Europe Africa Asia America
Russia vs Chechnya
Ukraine vs separatists
Georgia vs Abkhazia and South Ossetia separatists
Turkey vs Kurdish separatists
Morocco vs Sahrawis
Mali vs Tuareg rebels
Cameroon vs Islamists
South Sudan vs Murle rebels
Chad vs United Front for Change/Janjaweed (Sudan) and Rally of Forces for Change (RFC) and Union of Forces for Democracy and Development (UFDD)
Nigeria, Chad, Niger vs Boko Haram
Somalia vs Islamists
Mozambique vs Al-Sunna wa Jama'a
Congo/Zaire vs ADF

Myanmar vs Karen rebels
Myanmar vs Kachin rebels
India vs Kashmir separatists
Sri Lanka vs Tamil separatists
Afghanistan vs Taleban
Pakistan vs Baloch separatists
Pakistan vs Taliban
Iraq vs ISIS
Syria vs ISIS and others
Yemen & Saudi Arabia vs Houthis
India vs Maoist guerrilla (Naxalites)
Thailand vs Muslim separatists
Colombia vs FARC

See also Wars and Genocides

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