs are big news in the USA, but USA media tend to neglect the vicious circle that starts in the USA and ends in the USA. Guns are largely illegal in Mexico. The gangs buy their guns in the USA. How do they get the money is simple: they sell drugs to the USA. So the USA citizens fund these gangs and USA gun stores sell them the weapons. Mexico is the victim.
    Mexican newspapers, instead, are full of angry editorials accusing the USA precisely of funding and arming terrorism in Mexico. It is hard to disagree. The drug cartels get their money by selling drugs to dumb USA citizens. Then they use the money to buy weapons in the USA (there are virtually no gun stores in Mexico). Then the USA-funded and USA-armed gangs terrorize Mexican cities and even buy Mexican politicians. This is all caused by the USA. Under international law, i believe that Mexico is entitled to military intervention in the USA, just like the USA bombed and invaded a country where its enemies were being funded and armed. Mexico is entitled to bomb gun stores locared in the USA, and is entitled to wage a war (a real war) against USA citizens who consume drugs. If you have done drugs, you are funding the drug cartels, you have killed Mexican civilians, and you are de facto attacking Mexico. Mexico should be entitled to retaliate by attacking your house.
    There is a fail state with two failed policies, one on drugs and one on guns. That state is not Mexico, but the USA.
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2010 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (march 2010) The ideology of Mexican murales. On a visit to the pleasant and friendly Ciudad de Mexico, i decided to check out all the legendary murales of the city. It is well-known that most murales are inspired by Marxism. This seems to be the doctrine of the Mexican intellectuals. However, they don't seem to realize how funny it looks to a foreign observer. For example, the woman who escorted us to visit the Secretaria de Educacion Publica (perhaps the most amazing of the buildings that contain murales) spent 25% of the time explaining a very ugly mural that is at the ground floor. The mural depicts the history of Latin America with all its cultures. The USA is simply a black region. She explained that it means that the USA has no culture, unlike the various regions of Latin America. Needless to say this is a bit puzzling, because the whole of Latin America exported only one thing to the USA: dancing (salsa, tango, etc). On the contrary the USA exported to Latin America just about everything else, from dress codes to technology, from economics to cinema. A lot more USA writers and scientists won Nobel Prizes than the whole of Latin America combined. Every country of Latin America except Cuba has adopted the USA economic model. And today it is the Mexican kids who play hiphop and heavymetal everywhere, not the kids of the USA who play Mexican music.
    While viewing a famous Diego Rivera mural depicting the triumph of the peasants against the capitalists, i could't wonder what Rivera would think today if he could see how all his compatriotes want to be not "campesinos" but capitalists, and if he could see how many millions of them are willing to emigrate as de-facto slaves to the capitalist USA rather than remain in semi-socialist Mexico.
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2009 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • Articles on Mexico before 2010
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