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The Most Dangerous People in the World
Enemies of the People
Articles written before 2015

  • (october 2016) The Most Dangerous People in the World.
    1. Vladimir Putin, the man who tens of thousands of civilians in Chechnya (a war justified by engineering fake "terrorist" attacks inside Russia) and is now trying to kill even more civilians in Syria; the man who has de facto annexed territories of Ukraine and Georgia; the man who has assassinated scores of journalists and dissidents; the man who is trying to subvert democratic governments not only in his neighborhood but even in the West (notably in the USA)
    2. Jong-un Kim, dictator of North Korea, who is pushing the world towards a nuclear crisis because the USA will have to do something about his nuclear tests before it is too late to defend Alaska and California, and then all bets are off about what will happen in Asia (China is technically North Korea's main and pretty much only ally)
    3. Bashar Assad, a Russian and Iranian puppet who is willing to let his country be completely destroyed rather than surrender power
    4. Salman Saud, the current leader of the Saudi family that has ruled Saudi Arabia since its founding, a family that has funded, trained and armed Al Qaeda, ISIS and countless other terrorist organizations, and that is bombing Yemen with the same ferocity that Putin is bombing Syria
    5. Recep Erdogan, the paranoid president of Turkey who has managed to start two civil wars, first by protecting and helping ISIS in Syria and then by provoking the Kurds inside Turkey, and who has launched the biggest political purges and persecution of dissidents ever seen in a democratic country. Turkey has now more political prisoners than the entire Arab world combined. The USA and the European Union are allied with Erdogan against Assad but i am not sure whether Erdogan (a fanatical Sunni who has helped ISIS) is really less dangerous than Assad (a moderate non-Sunni who fights ISIS for real)
    6. Donald Trump, president of the USA, because no man of his ignorance, incompetence, arrogance and corruption should be allowed to come anywhere near the world's largest nuclear arsenal, especially if he turns out to be just a puppet of Russia. Most likely, the USA is now the country with the most ignorant leader in the world.
    7. Iran's "supreme leader" Ali Khamenei, who has protected, sheltered, funded, trained and armed all sorts of terrorist groups, from Hezbollah in Lebanon to the Shiite militias of Iraq, and has been the staunchest supporter of Syria's dictator Assad in the Syrian civil war. Nonetheless, Iran was the only country fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan before 2001 and it was the first country to fight ISIS (when Turkey was helping ISIS). It is now the only country to defend the Houthis in Yemen from the barbaric Saudi aggression.
    8. The National Rifle Association of the USA, responsible for more deaths than any other terrorist organization in the world
    9. Benjamin Netanyahu, the congenital liar who invented wars against the Palestinians for his political purposes and caused massive civilian casualties and damage to hospitals, schools, etc, and who still keeps prisoners millions of inhabitants of Gaza
    10. Fox News, whose campaign of fake news is influencing the votes of millions of people in the most powerful country of the world, dangerously undermining the US democracy and potentially leading to international incidents and wars based on false accusations (e.g. that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, or that Iran funds terrorism in the USA when in fact it fights the same terrorists that the USA fights).
    11. The Islamic movements that created various hells on Earth, from Lybia to Bangladesh, in the name of Allah (ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shahab, Al Qaeda, etc), and that contribute to keeping the Islamic world at the very bottom of the world's social, scientific, and economic ladder
    12. The states that would vote Republican even if Republicans nominated Vladimir Putin (the world's strongest supporter of the Republican Party)
    13. Jinping Xi, who has alienated pretty much every neighbor of China (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore) except for Russia and North Korea, thereby creating international tensions where there used to be no tension, and who has cracked down on dissidents (and information in general) like no Chinese leader since Mao.
    14. The leaders of the "Brexit" movement, hypocritical and demagogical politicians who caused the biggest crisis in Western Europe since the end of World War II simply to boost their egos, thus playing into the hands of Putin.
    15. The Japanese prime ministers who have always refused to take responsibility for the atrocities committed by Japan during World War II against other Asian countries, thereby perpetuating a climate of distrust in East Asia; World War II never really ended in Asia
    TM, ®, Copyright © 2016 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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  • (february 2016) Enemies of the People.

    Russia's president Vladimir Putin, Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Turkey's president Recep Erdogan and North Korea's dictator Jong-un Kim have something in common. These are the four national leaders who, more than anyone else, are causing instability in the world. All four would probably win regular elections (three of them actually just did). They have hypnotized their home audience with Hitler-style rhetoric: justify not-so-subtle ambitions of imperialism or at least regional supremacy based on a revival of nationalism that results in hostility towards democracies and violent persecution of political opponents. The fact that their subjects love them makes them all the more dangerous. Most dictators have to fear being overthrown, but these four political animals are assured of their position and, in fact, the solidity of that position largely relies on the trouble that they continously create on their borders. Compared with my previous lists, Pakistan is no longer in this list (it was for almost two decades) and China's president is not yet, although China's provocations in the China Sea may win him a spot for next year.
    1. Jong-un Kim. He tops the list because the trouble that he is causing is the most likely to lead to a full-fledged war. North Korea has spent more than 60 years annoying its neighbors with pointless provocations that range from kidnapping Japanese citizens to terrorist acts in South Korea. It has acquired a nuclear bomb (not surprisingly after George W Bush included North Korea in the "axis of evil"), and now it is refining its long-distance missile capability. It will soon technically capable of threatening Alaska and California. Even a wimp like Barack Obama is unlikely to tolerate that North Korea points nuclear-armed missile at Silicon Valley. His successor is likely to be even less tolerant. The USA has so far refrained from striking North Korea for two reasons: 1. North Korea de facto holds South Korea hostage, i.e. it would retaliate against South Korea if the USA attacked; 2. China is theoretically an ally of North Korea and any attack against North Korea would theoretically imply a war against China. Both these reasons are rapidly fading away. North Korea is widely despised by the Chinese population, perhaps even more in China than in South Korea; North Korea has repeatedly ignored the will of China's president, a fact that is beginning to reflect badly on China's president (if you can't stand up to a silly 33-year old dictator, how can you pretend to be a world power?) Last but not least, China must be fed up that North Korea offers the USA a valid excuse to stay in the China Sea: remove North Korea, and the USA has little or no business keeping soldiers and warships in China's part of the world. As for the threat on South Korea, that has always amounted to plain blackmail: if the USA attacks North Korea, North Korea promises to drop a nuclear bomb on South Korea. The risk of millions of casualties in South Korea has been too real for the USA to risk any action. But the calculation changes once North Korea achieves the capability to strike the USA. That long-range missile is a complete game changer. Now the USA is directly threatened. The motivation and justification for a preemptive strike is much stronger. Is the USA willing to risk one million casualties in California tomorrow in order to avoid one million casualties in South Korea today? North Korea is indirectly forcing the hand of the USA.
    2. Recep Erdogan. So many nations are directly and indirectly affected by the turmoil in the Middle East that it is difficult not to give Erdogan the #2 spot. In order to defeat his arch-enemy Assad, Erdogan pretty much engineered the rise of the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS, helped recruiting Islamic fighters by letting all sorts of crazies enter Syria from Turkey, and helped fund ISIS by letting Turkish middlemen sell the stolen Syrian and Iraqi oil. To this day the Turks can see the ISIS flag flying undisturbed not far from Turkish border. Syrian men willing to fight ISIS have been detained by Turkey, treated like terrorists for their willingness to fight the terrorists who destroyed their villages. Then Erdogan started fighting the very rebels who are fighting Assad because his second (or first) obsession is the Kurds, whom he persecutes in Turkey and who are winning in Syria. Erdogan sees Kurdish conspiracies everywhere and, little by little, his paranoia is becoming a self-fullfilling prophecy. His provocations have forced the PKK to resume "terrorist" attacks (which actually should be considered military operations because the PKK targets only military personnel) within Turkey. And Turkey is now bombing openly the Syrian Kurdish militias that have been so successful against ISIS. Alas, there are Kurds everywhere: Turkey, Syria, Iraq. Alas, they also tend to be more responsible and reliable than the powers occupying their lands (Turkey, Syria, Iraq). Erdogan is, more than anyone else, responsible for the millions of refugees caused by the Syrian civil war, refugees that are now causing instability as far as Western Europe. Of course, Erdogan denies helping ISIS, provoking the Kurds and causing the refugee crisis. Erdogan is, after all, the man who still denies the Armenian genocide.
    3. Benjamin Netanyahu. One has to admire "Bibi": he is the only person in the world who can treat the USA like a "banana republic". He goes to Washington and tells the Republicans what to do, and the Republicans have the majority in Congress. He used to give orders even to the president, before Obama got elected. However, he deserves a spot on this list because of his ability to speculate on Islamic terrorism and because his actions have killed way more civilians than North Korea did. His invasion of Gaza was pure ethnic cleansing based on a ridiculous pretext. See The art of inventing inexistent wars. His continued humiliation of the Palestinians has only one goal: to provoke "terrorist" actions by young Palestinians so that he is justified in killing more Palestinians and in claiming to the Israeli voters that he keeps them safe. The USA is stuck with a very unpleasant ally in the region, an ally that routinely plots to harm the reputation of the USA. The Arabs would love to love the USA, if it weren't for the fact that the USA arms and defends Netanyahu's rogue apartheid regime. This sends millions of Arabs into the arms of the Muslim Brotherhood and worse. Israel is, indirectly, the main recruiter of Islamic terrorists in the world because its actions create so much resentment among young Muslims all over the world. Last but not least, extremists like Netanyahu are the reason that the USA cannot restore friendly ties with Iran. Iran is the victim, not the aggressor, in the story that begins with the 1953 coup engineered by Britain and the USA to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, and continues with the 1980 support by the USA for Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran, and reaches an all-time low with the 1988 missile fired by a US warship against an Iranian civilian airplane that killed all 290 passengers aboard. Israel has capitalized marvelously on the protracted Iran-USA rift, and Netanyahu is cynical enough to stoke tensions between the two because he knows that Israel would not benefit from peace (Iran, not Israel, used to be the USA's main ally in the region).
    4. Vladimir Putin. Putin is a gangster who rose thanks to help from gangsters. If you are scared that a demented dictator like Kim has nuclear weapons, you should be ten times more scared that a gangster like Putin has thousands of nuclear weapons. To be fair, Putin is more rational than Kim because, like all mobsters surrounded by gangsters, Putin is sensitive to money: economic sanctions do work with Putin, especially when they target his closest (and richest) allies. Putin, however, has often showed a more rational mind than his western counterparts: he was right on Georgia (it was Georgia that attacked its runaway republics, and those runaway republics should have the same right to secession that the West granted to Kosovo) and he was sort of right in annexing Crimea (a Russian-speaking region of ethnic Russians, given to Ukraine when the border didn't mean much because Ukraine and Russia were both part of the Soviet Union). But nobody is so naive to believe that he does what he does for a sense of justice. He is on a mission to weaken NATO and the European Union. His policies are meant to foment trouble in Ukraine and elsewhere in weak European countries like Moldova, and to threaten the countries that left the Soviet Union (notably the Baltic countries). He has turned Chechnya into a terror state run by one of his fellow gangsters. He has been wildly unsuccessful in his efforts to build alliances. No matter how much he "licks China's butt" (to use the expression he used to define Erdogan's alliance with the USA), China is the country that is growing and Russia is the one that is declining. He is obviously determined to win Syria, no matter what. He is fully aware that Syria's Assad would not be able to hold the territory that Russia wins back with its bombings, which means that Putin is prepared to deploy Russian soldiers in Syria like it has done in eastern Ukraine, Tajikstan, and in the self-declared independent countries of Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Putin is betting that ISIS will be defeated and then Syria will be up for grab. And Syria has always been the gateway to Iraq. Basically, Putin is destabilizing Europe (via Ukraine and assorted secessionist regions), Asia (via his deals with China and Central Asia) and the Middle East (via the civil war in Syria). Strategically speaking, he is a genius. That only makes him more dangerous. Incidentally, the European Union is also indirectly destabilized by Putin's bad influence. Kaczynski in Poland and Orban in Hungary came to power using tactics very similar to Putin's (notably a revival of ethnic and religious nationalism), and intending to establish very similar quasi-dictatorial perpetual regimes. And those who studied history probably notice the similarities with Pilsudski's Poland and Horthy's Hungary before World War II.

    Note that all four use the same tactic to demonize their enemies. First, they charge the enemy with a crime that someone else has committed. Secondly, they punish their enemy for the crime that it has not committed. Thirdly, they accuse the enemy of terrorism when the enemy retaliates. And, finally, they crack down on the enemy who has now officially become a terrorist. That is what Israel did to Hamas in Gaza (the pretext was the murder of two Israeli teenagers, whom Israel already knew had not been killed by Hamas). That is what Turkey does to the Kurds. That is what Putin did to the Chechens (the first pretext was a terrorist attack in Moscow that every independent investigation has shown was engineered by Putin's own men) and to the Ukrainians. Admittedly, North Korea only does it with words, promising war against the USA every time the USA responds to one of North Korea's criminal acts.

    Barack Obama's inaction is routinely blamed (from different quarters) for the rise of these four monsters. Unfortunately each of these four people knows that, for now, Obama's hands are tied. He can't quite bomb North Korea without risking a conflict with China and millions of casualties in South Korea, especially since no US ally in the region (neither Japan nor South Korea) is likely to help out. He can't quite invade Syria or Ukraine risking a direct war with Russia, especially since no US ally in the region (neither the Arabs nor the Europeans) is likely to help out. He can't quite overthrow Netanyahu or reduce his influence in the USA. He can't quite kick Turkey out of NATO at a time when Turkish bases are essential for US operations in the Middle East.
    See also What Netanyahu and Putin have in common and What Netanyahu and Putin have in common, part II.

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2016 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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