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The Trump and Biden inflations
The Pro-Palestinian protests
An Analysis of Polarization in the USA: The Real Divide in the USA
Europe's mess vs US mess
Trump vs Biden
Articles on the USA published before 2024

  • (february 2024) Europe's mess vs US mess

    I roll my eyes when i read articles (typically in right-wing publications like the Wall Street Journal) that talk about Europe's mess. They tend to highlight the dysfunction of the European Union (true), the stagnating economies due to lack of reforms (true), the decline of science and technology (more or less true), and so on.

    However, it is weird that they come from the USA. What a pulpit. The USA is a much bigger mess. Europe has its own problems, but everything is relative. Someone lecturing Europe from the USA (like the Wall Street Journal does) is like a tourist on the deck of the Titanic making fun of a slower fisherman's boat.

    Europe's problems are not as serious as the congenital problems of the USA (or of China or of Russia). To start with, there is little polarization compared with the USA. The USA has constant gridlock in Congress and is marching towards a civil war. Worst: most of the serious political problems of the USA stem from its own constitution, a wildly undemocratic document created 200+ years ago by 50 rich white men half of which were slaveholders and none of which had any intention of letting slaves or even women vote. The result of 200 years of non-democracy is that now the US president is decided by three or four so-called "swing states", and the few thousand people of Wyoming are as influential on the Senate as the 40 million people of California, and the Supreme Clowns of the USA (oops i meant "Judges") are chosen based on the honesty (typically very low) and IQ (typically very low) of who happens to be president when one supreme clown (oops... supreme judge) dies. (See Change the constitution, The USA never was a democracy and Should California declare independence?)

    While US politics is heading towards civil war, US society is imploding. You are now 12 times more likely to be murdered in the USA than in Italy, with more than 50% of murders never solved. US citizens die of drug overdoses at a rate 13 times higher than in Europe (216 deaths per million versus 16 deaths per million). Primary education is declining all over the USA, not only in Florida, with children among the most ignorant in the entire world: US millennials were tied for last on tests of mathematics and problem solving (no it's not only Scandinavian and Asian kids, even Russian kids fared better). And your children are way more likely to be shot in a US school than in Europe. US health care is the most expensive in the world but has little to do with health, and tens of millions have no health insurance (compared with zero in Europe). Life expectancy in the USA is lower than in Europe. US citizens eat garbage but eat a lot of it: 40% of adults are technically obese compared with 17% in Europe. The USA is one of the few non-Islamic countries in the world where abortion is not legal. The USA still has the death penalty. Public transportation is one of the most retarded in the developed world. The USA is the only country that has not switched to the metric system. Cinema, music and literature are stagnating like probably never before. I could go on.

    Europe certainly has massive problems, but i think they pale in comparison with the problems of the USA (or China or Russia).

    US pundits point out that the European Union is, at best, a patchwork of democracies. A decision in one democracy usually affects all the other states. When there are 27 states making decisions based on their own public opinion, it means that 27 states can make bad decisions: statistically most decisions are going to be bad. But Britain shows that, left alone, each country could make bigger bad decisions. And the 20-year gridlock in the USA is hardly evidence that the US federation is any more efficient than the European one (although cynical economists might argue that a government that does not act is better than a government that acts).

    European countries have colossal national debts, but a) the citizens get something out of it (like high-speed trains and universal health care) and b) it is owned by the citizens themselves or by fellow European countries. The USA too has a ballooning national debt but a) the citizens see very little out of it and b) quite a bit of it is owned by foreign countries including China. I am not sure who should worry more: a Frenchman whose OATs (government bonds) are owned by German banks or a US citizen whose treasury bonds are owned by China and the Cayman Islands (notorious for laundering Russian gangster money).

    Fox News commentators like to point out that Europe is being "invaded" by Muslims (true) but the number of illegal immigrants in the USA vastly outnumbers those of Europe.

    Disunion? Is the EU really more likely to break up than the USA? The Wall Street Journal predicted that Greece would implode and then the entire EU would implode. Guess again: today (2024) Greece has one of the most vibrant economies, and the EU is still expanding. Meanwhile, more and more US citizens (and even some politicians) wonder if it wouldn't be better to split the USA in two nations, a conservative one and a progressive one. Europeans may still find consensus on many matters, from abortion to the death penalty, whereas it looks more and more unlikely that the states of the USA will ever find consensus on any matter.

    US pundits point out that some European countries (notably Hungary) have become less democratic (true). But, again, what a pulpit: the USA is slowly but steadily drifting into fascism. Just one practical example: when Republicans had to choose a new leader in the House of Representatives, Republicans who didn't vote for neofascist Jim Jordan received death threats, a fact eerily reminiscent of the rise of fascism in Italy and nazism in Germany. Trump's MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement is largely a movement of fascist thugs. Europe has its own neofascist movements but the difference should be obvious to anyone who has followed the rise of Giorgia Meloni in Italy: she is neither as racist nor as polarizing nor as threatening as Benito Trump. If Trump gets elected again, the Republicans who didn't align with Trump (and especially those who voted for his impeachment) might resign en masse simply out of fear for their lives. The MAGA movement has installed scores of "election deniers" into key positions of local governments: they are the ones who will count the votes at the coming elections!

    And let's get to the best (worst) part: what is in the future of the USA as long as Trump is alive? If Trump loses in 2024, we already know what he will do: he will spend the next four year whining that they stole his election. The USA will get 4 more years of Trump pressuring and threatening the Republicans in Congress. His MAGA thugs might get even more aggressive than those who stormed the Capitol in January 2021. And in 2028 he will run again, even from jail. And again. And again. This is the "Chavez model" in Venezuela: after his insurrection failed, Hugo Chavez kept trying and eventually he managed to win an election, and then he changed the rules so that noone could win against him. To this day, Venezuela is still run by a dictatorship (that Maduro inherited from Chavez). When Trump finally wins, his "retribution" will take a toll in "blue" states like California: he will subjugate the most powerful corporations and media the way the Chinese Communist Party controls corporations and media in China. Trump and the far-right know well that the USA is a superpower because of the technology and science coming from the "blue" states. The secret to remain in power and to remain a superpower is to subjugate the blue states, from Silicon Valley to Boston. US citizens should pay close attention to the millions of Venezuelan migrants and refugees. Venezuela used to be the richest and most democratic country in South America...

    If, on the other hand, Trump wins in 2024, he will appoint loyalists to all government jobs: the "Xi model" in China. He will rein in the media, particularly the social media which have become essential in spreading right-wing disinformation. He will make sure that digital platforms can't remove fake news anymore: government propaganda will become the norm, just like in China and Russia. He will make sure that digital platforms appoint CEOs that are more obedient and possibly friendly to him.

    Amy Coney Barrett, one of the supreme clowns (oops... judges) appointed by Trump, sent a stern warning to the leftist judges of the mostly right-wing court: "In my judgment, this is not the time to amplify disagreement with stridency. The Court has settled a politically charged issue in the volatile season of a Presidential election. Particularly in this circumstance, writings on the Court should turn the national temperature down, not up." Get it? Do not disagree or... These are the kind of innuendoes that Mussolini's thugs used in Italy in the 1920s.

    The political problem of the USA starts with the Constitution. The problem won't go away unless the USA changes the way presidents, senators and the Supreme Court are elected/appointed. And changing the constitution is virtually impossible.

    There are problems (big problems) in Europe but US pundits seem as clueless as a tourist on the deck of the Titanic about their own fate.

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2024 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (january 2024) Trump vs Biden

    I am not scared of Trump winning. I am scared of what Trump will do when he loses again. See below.
    The pundits are predicting a replay of the 2020 presidential race, with Donald Trump and Joe Biden each nominated by his party. I will believe it when i see it. So far the vast majority of US voters does NOT want such a replay. Both candidates have record low approval ratings. One is a scumbag, the other one is over 80. Both have cognitive decline.
    First of all, the temptation for someone else to run as an independent is higher than ever. When the two presumptive candidates are so disliked by the voters, Joe Manchin, Liz Cheney, and many others have a golden opportunity that might never repeat. A (serious) independent will change all calculations. There would even be a serious chance that no candidate wins 270 electoral votes, and the decision moves to Congress (so the constitution says).
    The independent candidate may well be Trump if he loses the nomination. That's the fundamental blackmail, right? Trump is subtly telegraphing to the Republican establishment that he is either their nominee or he runs as an independent, taking his MAGA base with him. That's why Nikky Haley has no chance of becoming president. Were she nominated by the Republican Party, she would beat Biden easily (according to today's polls), but only if noone split the Republican vote. If she miraculously manages to win the nomination over Trump, Trump will do just that: run as an independent and split the Republican vote, which means that Biden can win in every single state (the very "red" states are precisely the ones where Trump will suck away a lot of votes from Republican candidate Haley).
    At the same time, Haley herself could be tempted. Haley knows that she would win the general election if she ran against Trump or Biden separately, and by a big margin: why not run as an independent against both? She would probably get the majority of the independent vote, some disgruntled Democratic votes, and all the "Never Trump" Republican votes. A recent Gallup poll shows that 43% of voters identify as "independent" compared with 27% each for the two major parties. She could win 70% of that 43%, 20% of the Democratic 27% and and 20% of the Republican 27% for a grand total of 41% of the popular vote, with Biden and Trump presumably each getting about half of the remaining 59%.
    Anyway, let's assume that the pundits are right and this will be a replay of 2020: Trump vs Biden. Poll after poll shows that today pretty much any Republican can easily beat Biden... except Trump. Depending on the day of the week, polls predict that Trump beats Biden by a narrow margin, or viceversa. Biden's ratings can only go up (see further down) so Trump is indeed the weakest Republican to run against Biden. That matches my perception: many Democrats and independents, after watching the Republican debates, feel that they could vote for Haley, even for DeSantis, but never for Trump, no matter what. I suspect that the vast majority of independents will again shut their nose and vote against Trump, and that many Republicans (let's call them the Haley-Christie republicans) will not vote at all. Biden will lose votes (especially among Hispanics) but also gain votes (among women). Trump can only win like he won in 2016, by a technicality after losing the popular vote by 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton (and, IMHO, with some voter fraud). Ultimately, the US is not a democracy (See The USA never was a Democracy), so again it will depend on the arcane medieval institution of the electoral college. But, again, that's in the event that it comes down to a Biden-Trump contest, which i will believe only when it happens.
    I am not scared of Trump winning. I am scared of what Trump will do when he loses again. That's the real issue in a Biden-Trump race. If Trump loses again, we know what he will say: "I won, the election was stolen again". What will he try this time to overthrow Biden? And will we have four more years of whining? Will the neofascist branch of the Republican Party accept the results or start a civil war, faced with the fact that they can never win an election? The USA is not ready for four more years of Trump terrorism just like it was not ready on September 2001. Even if a judge eventually sends him to jail, Trump will not fade away: he will continue to whine and opine even from jail, and he may run again every four years, and this tragicomedy may repeat itself every four years until he dies. It's a huge price to pay for the USA. Putin's greatest achievement: a permanent thorn in the side of the US democracy, a terrorist attack day after day.
    One thing that most non-Democrats seem to miss: Democrats love Trump. Just like Trump got Biden elected in 2020 and just like Trump helped Democrats in the 2022 midterms, Democrats are convinced that Trump is the best Republican for them to beat in 2024. Which is probably true. Democrats are rooting for Trump to win the Republican nomination or run as an independent. You've probably never seen a compilation of all the incoherent rambling that Trump does when he speaks, but you've seen dozens of Biden's, right? Trump is more senile that Biden but from the media you'd guess the opposite. Trump has fallen, tripped, frozen so many times but you've probably never seen it. On the other hand, you've probably seen countless videos of Biden falling, limping, etc. The "liberal" media are kind to Trump just like Fox News is.
    A recent poll mentioned by the Economist showed that almost 60% of US voters think that the USA is in the middle of a recession and about 50% of US voters think that unemployment is high. That's while economists all over the world wonder how the USA can keep the economy growing so fast and unemployment so low. How many US voters know that the US stock market just hit an all-time record high at the same time that the Chinese stock market is crashing? When is the last time that the US economy was doing better than the Chinese economy? Fox News has only one million viewers: it cannot possibly influence 100 million people. Obviously it's all the media, right and left, including bloggers and social media, who paint that gloomy picture of the economy.
    The media are also responsible for spreading the feeling that Biden is senile while Trump is still sharp like a knife, when in fact he is at least as senile if not more. I analyzed Trump's many "lies". Trump has always been a congenital liar, but recently his lies are not only outrageous, they are also... weird. He confused Haley and Pelosi. He frequently confuses Biden and Obama. He mistook his accuser Jean Carrol for his ex-wife. And so on. That's the real reason why Trump avoided the Republican debates: first, so that he would not be held accountable for all the failures of his presidency, and second because his cognitive decline would be obvious. When he talks about foreign affairs, he is often credited with supporting a conspiracy theory when in fact he is just mixing up South Korea with North Korea or China with Japan or Hezbollah with Israel's armed forces IDF. He honestly doesn't remember who is an ally and who is an enemy. Trump said that Hungarian prime minister Orban is the president of Turkey and that Hungary borders on Russia. Trump warned that the world "must not slide into World War Two". DeSantis's campaign was right on target when they posted a thread of several confusing remarks by Trump and commented “this is why his handlers won’t let him debate.” There is wall-to-wall coverage of every Biden gaffe but there is hardly any coverage of Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior.
    On the other hand, Biden's ratings can only go up. So far Biden hasn't basically campaigned at all and the media have largely ignored his achievements and only repeat that he's too old. In reality, there is nothing particularly wrong with his presidency except that he's way too old and that the media dislike him (both right and left). There should be an age limit, ideally 65 (also for senators, but then again the Senate is another institution that needs to be abolished, like the electoral college). Biden has ruled decently both on foreign policy and domestic policy. It should be easy for the Biden campaign to defend him from the most damaging accusations. Inflation? There is inflation in every country except China, and it's usually worse. And the US inflation was also caused by four Trump actions: the 10% tariff on Chinese goods (which is paid by US consumers, not by China, and is de facto just a tax on the middle class), the undoing of the nuclear deal with Iran (which took millions of barrels of oil off the market), the crackdown on immigration (that discouraged potential immigrants and caused wages to increase), and the 7 trillion dollars that Trump added to the US debt (including the $1,200 cheques that Trump sent to every US family). The border issue is a consequence of not having immigration reform, which is not Biden's fault. The withdrawal from (and debacle of) Afghanistan was a consequence of the surrender signed by Trump in Qatar. The fantanyl crisis started skyrocketing under Trump. China became a technological juggernaut under Trump. Russia rebuilt its military status under Trump. North Korea increased its nuclear arsenal and the range of its missiles under Trump. Biden gets blamed for all of these crises but his failure is mainly that he was not able to undo what Trump did. It is Trump who set the USA on course towards all these crises.
    The border issue has become a major rallying cry for Republicans, but that's as unfair as it gets. It is Republicans who have blocked immigration reform for 17 years (ironically it was originally proposed by Republican president George W Bush). The USA needs immigrants to fill a multitude of jobs that US citizens don't want, from picking tomatoes to hospital nurses, but there is no legal way to hire many of such immigrants. Migrants know that there are jobs in the USA for them for the simple reason that many US businesses hire them, and those US businesses who hire illegal immigrants are mostly Republicans. Far-right Republicans excel at doing the opposite of what they preach: Trump's wife got a dubious green card (she had no job at the time but she was granted the "Einstein visa" reserved for top scientists) and then her parents came in as parents of a US citizen and then other relatives came in as close family of such parents, precisely the family-based immigration schemes that far-right Republicans condemn. Last but not least, let's face what caused the economic crises in the home countries of the Hispanic migrants: mostly drugs (purchased by US addicts) and guns (sold by US gun sellers). If we stopped screwing up their countries, maybe they wouldn't think of emigrating in the first place.
    Biden has achieved quite a bit, more than Obama did in eight years: the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure bill to repair roads, waterways, bridges and railroads, and bring high-speed internet to rural communities, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the confusingly named Inflation Reduction Act, which made health insurance more affordable for many and lowered drug costs, bills to help veterans, the CHIPS and Science Act to support the US semiconductor industry, and bills to reduce greenhouse emissions and promote clean energy. Biden expanded the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") and than 21 million people signed up for it in 2023. Economists kept predicting a recession (even a "depression" according to those interviewed on Fox News): Biden proved them wrong, and keeps proving them wrong. Last but not least, his party keeps winning elections even though he is wildly unpopular. I predict that history will be kind to Biden. If only he rode off into the sunset...
    I strongly disagree with his support for Israel and his appeasement of Saudi Arabia, so Biden would not be my favorite candidate for president, but the point is that his record is way better than most US voters perceive. That's why i argue that Biden's ratings can only go up.
    Biden's biggest liability in 2024 is his vice-president Kamala Harris. If the vicepresident was an issue in 2020 when Biden was 77, that issue is only more pressing now that he's 81 and very likely to become incapacitated in the next four years. His chances of winning reelection would increase if the vicepresident were someone like Amy Klobuchar (my favorite in 2020) or (if it has to be a man) Hakeem Jeffries, or Susan Rice (the Nicky Haley of the Democratic Party) or Gretchen Whitmer or the very competent Gina Raimondo, or, across the aisle, Liz Cheney. Or someone who would galvanize the younger generations, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Plenty of alternatives if Harris did the right thing and bowed out.

    See also: Biden never won

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2024 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (march 2024) The Trump and Biden inflations
    I have blamed Trump for the current inflation: the tariff on Chinese goods was a tax on the middle class; reneging on the nuclear deal with Iran removed millions of barrels of oil from the market; cracking down on immigration removed "illegal" immigrants that were providing essential services to the middle class at bargain costs; and adding seven trillion dollars to the national debt (including the checks that he personally signed) amounted to a colossal project of money printing.
    Biden, however, has doubled down on Trump's inflationary strategy. Biden has maintained the tariffs on Chinese goods and now even increased them. He has maintained the sanctions on Iran; he has added his own trillion dollars to the national debt.
    A little bit of history for those too young to remember. Shoes and tshirts used to be expensive in the USA. They were made in the USA. Then about 20 years ago the market was flooded by Chinese-made shoes and tshirts (and later just about everything, from furniture to appliances) that were much cheaper. This was the equivalent of a massive tax cut for the middle class. The price the USA paid was the closure of many US factories that were making the same goods but couldn't make them cheap enough. This has been the age of the discount store.
    A grass-roots populist movement (symbolically and practically represented by Donald Trump, but actually first manifested inside the radical Left) started complaining about this state of affairs, and in 2024 it is causing the US government to protect and even subsidize US factories that can produce the same goods... at a much higher price. Democrats and Republicans have, de facto, joined forces to make the US consumer pay more for most goods. Most economists think that the middle class will be hurt badly when ALL prices will increase. We'll go back to old world of parents fixing the shoes of their children instead of buying new ones.
    Other economists think that focusing on production (on jobs) is more important than focusing on consumption (on cost of living) but that could be an illusion: when prices increase, consumers buy less, and it's hard to see how that creates more jobs and higher salaries.
    Protectionism is also likely to make US goods less competitive on the world market: banning Chinese electric cars will probably make US electric cars less competitive outside the USA, just like US car makers ended up making worse cars than Japanese cars, and they are still losing today.
    Trump and Biden are very old men. The jobs that they want to protect are typically jobs performed by old people. Young people don't dream of working in a car factory: they dream of working in a software company. It's another example of how these old politicians can be out of touch with young people.
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2024 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (april 2024) An Analysis of Polarization in the USA: The Real Divide in the USA
    Everybody agrees that there is extreme political polarization in the USA, but the analysis of what drives that polarization is often confusing. People may be less ideological than the surveys show. Not many people have firm beliefs about socialism, free markets, etc. The real divide is created more by daily news than by organic comprehensive worldviews. An NBC News poll of April 2024 focused on a different aspect of social behavior: Biden leads by 49 points among voters who rely on newspapers for their news, by 20 points among voters who rely on national network news and by 10 points among voters who rely on websites; whereas Trump leads by 8 points among voters who rely on cable news and by 4 points among voters who rely on social media (and these are two huge categories), and by 26 points among voters who don’t follow political news at all. Basically, the less informed people are the more likely they are to vote for Trump. I write "less informed" but of course people who get their news from YouTube or TikTok are convinced that they are "better informed" than me, not less informed. This divide, presumably, is not about the ideas but about the facts: a one-minute video that mocks Biden's speech counts a lot more than a discussion about Biden's economic strategy in determining how people will vote. Trump is terrible at articulating a vision but really good at the "punch line" (not to mention at the insult), and that seems to be the future of news. When Ronald Reagan in the 1980s cut funding for education, he didn't know that he started a chain reaction that 40 years later, in the age of social media, benefits the far right. If he lived today, he would probably regret it: even he looks like a leftist compared to the neofascist movement.
    Another cause of the political polarization in the USA is a psychological transformation that no sociologist seems to have captured. There once was a "great generation", the generation that fought World War II. This was succeeded by the "baby boomers" (which have entered retirement age) and then by "generation X" (today's middle-aged people). The "millennial" are no longer young (they are now in their 30s), succeeded by "generation Z" (hopefully someone will come up with a better name for them). Something happened over the decades in the mindset of these generations that succeeded the "great generation", and particularly in the mindset of "generation x": that belief that you are right and everybody else is wrong. Older people didn't have this absolute belief in their being right. It is now commonplace to hear someone remark "whoever did this didn't know what he was doing". It is common to be insulted when making a mistake on the highway (as if the insulter was the perfect driver who never made any mistake in his life). If you believe that you are always right and everybody else is always wrong, it is inevitable that you become more polarized. Somehow this mindset emerged in parallel with the emergence of the Internet as a provider of news. I don't know whether one caused the other, but the combination is what makes the USA a particularly dangerous place right now.
    Note that the political polarization is unique to the USA. Despite the attempt to paint it as a general phenomenon, there is nothing comparable in Europe or Asia. People may have strong opinions at any point in time but, first of all, they don't mind discussing them with the opposite side and, more importantly, they don't mind changing them radically. For example, many of the people who voted for Giorgia Meloni had voted before for he left-wing parties. It is only in the USA that it has become difficult (even dangerous) to have a political discussion with the opposite side and that people stick to their political beliefs like fanatical members of a religious cult.
    There are certainly other factors (and perhaps more important ones) that caused the current polarization in the USA, but these two seem to be underrated to me.
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2024 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (may 2024) The Pro-Palestinian protests
    The pro-Palestinian protests that spread from the East Coast campuses to the entire USA (and to some extent to Europe) are an encouraging sign that young people are not the zombies that old people imagined. I have often portrayed Netanyahu's Israel as a rogue country and can only be pleased by the pro-Palestinian demonstrations across US campuses as I view them as essentially anti-Netanyahu protests (See Netanyahu’s War ).
    It is also interesting that such an anti-Israeli movement could originate in the USA, a country where there is bipartisan agreement (enthusiastic agreement) to stand by Israel. College students get their news from a 24/7 news cycle propelled by their phones, often TikTok videos and social media posts. These sources may, in the end, provide more balanced news than, say, the highly opinionated and biased Fox News programs. In fact, younger people seem to be a lot less polarized/polarizing as their parents, who often "root" more than "think". Young people are less likely to be prisoners of an echo chamber.
    However, it is puzzling that young people find so much motivation to protest for something that is happening far away but not for the increasing threats to US democracy. I haven't seen similar protests against the Supreme Court of the USA (I call them the "supreme clowns of the USA") or against aspiring fascist dictator Trump. Maybe the difference is that the massacre of Palestinian has and is happening whereas the threat to US democracy is, so far, only a threat, not an actual fact.
    It is nonetheless a pity that these young people don't protest as forcefully when the political establishment presents them with a choice for president that consists in two very old white men, neither of which should be in politics anymore (one retired in a nursing home and the other one in prison for multiple crimes). The choice between Biden and Trump sounds like an insult to the majority of the country (the median age of the USA is 38). That would be enough to justify a march on Washington, if not an insurrection. It is also a pity that these young people don't protest as forcefully against a Supreme Court that is totally out of control and filled with crooked judges, fascists, bigots, sex offenders and plain idiots, a Supreme Court that routinely bypasses the democratic process to decide issues like abortion, affirmative action, student loan forgiveness, LGBTQ discrimination, voting rights, environmentalism, and so on. The USA is the only country in the world that officially recognizes corporations as people. The US government is even planning to shut down TikTok (after a 79-18 vote, immediately signed by 81-year-old president Biden), another sign of how out of touch with young people the politicians are: banning TikTok (or any other platform whose users are mostly if not only young people) means shutting the voices of young people, who already feel alienated and discriminated by the political establishment. How do young people expect this corrupt gerontocracy to build a nice future for them?
    Hopefully that will come next as these young protesters realize that they may not have more rights than the people of Gaza and that their country is being stolen from them by old incompetent (and often dishonest) politicians.
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2024 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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