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Joe Biden = Donald Trump part II
The USA is still playing with fire: Change the US constitution
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  • (july 2021) Joe Biden = Donald Trump part II
    Trump's foreign policy was an absolute disaster. The USA was dragged from one humiliation (North Korea's dictator treating the US president like a fool) to another one (Iraq asking the USA to leave the country after the USA assassinated an Iranian general) and to another one (Russia defended Venezuela's dictator that the USA wanted to dethrone and the US president quickly shut up on Venezuela) and to another one (Saudi Arabia assassinated a Washington Post journalist in Turkey and the US president didn't even complain) and to another one (Turkey invaded Syria and attacked the rebels who had fought alongside the USA). Trump's foreign policy was an endless series of defeats and humiliations.
    Fast forward to Joe Biden well into 2021 and... nothing has changed. The USA is quietly accepting that North Korea has nuclear weapons and rockets to threaten not only US allies like Japan and South Korea but also US troops and territories. The USA maintains sanctions on Iran although it was the USA (Donald Trump) that broke the international agreement on nuclear power: Iran was sticking to it, as confirmed by all international and even US observers. Biden is sticking to Trump's demands that Iran accepts more stringent inspections than those required by the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty while Israel, which has never signed the N.P.T., has never allowed any such inspections. The USA maintains the tariffs on Chinese goods (which are really just a tax on the middle class of the USA, since it's the middle class of the USA that pays the higher prices, not the Chinese middle class). The USA still maintains good relationships with Saudi Arabia (with not even a hint of punishing those responsible for murdering Jamal Khashoggi) while Saudi Arabia continues to cause a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. The USA still recognizes the rogue government of Yemen instead of the Houthis. The USA still quietly accepts that Syria has been de facto divided among Russia, Turkey and Iran. The USA still quietly accepts that Libya has been de facto divided between Russia and Turkey. The USA still sides with Israel and the US embassy remains in Jerusalem, as it was decided by Trump. The USA didn't do anything to stop Israel from killing 250 Palestinians during the latest "war" against Hamas (May 2021, hardly ever mentioned by Biden's staff). The USA is doing nothing to oust Venezuela's dictator Maduro while imposing even tougher sanctions on Cuba than Trump ever did. Despite two more cyber-attacks traced back to Russia (Russian hackers "DarkSide" disrupted a major fuel pipeline of the USA and Russian hackers "REvil" unleashed a ransomware attack on the IT firm Kaseya that provides software to thousands of corporations), and despite Russia's continued occupation of Ukraine and support for dictators opposed by the USA (Assad in Syria, Maduro in Venezuela, etc), there has been no escalation of sanctions under Biden compared with the sanctions already in place under Trump (which were sanctions originated under Obama). The USA is still out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would have created the largest trading block and political alliance in the history of the world, and the most significant step against China's expansionism. And the USA is withdrawing its troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq, just like Trump had promised to do (whether good or bad, it was Trump's plan which Biden is simply carrying out).
    Where's the difference between Biden and Trump? Well, to be fair, Biden is nicer than Trump when he talks to allies. And his anti-Chinese policies are harder than Trump's: Trump was only interested in the trade deficit, whereas Biden also cares about human rights. But it is telling that Trump's wall is still standing along the Mexican border: it's a powerful symbol that much of the vision of Trump's government is still in place. That vision amounted to "no vision". And that's where Biden stands.

    See also Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell.

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2021 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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