Posters and calendars of the Wonders of the World

by Piero Scaruffi

What it is

  • I have been traveling to about 100 countries over the course of my life. Some of my pictures are simply quite rare. I can make posters and calendars out of them. It costs me $17 to make a 16x20 poster. I sell them at $20 plus shipping. I make little or no money out of it. I just like to promote countries, regions, places and monuments that are not as famous as ones that your favorite travel agent wants you to travel to.
  • Pay by paypal to my email address
  • Any of the pictures of my repertory can be turned into a poster. And here is my list of the wonders of the world. Just send me the page address (URL) that you would like as a poster.
  • Shipping depends on where you live. I charge you what USPS charges me.
  • Calendars are $25. I use snapfish.com to produce the calendar. My price is simply theirs.

    Who I am

    Check my website. Click on travel to see the places where i have been.
  • Examples of posters

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    or pages of a calendar

    Lalibela, Ethiopia

    Petra, Jordan

    Balbek, Lebanon

    Angkor, Cambodia

    Shibam, Yemen

    Registan, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

    Uspenski, Helsinki, Finland

    Palmyra, Syria

    Town Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

    Hassan tower, Rabat, Morocco

    Chichen Itza, Mexico

    Naqsh Rostam, Iran

    Wahd Dahr, Yemen

    Potala, Tibet

    Bam, Iran

    Sultanhamet, Istanbul

    Anuradhapura's Jetawanarama, Sri Lanka

    Mamallapuram's Panch Rathas, India

    Halebid, India

    Aihole, India

    Bijapur: Gol Gumbad, India

    Palitana, India

    Palitana, India

    Palitana, India

    Khiva/Kiva, Uzbekistan

    Angkor, Cambodia

    Sumatra: Lingga, Indonesia

    Java: Borobudur, Indonesia

    Mrak U, Burma

    Moniwa, Burma

    Taj Mahal, Agra, India

    Sphinx, Giza, Egypt

    Tikal, Guatemala

    Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

    Djenne, Mali

    Teli, Mali



    Abu Dhabi

    See my photos of the wonders of the world