Since 3 Jan 2005
This is a casual group of people who share an interest in the history of ideas, and a passion for stimulating discussions. We meet once a month (usually the first sunday or monday of the month) at 6-7pm in San Francisco to discuss interesting topics in science, philosophy, history, art, etc. Every month we pick one topic and one person who is in charge of researching and introducing the topic.
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13 Feb 2005

Theme: The Barbarians
Host: Tara and Chris Langton
Presenter: Tara

20 March 2005

Theme: The Return of the Barbarians
Host: Tara and Chris Langton
Presenter: Tara

24 April 2005

Theme: Life in Antarctica
Host: Monica Slakey
Presenter: Kevin

12 June 2005

Theme: Quantum
Host: Steve
Presenter: Paul and piero

August 2005

Theme: Biogenesis and its Artifacts
Host: Beth and Craig
Presenter: Rafael, John

6 November 2005

Theme: The future of evolution
Host: Kelley
Presenter: Rafael, John

9 January 2006

Theme: Winston Churchill and the 'Great Man Theory' of History
Host: Kelley
Presenter: Steve H.

19 February 2006

Theme: Art and Science in the 20th century
Host: Lynn and Steve
Presenter: Paul

2 April 2006

Theme: Joseph Campbell
Host: Beth and Craig
Presenter: Lynn and Ted

June 2006

Theme: Artificial Intelligence
Host: ?
Presenter: Rafael

August 2006

Theme: Future of Artificial Intelligence
Host: Kelley
Presenter: Rafael

September 2006

Theme: Ethics

October 2006

Theme: Artificial Life
Host: Chris and Tara
Presenter: Chris

December 2006

Theme: Trends of 2006
Host: Steve and Gina
Presenter: Steve H.

January 2007

Theme: Metaphors of Mind
Host: Lynne and Steve
Presenter: Lynne's Steve

July 2007

Theme: Revolution
Host: Beth and Craig
Presenter: Steve H.

November 2007

Theme: Time
Host: Tara and Chris
Presenter: Chris

January 2008

Theme: Important and meaningful music

February 2008

Theme: The current state of reading

March 2008

Theme: Charisma

April 2008

Theme: Origins of War

June 2008

Theme: Maintaining peace

July 2008

Theme: Important and provocative books and articles

August 2008

Theme: Evolving modes of thinking
Host: Kelley
Presenter: Steve H.

September 2008

Theme: Waiting for Godot
Host: Lynne and Steve
Presenter: Steve K.

October 2008

Theme: Dying
Host: Gina and Steve H.
Presenter: Kelley

March 2009

Theme: A favorite poem
Host: Lynne and Steve Kaufman
Presenter: everybody

Original group

  • Jennifer Deal (theater producer)
  • Steve Harris (lawyer)
  • Lynne Kaufman (playwright, novelist)
  • Steve Kaufman (physician)
  • Chris Langton (A-life pioneer)
  • Tara Lemmey
  • Craig Sirnio (angel investor)
  • Gina Harris (artist)
  • Paul Quijada (artist)
  • Mary Ann Mason (Berkeley school of law)
  • Rafael Olivas (multimedia designer)
  • Diane Olberg (communications strategist)
  • Beth Roemer (lawyer)
  • piero scaruffi (cognitive scientist)
  • Monica Slakey (lawyer)
  • Kelley Watts (audio, visual, and corporate communications)