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Politics: Common Prosperity and Digital Billionaires: Why China is Cracking down on Big Tech
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Somalia
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Ethiopia
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Brazil
Cinema stills: Wen Jiang
Covid: Vaccines don't work (the way we expected) and the way forward
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Mozambique
Cinema stills: Frantisek Vlacil
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Afghanistan
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Libya
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Lebanon
Politics: Joe Biden = Donald Trump part II
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Venezuela
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Yemen
Rock: A listening companion to my history of rock
History: Timelines of Modern Countries
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Nigeria
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Turkey
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Russia
Politics: Nations in Crisis: Pakistan
Politics: Revised: Did covid-19 come out of a lab?
Art: Paula Rego
Interviewed: Interviewed by Abe Zbornik on dystopia of cloud computing, quantum computing, AI, China, etc
Art: Updated: A History of Videogames (also Download in pdf format) - thank you Enrico and Bob for suggestions and corrections!
Cinema stills: Fritz Lang
Literature : Best novels of the 21st century
Cinema stills: Johnnie To
Events: Conversations with Janine Randerson (Auckland University of Technology) on "Weather as a Medium"; and Jennie Lavine (Emory Univ) on "Will covid become endemic?"
Cinema stills: Raul Ruiz
Jazz: A volunteer has compiled Spotify track lists for each chapter of my History of Jazz
Cinema stills: Takashi Miike
Cinema stills: Karwai Wong
Literature : Best novels of all time in chronological order
Cinema stills: Aleksei German
Events: Dialogues with Ian Duncan (UC Berkeley), Anastasia Raina (Rhode Island School of Design) and Christian Kohler (Lawrence Berkeley Labs)
Panel : "The Algorithmic Society" with Irina Raicu, Michal Kosinski, Simina Mistreanu
Cinema stills: Josef Sternberg
My talks: Interviewed about the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous program
Art: Updated: A History of Videogames (also Download in pdf format) - thank you Enrico for suggestions and corrections!
Dialogues : Maryam Razi (live from Iran), Mike Parker Pearson (UC London/ Archeology), Ian Duncan (UC Berkeley/ Literature), Anastasia Raina (Rhode Island School of Design), Christian Kohler (Lawrence Berkeley Labs), Monica Smith (UC Los Angeles/ Anthropology), Sophia Moskalenko (National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism), Brian Knutson (Stanford/ Neuroscience), etc
Literature : Best poetry of all time
Politics: Updated: The Trump Presidency in Pictures
Music : New album reviews: Government, RAIC, White Suns, Run The Jewels, etc
History : Revised all the national timelines
2020 lists : The year 2020 in review: deaths, heroes, books, albums, films
Cinema : Best films of all time
Director : Best directors of all time
Politics: For an Anthropological Study of Trump and FoxNews (revised and expanded)
Politics: The Further Adventures of the Face Mask
Cinema stills: Rainer Fassbinder
Politics: Change the US constitution
Politics: Only Black Lives Matter?
Music : Classical composers born after 1949
Politics: Decapitate Columbus? Decapitate yourself!
Cinema : Ratings for the films of the 1970s
Politics: Reparations? Maybe a good idea, but not what you think
Cinema stills: John Woo
Politics: The USA is playing with fire: The Rise of US Fascism
Cinema stills: Brian DePalma
Politics: East Asia's National (In)Security
Cinema : Ratings for the films of the 1980s
Politics: The Great Decoupling: How Western Europe and the Far East could decouple from the USA
Art: Banksy
Politics: Top issues of the USA
Cinema stills: Robert Zemeckis
Politics: Facts about China that may surprise you
Events: Dialogues with Piroska Kopar (Univ of Washington) and Milana Trounce (Stanford)
Politics: Corruption, Incompetence, Racism, Treason and Madness in the White House
Politics: If Trump is reelected, you will die
Art: Keiichi Tanaami
Politics: Who will win the US elections?
Events: Dialogue with Margot Gerritsen on Computational Mathematics
Book review: Bjorn Lomborg's "False Alarm"
Events: Videos of my LAST dialogues
History: Reorganized the tens of thousands of slides of my class on "History of Knowledge"
Event: Brain-inspited AI and Ethics of AI (with a Chinese AI scientist, live from Beijing)
Politics: Endless: i re-re-re-updated the Trump-Russia collusion dossier with the latest revelations (scroll down to September 2020)
Event: "Revolution (in politics, art and science)" with historian Steve Harris, art historian Dawna Schuld and physicist Saul Perlmutter
Art: Oleg Shupliak
Book review: Karen Dawisha's "Putin's Kleptocracy" (2014)
Rock: Lots of album reviews
Science: Updated: a timeline of Covid-19
Politics: Updated: The Clown & the Virus - A Timeline of Trump & Covid-19
Event: Stanford epidemiologist Julie Parsonnet in conversation with Piero Scaruffi on Covid-19
New book: Chinese edition of "Intelligence is not Artificial"
Cinema stills: Satoshi Kon
Event: UC Berkeley neuroscientist Bruno Olshausen on "Visual Perception and the Brain"
Event: UC Irvine biologist Luis Villarreal on "A virus-first Theory of Life"
Cinema : Revised the lists of the 1990s
Interview: Deep Learning vs Deep Thinking
Cinema stills: Coen Brothers
Art: Piero's art: "Our Warped Universe - The Magic Pot" (2020)
Cinema stills: Mathieu Kassovitz
Event: June 23-25: "Rethinking Online Art"
Event: June 10: A conversation with Mark Jacobson of Stanford Univ. on "Renewable Energy"
Event: June 8: A conversation with Catherine Blish of Stanford Univ. on "Covid 19"
Art: Christo
Science: Updated the Covid-19 page: vaccines, cures, etc
Science: Updated: a timeline of Covid-19
Interviewed from outer space on AI, philosophy, art, creativity, Silicon Valley, May 2020
Politics: Was covid-19 made in China?
Cinema stills: Brian DePalma
Interview: Qbay interview on AI, bioscience, art & science, post-pandemic thinking
Science: One Virus or Two?
Cinema: A bot to search my cinema ratings
Politics: Updated: The Clown & the Virus - A Timeline of Trump & Covid-19
Events: A reminder that i post a calendar of interesting Bay Area events and now those events are online so you don't need to be physically here
Book review: Victor Hanson's "The Case for Trump" (2019)
Cinema stills: Tran Anh Hung
Politics: Trump's Virus
Politics: Sinophobia & Covid-19
Politics: Was covid-19 made in the USA?
Politics: Sinophobia & Covid-19 in US Media
Politics: REVISED & IMPROVED Covid-19: How it may change the World
Politics: The Clown & the Virus - Part 2
Politics: The Bizarre Adventures of the Face Mask
Cinema stills: Chan-wook Park
Science: My A.I. talk in Honolulu, Jan 2020
Music: From Wonky to Future Bass
Cinema stills: Hsiao-hsien Hou
Rock: Reviews: Sadaf, Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe, 75 Dollar Bill, Deerhunter, Deafheaven, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, Jim O'Rourke, Swans, Bent Knee, Portal, Soap And Skin, Sutekh Hexen, Holly Herndon, etc
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell - Part 3
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell - Part 2
Rock: Best live albums
Politics: Man of the Decade: Vladimir Putin
Rock: Tim Buckley
Rock: Reviews of rock music
Rock: Vintage photos of Cpt Beefheart
Rock: The greatest guitar solos of rock music
Poetry: Melvin Tolson's 100-page poem "Harlem Gallery"
Politics: The Fascist Coup in the USA
Philosophy: Nature Never Repeats Itself
Politics: You can't prove Trump guilty anymore
Poetry: Jean Garrigue's 11-page poem "Pays Perdu"
Politics: Armed and Dangerous
Divorce if you want to rule a major country
Art: Mark Ryden
Philosophy: Speaking Gave us a Symbolic Mind
Politics: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell
Art: Robert Williams
Philosophy: The Symbolic Life
Art: Alexa Meade
Philosophy: We Believe in Gods because otherwise we wouldn't be
Science: Updated the timeline of A.I. to 2019 (You can also download it in pdf format)
Music: Reviews of rock albums
Music: A History of Chillwave and Vaporwave
Why I am Opposed to Impeaching Trump
Bombing Saudi Arabia: an Act of War or a Moral Duty?
Politics: Time to Recognize a Kurdish State
Politics: Doom and Gloom in Hong Kong
Music: History of Trap Music
Music: History of Reggaeton
Jazz: Ratings for Peter Evans, Gil Evans, Bill Evans, Kevin Drumm, Dave Douglas, Bill Dixon, Al DiMeola, Jack DeJohnette, Werner Dafeldecker, Oliver Lake, Andrew Cyrille, Marilyn Crispell, Stanley Cowell, Larry Coryell, Rob Mazurek, Andrea Centazzo, John Butcher, Max Roach, Tina Brooks, etc (just search the website for "Krentz ratings")
Me: Interviewed in Silicon Valley on A.I. (Silicon Valley Podcast)
New book: New edition of the History of Silicon Valley: volume 1 and volume 2
Cognitive Science: Revised/improved the news of 2018
Politics: Europe never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity
Politics: The Great Trump Recession
Politics: How a Madman with a Low I.Q. Engineered Yet Another Nuclear Crisis
Cinema stills: Joseph Losey
Politics: How to Tax Gullible US Taxpayers
Politics: What is wrong with White Christian Men?
Jazz: Ratings for Mingus, Coltrane, Davis, Coleman, Sanders, Taylor, Sun Ra, Ayler, Cherry, etc (just search the website for "Krentz ratings")
Presentation: Piero Scaruffi on "The Two Cultures in the age of A.I." at Univ of San Francisco (video)
Cinema stills: Blake Edwards
Presentation: "The Humanities in the Age of A.I."
Politics: Where's Europe?
New book: "Peace Technology"
Magazine: LAST magazine - Issue #2
Philosophy: Best Philosophy books of the last century
Cinema stills: Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Architecture: Ieoh Ming Pei
Politics: China and USA: The Decoupling
Art: Sculpture of the 21st century
Politics: The Anti-Trump Party is not a Liberal Party
Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley is a generator of virtual clusters
Philosophy: Where are they? They will destroy us
Jazz: Rated all the albums in my jazz lists starting with the 1950s
Art: Photography and Photomontage in the early 20th century
Politics: Calexit: Should California Declare Independence?
Art: Destroyed Monuments
Politics: Brexit's Lesson to the (Young) Voters of the World
Art/science: The L.A.S.T. magazine
Politics: What North Korea really wants
Music: New page on the greatest performers of all time
Politics: Sinophobia: China viewed from the USA and... the USA viewed from China
Music: Some favorite compositions of the last decades
Politics: The Effects of the Trump Trade War on China: Waking up the Giant
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter " Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (The Birth of Robots) "
Art: Hilma af Klint
Society: Car Apocalypse
Politics: China's Anniversaries and how the Tiannamen Square massacre shaped today's China
Politics: My Reaction to the Summary of the Mueller Report
Politics: Why the World Listens to Russia
Politics: Does China steal?
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter "The Connectionists"
Literature: Best novels of the last 25 years
History: Most famous videos of the last 100 years
Art: Henrique Oliveira
A.I.: Added a lot of historical trivia to the chapter " The Robots are Coming - A Brief History of A.I./ Part 9 "
A.I.: Updated the chapter on neural networks titled "Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2"
Politics: Do not Wake up the Sleeping Dwarf
Politics: The Decline of US Influence or How to Outsmart the USA and Make it Weak Again
A.I.: Updated the chapter on NLP titled "Understanding this Book (or any Book)"
A.I.: Updated the chapter on neural networks titled "Bayes Reborn"
Art: Anish Kapoor
Philosophy: Expanded: "Fake News is the Hallmark of Human Civilization"
Philosophy: Where are they? They self-destroy like us
Technology: Free download of my "Timeline of Androids and Automata"
New book: New edition of "Intelligence is not Artificial"
Me: Interviewed in San Francisco on A.I., Silicon Valley, Rock Music, etc
Technology: A Timeline of Androids and Automata
Talks: Lots of new art/science/tech videos
Book review: Yuval Harari's "21 Lessons for the 21st Century"
Travel: India: Chronology of the main monuments
Politics: Updated chronology of the Trump-Russia story
The Year in Review (fixed the bug!): Best films, jazz, classical, etc
Cinema: David Lynch tribute
Music: New music reviews
Cinema: John Carpenter rated filmography
Cinema: Edward Yang rated filmography
Cinema: David Fincher rated filmography
Cinema: Ridley Scott rated filmography
Cinema: Steven Soderbergh rated filmography
Technology: The Future of Machine Learning
Cinema: Jean Renoir rated filmography
Cinema: Steven Spielberg rated filmography
Cinema: James Cameron rated filmography
Technology: Modern computational methods for text comprehension
Cinema: Bernardo Bertolucci rated filmography
Cinema: Clint Eastwood rated filmography
Technology: Misconceptions in discussing machine intelligence
Cinema: Woody Allen tribute
Technology: A brief history of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto
Philosophy: Smartphones Killed Revolutions
Comics: Spilhaus' "Our New Age"
Philosophy: The Life of Stories
Politics: Why You should Vote for the Democratic Party, even if you don't like it
Philosophy: The Origin of Abstract Thinking
Technology: My 10-day class on Blockchain (free pdf download)
Cinema: Martin Scorsese tribute
Philosophy: The World of Facts
Art: Updated: A History of Videogames (also Download in pdf format)
Politics: Why Trump Decided to Abandon the Nuclear Treaty with Russia
Philosophy: Brains Create Identical Objects
Politics: Germany Alone
Why Brains Love Disasters
Physics: The Fourth Dimension
Art: Boris Artzybasheff
Politics: So much for "automation kills jobs"
Book review: Kai-fu Lee's "AI Superpowers" (2018)
Politics: Why Trump Slapped Sanctions on China
Art: Mark Bradford
Politics: Why Kavanaugh should be Confirmed
Event: Ethics for the New Technologies
Ballet: History of the Ballet and Modern Dance
Politics: The world is laughing at Trump the way it laughed at Mussolini in the 1920s
Book review: Ian Morris' War! What is it Good for?
Art: Romare Bearden
Politics: The Evangelicals are a Satanic Cult
Art: Lina Iris Viktor
Philosophy: Of Being and not Being
Politics: How "America" Became Great
Art: Roberto Mamani
Philosophy: The Biggest Ecological Disaster: The Human Race
Philosophy: A Brief History of Human Violence
Politics: Why Dictators don't Quit
Art: Sanam Khatibi
Philosophy: Modern Medicine is not Humane
Art: Xiaogang Zhang
Philosophy: Fake News is a Consequence of Rationality
Art: Ramon Piaguaje
Philosophy: A Brief History of Peace
Art: Hayv Kahraman
Art & Music: Art and Music in the 1960s (expanded edition)
Politics: Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Imperialism
Travel: China: Chongqing
Philosophy: The Human Race is Genetically Programmed for Self-destruction
Politics: Malaysia and Chinese colonialism
Technology: Intelligence is not Accuracy
Philosophy: The Human Race is Genetically Programmed for Self-destruction
Politics: A Quick Tour of the World from the Middle East to India
Technology: Can Intelligence Arise from Silicon?
Event: The 5th LAST festival - March 2018 - A collage of installations, performances, talks and workshops
Cinema: Best 2018 films so far
Technology: Revised: A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence (2018 update)
Politics: What do Venezuela, Turkey and Britain have in common?
Philosophy: All the slides of my UC Berkeley class "A History of Knowledge"
Politics: Rapists and Murderers
Interview: L.A.S.E.R.s and A.I. (PCMag)
Politics: Beyond Dementia: how a Young Upstart took advantage of a Senile Moron
Politics: The Truth about Trump's Tariffs
Art: Thomas Bayrle
Politics: The New New New World Order
Art: Multimedia Art
Art: When A.I. makes it, is it still Art?
Rock: Updated history of rock music with recording dates (up to 1994)
Science: A Timeline of Neuroscience
Politics: Why Kill the Iran Deal Now
Politics: Israel never Misses an Opportunity to miss an Opportunity
Politics: Revised and updated: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation
Politics: The Forces that are Pulling Democracies Apart
Cinema: Robert Altman tribute
My new book : Intelligence is not Artificial - Expanded Edition
Book review: Lee Smolin's "Time Reborn"
Politics: How the USA spends your tax money
Politics: The Gaza Cage
Cinema: Revised list of best 2017 films
Politics: Is North Korea about to Dump China for the USA?
Politics: The #neveragain Movement Misses the Point
Politics: The Trump Wars
Politics: The Trump Scandals
Event: Speaking on Machine Creativity in Palo Alto
Event: The 5th L.A.S.T. Festival
Science: Brute-force A.I. doesn't Speak
Science and Sociology: The Network Age
Art: Frans Masereel
Science: Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2
Science: Reinforcement Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 4
Science: Convolutional Neural Networks - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 5
Science: Deep Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 6
Science: Deep Reinforcement Learning: A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 7
Science: From Recognizing to Creating: Generative Adversarial Networks (History/ Part 8)
Science: Artificial and Natural Neural Networks: The Myth of Backpropagation
Dynamic Routing and Capsule Networks
Science: The Truth about AlphaZero
Science: Variational Inference
Science: Hierarchical Bayesian Networks
Politics: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
Art: Victoria Ivanova
Science: A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 1
Science: A Brief History of Cognitive Science/ Part 1 (Note: There is no Part 2)
Science: A Brief History of Logical Reasoning
Science: The Year 2017 in A.I.
Science: Introduction to the new book on A.I.
History: Persecutions of the Jews
History: The Jews in the Christian World
Event: Speaking on A.I. at Xerox PARC
Art: Dino Valls
Book review: Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury"
Politics: One Year into the Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal
Presentation: Science, Tech and Art in Modern China (free download)
Plagiarist of the year: Narayan Lal Kachara plagiarized my essay "Quantum Consciousness" in his paper "Consciousness: Quantum and Jainsim"
Art: Meilin Han
Year-end lists: Best books, films, etc
Art: Tomas Sanchez
Travel: China: Yunnan, Sichuan, Guangzhou
Politics: What have Catalonia, Kurdistan, Chechnya and Tibet in common?
Travel: Kaifeng, Luoyang, Longmen
Art: Luoyang Museum
Science: A Timeline of Biotech
History: China's New Era (a History Lesson for Westerners) and a History Lesson on Prussia (for the Chinese)
"The Emotion Machine"
Politics: Updated: What's in "Vladimir" Trump's tax returns?
Technology: Designer Babies
Technology: Immunotherapy
Politics: The biggest scam in the Middle East: Israel's war on Iran
Philosophy: What it Feels Like to be a Bat and the Evolution of Qualia
Cinema: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Technology: Longevity Research
Politics: Who invented fake news (or: A brief history of the Left in the West)
Politics: The North Korean Crisis: A Tale of Two Madmen (or just one?)
Cinema: Johnnie To
Technology: The Economy of Hate
Book review: "A Universe of Consciousness"
Self-tribute: The oldest website in the world that is still alive (article)
Politics: Trump at Charlottesville
Lecture: Xerox PARK talk on August 3 (video)
Book review: "Answers for Aristotle - How Science and Philosophy Can Lead Us to A More Meaningful Life"
Politics: Why China will be the new moral and political leader of the world
Presentation: Talk on Artificial Intelligence in China [45-minute video]
Politics: Hillary Clinton, loser
Art: Sarah Sze
Book review: "The Future of Religion"
Technology: The Age of Hyper-employment
Book review: "A Brief History of Everything"
Book review: "Global Brain"
Politics: Let's make China great again
Science: My timeline of A.I. in pdf format
Rock: Francesco Ganci's visual version of my Top 100
Jazz: Jazz news
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump bombs Syria
Event: The 4th L.A.S.T. Festival
Art: Margaret Wertheim
Politics: The Balkanization of Syria
Politics: Vladimir Trump, Russia's stooge
Art: Sebastiao Salgado
Politics: Trump's omissions tell it all
Politics: Is Trump preparing a terrorist attack on the USA?
Technology: In Defense of Regress
Literature: Best novels of the last century
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump welcomes sponsors of terrorism and bans fighters of terrorism
A.I.: A history of early machine translation
Politics: "Vladimir" Trump's unstoppable march towards the Russification of the USA
A.I.: The Case for Superhuman Intelligence. and against it
Cognitive Science: What Are Jokes And Why Do We Make Them
Politics: The Future of Fake News
A.I.: We actually don't Think
Cognitive Science: Brains are for Traveling and Chatting
Politics: "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the world
A.I.: Machine Learning and Common Sense
Physics: Entropic Gravity: Spacetime as Entanglement
Politics: "Lock Him Up": Trumpism and the UNITED states
A.I.: The Curse of the Large Dataset
Year-end lists: Best books, films, etc
Politics: Why Trump also means hope
Politics: Protest and Boycott
Politics: Russia and the USA have more in common than they would like to admit
New book: "A History of Silicon Valley" - 2016 update
Cinema: Chang-dong Lee
Cinema: Istvan Szabo
Philosophy: The Future of the Symbolic Mind
Technology: Slide presentaiton: "Artificial Intelligence: History and Status "
History: The Integrated Circuit and the Arpanet
New book: "Intelligence is not Artificial" 2016 edition
Book review: "The Singularity is Near" ten years later
Book review: Stanislas Dehaene's "Consciousness and the Brain"
Technology: A brief history of Bionics, Cyborgs and Neuroengineering
Technology: Slide presentations on the technologies of the future (scroll down, right column)
Politics: My thoughts after the election
Politics: My final thoughts on the 2016 presidential election
Technology: Slides presentation: A History of Silicon Valley
Art: Sohei Nishino
Politics: The three epic campaigns of Donald Trump
Politics: Aleppo and Western conscience
History: "A Herstory of Women"
Book review: Wertheim's "Pythagoras's Trousers" and "The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace"
Politics: Let Silicon Valley stop North Korea
Book review: Harari's "Homo Deus" (2015)
Neuroscience: Just a reminder that i post news about your brain here
Tweets: Just a reminder that all my tweets are copied here
Lectures: "When AI makes Art, is it still Art?", Loren Frank, Vanessa Sigurdson, Theresa Wong, etc
Politics: Let's make America Ridiculous like Never Before
Politics: Turkey's coup
Book review: Geraci' "Apocalyptic A.I."
History of Electricity
Technology: Free download of my book "Intelligence is not Artificial" (last year's edition)
Politics: The Brexit farce
Politics: Civil War: the Real Weapons of Mass Destruction
Lecture: A Simplified History of the Visual Arts from 1916 to 2016 (for the panel on "When computers make art, is it still Art?", July 2016 at University of San Francisco)
New book: "Humankind 2.0"
Book review: Sam Harris' "Free Will"
Religion: Is the Bible a book of Peace?
Religion: Is the Quran a book of Peace?
Philosophy: Children's stupidity and Adult intelligence
Politics: Brexit is a good thing for everybody
Technology: Piero interviewed about 3D Printing
Politics: Pardon the heroes
Technology: Piero interviewed about Wearables
Politics: Globalization ends here
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Space Industry and Drones
Politics: Another Aviation Mystery
Video of my talk on "Intelligence is not Artificial, Beijing 2016
Politics: Obama in Hiroshima
Politics: Democracy's Apocalypse
Technology: Piero interviewed about Blockchain and Fintech
Philosophy: Social Animal or Curious Animal?
Technology: Piero interviewed about Social Media
Art: Patricia Piccinini
Video: Dada Centennial Celebration 2016 at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Biotech
Event: Dada Centennial Celebration at Stanford Univ
Technology: Piero interviewed about Nanotech
Interview: Dan Schneider interviewing piero
Tech: A.I. and the Singularity
Art: A brief History of Videogames
Politics: Enemies of the People
Literature: Best poetry of all time
Technology: Piero interviewed about the Internet of Things
Music: Revisiting the 2000s
Technology: Piero interviewed on Artificial Intelligence
Politics: What Donald Trump represents
Technology: Piero interviewed on Big Data
Poetry: Chamber Suite "The End"
Technology: Piero interviewed on Virtual Reality
Technology: Humanity without Humanity
Politics: The US politicians terrorizing the world
Technology: Why i am not scared of Artificial Intelligence
Travel: Bhutan
New book: The 2015 update to "A History of Silicon Valley"
End of the year lists: The year 2015 in review
Politics: ISIS Got it Right, or The Merging of Civilizations
Politics: ISIS - Not the terrorist group but the screwball comedy
Politics: The end of the USA
Events: Berkeley: Weidong Yang (Kinetech Arts), Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley/ Theater), Paul Payton (Visa Research), Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab) , Stanford: Christine Metzger (California College of the Arts), Sally Benson (Stanford's Global Climate and Energy Project), James Doty (Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education), Danielle Siembieda-Gribben (Visual Artist and Curator)
Philosophy: Essays: There is no Doing and no Undoing, Science is the Discipline of Unhappiness, Wisdom is a Malfunctioning Brain, Does the Future still Exist? , The Quest for Authenticity, Creation and Ownership of Information, Stories will Survive Rituals, The Rule of the Dumb, Beyond Consciousness, The Invisible Technology of the Future, The Opaque Civilization, Cognition is Noise, The Demise of the Unknown, Knowledge is a Spiral of Ignorance, Power after Biopower
Poetry: English translation of "Dialogue of the Lovers" - first excerpts
Book review: Patricia Churchland's "Touching a Nerve - the Self as Brain"
Interview: John Law: 1 - Suicide Club, 2: Cacophony Society, 3: Burning Man
Book review: "The Empathic Civilization" (2009)
Philosophy: The Demise of Empathy
Politics: The Biggest Ecological Disaster of the 21th Century
Art: Marc Giai-Miniet
Book review: "From Counterculture to Cyberculture"
Videos: Stanford: Photos and videos from the 3rd LAST festivals (all talks): Nanotech, Biotech, A.I., Neuroscience, Mars, Burning Man...
Politics: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
Event: Stanford: The third LAST festival
Lecture (China Academy of Art): "The Best Kept Secret in Silicon Valley"
Politics: War and Peace in 21st Century China
Teaching: Sep-Nov: History of Thought at UC Berkeley
Lectures and interviews: Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, etc
Travel: China
Politics: The demise of the dollar has been wildly exaggerated
Book review: "The Future of Mind" (2014)
Art: "The Straight Line and the Labyrinth - Art and Science in the Digital Continuum" (2015)
Book review: "Knowledge and Power" (2013)
Politics: Erdogan's wars
History: A timeline of Russia
Architecture: Sou Fujimoto
Politics: Revised: ISIS is both Islamic and a state
Event: USF: Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, Architecture...
Architecture: Dionisio Gonzalez
Politics: The cost of Greek austerity
Book review: "The Next America" (2014)
Book review: "Biology as Ideology"
Politics: The month that changed the USA
Politics: Allah is great
Politics: Hardline on Putin?
Politics: Iran, Pakistan and North Korea: the USA and the nuclear threat
Politics: Countries that sponsor terrorism
Philosophy: A brief History of Western Philosophy and Physics
New book: "Thinking about Thought" 2015 edition
Interviewed on Silicon Valley by a Chinese magazine
Teaching: Slides and videos of my class on Brain, Mind, Consciousness
Travel: Zimbabwe, Seychelles, etc
Science: Slides of my 2015 class on Consciousness
Cinema: Raul Ruiz
Plagiarist of the year: The Daily Mail has plagiarized my page on genocides (scroll down after the table of dictators)
Science: A Timeline of Biotechnology
Politics: Hoping for a three-state solution
Hiking: Hiking to the Race Track in Death Valley
Politics: Hindu fundamentalism is funny
Politics: Comparing Russia's and Western Europe's Kleptocracies
Cinema: Sergei Parajanov
Art: Kal Spelletich
Book review: Katherine Hayles: "Chaos Bound" (1990) and "How We Became Post-Human" (1999)
Cinema: Ming-liang Tsai
Music: Mark Appelbaum, Mumma, Ligeti, Cage, etc
Cinema: Abbas Kiarostami
Cinema: We mourn Manoel de Oliveira
History: History of Knowledge in slides
Art: Luigi Serafini
Hiking: Best of 2015 hikes
Essay: The Genetics and Neuroscience of Torture
Event: Stanford: Roger Malina (Univ of Texas), Chris McKay (NASA), Allison Holt (Visual Artist), Katharine Hawthorne (Choreographer) on "Imagining the Universe"
Album reviews: Abu Lahab, Bill Callahan, Chvrches, James Holden, Dead C, Main, Juana Molina, Pissed Jeans, Polvo, Alasdair Roberts, Kurt Vile, etc
Teaching: Theories of Brain, Mind & Consciousness
Event: USF: Indrani Baruah (Architect and Visual Artist), Stephen Bailey (Lawrence Berkeley Labs), Weidong Yang (Kine-tech), Christine Metzger (California college of the Arts)
Travel: Micronesia
Politics: We are Charlie Hebdo, or The Globalization of Blasphemy
Politics: Invite president Hassan Rouhani
Presentation: "Cosmology, Neuroscience, Rock Music"
Politics: Iran vs Saudi Arabia
Event: San Jose: Finally found the time to reorganize the material about the two LAST festivals
Essay: The Algorithmic Society and the Birth of Religion
Videos: Recent art/science talks: Multimedia artist Meredith Tromble on " Dream Vortex" (Virtual-reality art), Choreographer Sasha Petrenko on "A World without Nature", Stanford scientist Charlotte Jacobs on "Jonas Salk and the Conquest of Polio", Poet and cognitive scientist Pireeni Sundaralingam on "Poetry & Memory", Kinetic and sound artist Laetitia Sonami on "Your presence is Required", Projection artist Amy Ho at a USF LASER, Berkeley computer scientist Carlo Sequin on "Hyperbolic Hexagon to Evolving Trefoil"
Politics: World War IV
Album reviews: Danny Brown, Caribou, Alvin Curran, Richard Dawson, Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura, Demdike Stare, Disclosure, Julia Holter, Los Random, Murmur, Pyrrhon, Qa'a, Run the Jewels, Andy Stott, Sun Kil Moon, Swans, Vampire Weekend, War On Drugs, etc
Currents: The year 2014 in review
Art: Storm Thorgerson, Kay Sage
Politics: ISIS is right: give the Sunnis a state
Politics: The Sony hack and the case against North Korea
Presentation: "Five reasons why the Singularity is not coming any time soon"
Art: Tetsuya Ishida
Cinema: A Chronology of Science Fiction Cinema
Cinema stills: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Art: New edition of "A Visual History of the Visual Arts 1860-45"
Rock: Best albums of 2014 (finally!)
Hiking: Best of 2014 hikes
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
History: A summary of Hindu scriptures
Politics: Of heroes and thugs: African-Americans and cops
History: A timeline of the ancient Hebrews
Art: Hannah Hoch
Politics: The looming world crisis
Politics: What Netanyahu and Putin have in common, part II
Art: Scott Hess
Book review: Nunez's "Brain, Mind, and the Structure of Reality"
Videos of art/science evenings: Birgitta Whaley (Quantum Computation), Danielle Tullman-Ercek (Synthetic Biology), Amy Ho (Projection Artist) , Lia Cook (Visual Artist), Alan Rath (Digital Sculptor), Drue Kataoka (Visual artist) , Loren Frank (Neuroscience), etc
Philosophy: My essays organized by topic
Politics: Democracy in 2014
Politics: Why oil is getting cheaper
Event: Neuro, Space, Ebola, A.I., Nano
Teaching: Slides of my Berkeley class
Book review: Nick Bostrom's "Superintelligence"
Politics: ISIS thanks Turkey and Israel
Hiking: Hikes of 2014 so far
Politics: China and the democracy virus
Essay: The Cacophony of Life
Art: Tomiyuki Sakuta
History: A brief history of oil
Art: Jim Denevan
Travel: Beijing
Art: Antony Gormley
Lectures: Lecturing in China
Art: Mati Klarwein
Politics: Domestic and foreign challenges for China
Presentation: My Chinese lectures on Silicon Valley
Politics: Resist the blackmail
Lots of essays: Caring for the Future , Death is not a Binary Value , You are a File , The Decline of the Visual Sense , The Artist as a Revolutionary and a Propagandist , The Deregulation of Sexuality , Nature is a Vast Cemetery , The Death of the Hero , You are an Abstraction , The Internet is an Excuse not to Admit that We are What we are , Children and the Elderly in the Secular Society , Abortion and Euthanasia , Society and Technology , The Cognitive Value of Videogames , Five Steps towards Physical and Existential Survival , Art since World War II , The Competition between News and Adverts
Politics: What Netanyahu and Putin have in common
Essay: Crime and State
Politics: A Lesson from Serbia for Ukraine
Essay: How Contemporary Morality is Created
Travel: Iceland
Politics: The unspoken truth about the eurocrisis
Essay: Matter is as Inscrutable as Mind
Presentation: "The Best Kept Secret of Silicon Valley" for the Alpbach Technology Forum
Book review: Steven Pinker's "The Better Angels of our Nature" (2011)
Interview: Bill Pentz
Events: Berkeley: Philip Marcus, Marion O'Leary, Andrea Lingenfelter, Danielle Siembieda , Stanford: Lynn Rothschild, Stuart Kendall, Jonathon Keats, Indrani Baruah
Lecture: Speaking at the Alpbach Technology Forun on August 23rd
Cinema: Best films of the 2000s
Cinema stills: Sion Sono, Tsui Hark, Kenji Mizoguchi, Paolo Sorrentino
Politics: Shooting down civilian planes
Essay: Tradition and Innovation
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
Book: A History of Silicon Valley - Almost a Third Edition
Politics: The art of inventing inexistent wars
Essay: Elitist Art, Unpopular Art and Popular Art
Book review: Ramachandran's "The Tell-Tale Brain"
Politics: How to discredit a revolution (Iraq)
Essay: The Universal Law of Happenstance
Politics: So you want to be a superpower? (China)
Event: Photos and videos of the first LAST Festival
Book review: Gilbert Ryle's "The Concept of Mind" (1949)
Politics: The West and Russia
Art: Chinese artists of the 2000s
Music: Angry at serial plagiarists
Events: Berkeley: Annapurna Pandey, Tania Lombrozo, Rachel Haurwitz, David Stork, Stanford: Stacey Bent, Soraya Murray, Danielle Tullman-Ercek, Kiri Rong
Art: A Visual History of the Visual Arts - Part 3
Travel: Madagascar
Politics: The Ukrainian crisis is three crises in one
Event: San Jose: The first LAST festival
History: A timeline of the automobile
Politics: Of museums and philanthropists
Science: Revised version of Nature of Consciousness
Music: 50,40,30,20,10 Years Ago in Music
Essay: Literacy and Superstition in the Age of the Internet
Poetry/Meditation: Apophenia
Essay: The Origin of the Copyright
Presentation: "Body: An Introduction" (California College of the Arts)
Poetry/Meditation: Half Moon Epigrams
Art video: "The Dancers at the Top"
Essay: The Fear of Loneliness
Presentation: Lecture on Silicon Valley and Creativity (UC Davis 2014)
Essay: The Shallow Culture of Busy Lives
LASER videos: Stanford physicist Patricia Burchat on "Dark Matter", Art curator Sharon Spain on art built from garbage, Kinetic artist Kal Spelletich, Ambient composer Robert Rich, Visual artist Shan Shan Sheng, Renetta Sitoy on Laetitia Sonami, Cognitive neuroscientist Lucia Jacobs on the evolution of the brain, Chaos scientist Jim Crutchfield
Cognitive Science: All the slides of my class "Thinking about Thought"
Politics: Job well done, Putin
Cognitive Science: Slides of my class "Thinking about Thought" (free download)
Essay: A Brief History of Loneliness
Music: Recommended classical recordings
Politics: Why Putin is right again, and why he might lose again
Presentation: Class on Cognitive Science (Mind, Brain, A.I., etc)
Art video: "The Dancer at the Beach"
Essay: The Age of Marketing
Teaching: "Thinking About Thought"
Art: W Robert Moore's 1938 Kodachromes
Politics: The anti-immigration referendum in Switzerland
Essay: A Defense of Inequality (The Age of Social Justice; the Generation of the Rule Enforcers)
Videos: Mark Applebaum (Stanford CCRMA), Kim Anno (California College of the Arts), Eric Paulos (UC Berkeley), Katherine Sherwood (UC Berkeley), Bernie Lubell (Kinetic Artist), Dave Deamer (UC Santa Cruz/ Biomolecular Engineering), Curt Frank (Stanford Univ), John Cumbers (SynBioBeta & NASA), Paula Birnbaum (USF Art History), Danielle Siembieda (Visual Artist and Curator), Kiri Rong (Curator)
Cinema stills: Ozu, Jean-Luc Godard and Glauber Rocha
History: A history of sound technology
Politics: Israel's promised land
Events: Berkeley: Bernie Lubell, Katherine Sherwood, Curt Frank, Eric Paulos , Stanford: Dave Deamer, Mark Applebaum, Margot Gerritsen, Kim Anno
Politics: Why Snowden and the Target hackers are important for society
Technology: A brief history of bionic humans
Essay: A Theory of the Evolution of Art from Prehistory to Abstraction
Essay: The Mind's Immune System
Rock music: Revised/expanded bios: DJ Hidden, Angelic Process, Sunroof, Burning Star Core, Daniel Higgs, Tarentel, Double Leopards, Daniel Higgs, Rosetta
Essay: A Cosmic Battle: Technology for Liberation vs Technology for Control
Rock music: Revised/expanded bios: Pelt, Wold , Venetian Snares , Make A Change Kill Yourself , White Hills, David Thomas Broughton, Half Makeshift, Shitmat, Baby Dee
Essay: The Price of Free Services
Politics: Saudi Arabia's dirty wars
Currents: The year 2013 in review
Politics: Iran's realists
Rock music: Revised/expanded bios: Yakuza, Hella, Oxbow, Oren Ambarchi, Blitzen Trapper, Colleen, Boredoms, Nadja, Frog Eyes, Earthless, Castanets , Me'Shell NdegeOcello
Poetry/Meditation: Towards a Theory of Ambiguity
Essay: A Brief History of Morality in the Post-Industrial Age
Art: Petre Velicu, Pavel Tchelitchew
Politics: The age of inequality
Essay: The Natural, the Unnatural and Life's Destiny
Music: Best rock musicians of 2013
Politics: The Coming World Order and the China-Saudi-Pakistan Alliance
Essay: What Creates Reality
Politics: Demystifying India
Travel: India, China, Tajikstan
Politics: The Chinese Dream
Art: Nek Chand's Rock Garden
Music: A selection of modern music
Politics: The Silent Judicial Revolution
Videos: Marcy Darnovsky (Center for Genetics and Society), David Salesin (Adobe), Chris McKay (NASA), Javier Ideami (Filmmaker) , Uwe Bergmann (Stanford Linear Accelerator), Ellen Fullman (Musician), Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley Psychologist), David Stork (Rambus Labs)
Art: Tim Noble and Sue Webster
Essay: The End of Childhood
Art: JR
Videos: USF: Paul Skokowski (Stanford Philosopher), Tania Lombrozo (UC Berkeley Psychologist), Sita Bhaumik (Visual Artist)
Art: Daniel Arsham
History: "A Timeline of Iran"
Art: Tomoko Konoike
History: "A Timeline of the Turks"
Art: Leonardo Ulian
Essay: History of Advertising
Rock: Best albums of 2012 (finally!)
Essay: Post-neuroscience Religion
Art: Gyorgy Kepes
Book review: Roger Penrose's "The Road to Reality"
Album reviews: Bob Ostertag, Pharmakon, Roly Porter, Rangda, Seirom, Shackleton, Slaves, etc
Essay: The Psychology of Road Rage
LASER videos: visual artist Allison Holt, anthropologist Helene Mialet, kinetic artist Jennifer Parker, antarctic composer Cheryl Leonard, gamelan composer Wayne Vitale, nano artist Kate Nichols, choreographer Katharine Hawthorne, interactive kinetic artist Bernie Lubell, computer musician Sasha Leitman
Politics: Putin's Russia
Poetry/Meditation: "Our nameless moon..."
Politics: Has the Arab Spring failed?
Essay: Race and Gender in Cyberspace
Politics: Israel, Palestine and Truth
Politics: 400 and counting
History: "A Timeline of India/III"
Science: "The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics"
Hiking: Best hikes of 2013
Politics: Obama's dilemma: To govern or not to govern
Art: Ron Mueck
Politics: Israel vs Iran
Events: Santa Cruz: Ken Goldberg, Jennifer Gonzales, Gail Wight, Gregory Laughlin, Piero Scaruffi, Berkeley: Zann Gill, Jennifer Parker, Cheryl Leonard, Wayne Vitale , and Stanford: Kate Nichols, Taraneh Hemami, Katharine Hawthorne, Sasha Leitman, followed by CCRMA's outdoor concert
Art: "Inverted Reality"
New book: Demystifying Machine Intelligence
Photo: The Thinkers
Event: USF: computational mathematician Margot Gerritsen, visual artist Allison Holt, anthropologist Helene Mialet, interactive kinetic artist Bernie Lubell
Art: Toko Shinoda
Travel: Arizona and Utah
Art: Tamara De Lempicka
Cinema stills: Hitchcock, Aldrich, Polanski...
Event: San Francisco: Art and Design

Art: Tatiana Plakhova
Events: Stanford: Niki Ulehla (Puppet Maker), David Israel (SRI International) on "Random Thoughts on Random Natural Language Processing Research", Jeanne Finley (Filmmaker), Tony Pratkanis (Stanford) on "An Autonomous Coffee Run with a Mobile Robot" ; and Berkeley: Mark Wagner (Street painter), Melanie Swan on "Natural Aesthetics: GenArt, BioArt, Biomimicry, SynBio, CrowdArt", Robert Rich (Composer), Kal Spelletich (Kinetic Artist)
Rock music: Best albums of 2012
Book review: Steven Solomon's "Water"
Politics: Egypt: An Unholy Anti-Islamic Alliance
Rock: Bios of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Talking Heads
Event: USF: shadow artist Christine Marie, pianist Sarah Cahill, astrobiologist Dave Deamer and Adrian David Cheok, director of Singapore's Mixed Reality Lab
History of Knowledge: The early 20th Century
History: "A Timeline of Cars"
Book: New edition of History of Silicon Valley
Politics: What to do in Syria Part 2
Poetry/Meditation: Death Valley poem
Event: Stanford: Walter Kitundu (Sound artist), Sean Gourley (Quid) on "Augmented Intelligence", Melanie Swan on "GenArt, BioArt, Biomimicry, SynBio, CrowdArt", Jeremy Mende (Designer)
Event: UC Berkeley: Jennifer Dionne on Nanotechnology, Robert Buelteman on Cameraless Photography, Vijaya Nagarajan (USF) on the mathematics of India's kolams, and Indre Viskontas on "Music and the Brain"
Essay: The Two Cultures of the Smartphone Age
Hiking: Death Valley
Book review: What not to do in Iran
Politics: Turkey vs Iran
Technology: Google Glass and how to monetize other people's lives
Art: San Francisco Artmrkt 2013
Music: Bios of Na Hag, Abu Lahab, Haxan Cloak, Squadra Omega, King Tears Bat Trip, Zammuno, etc
Poetry: Octavio Paz's "Epitaph for no Stone"
Cognitive Science: An introduction to Philosophy of Mind
Music: Bios of David Peel, Joni Mitchell, Built to Spill, Pantha DuPrince, Nice Face, Grouper, Grails, Monument of Urns, Van Morrison
Book review: Gopnik's "The Philosophical Baby"
Politics: What Germany forgot
Essay: The Medium is the Story
History of Knowledge: The Victorian Age
Presentation: An Introduction to Language
Music: Bios of Michael Jacaszek, Demdike Stare, Sun Araw, Krallice, Tycho, Grouper, Grails, Necro Deathmort, etc
Event: Panel on "Language" with linguist Lera Boroditsky, filmmaker Jeanne Finley, musician Amy Neuburg and chemical engineer Curtis Frank
Music: Bios of Third Ear Band, Type O Negative, Terry Riley, Red House Painters
Art: Olaf Hajek
Event: Light sculptor Jesse Houlding, NASA scientist Chris McKay on the Curiosity Mars Mission, Vijaya Nagarajan (USF) on the mathematics of India's kolams, etc
Politics: The real face of an Afghani terrorist
Essay: Rules Save Lives but not Brains
Book review: Koch's "Consciousness"
Ten years later in Iraq
Essay: The Paradox of Parenting
Book review: Nagel's "Mind and Cosmos"
The Age of Experience
History: "A New History of Prehistory" revised and expanded
Essay: Paradise
Event: Kinetic artist Terry Berlier, Curt Frank (Stanford Univ) on the material of painting, Stanford biologist Deborah Gordon on ant societies, choreographer Katharine Hawthorne
Essay: The Religion of the Future
Politics: The War on Drugs: What's the Point?
Essay: Youth Suprematism
Politics: The value of technology: The USA will not decline any time soon
Technology: Five new chapters of "Why the Singularity is not Coming"
Rock Music: Bios of Pop Group, Faust, Neu, Soft Machine
Essay: The Cognitive Development of Pretty Girls
Politics: Paralysis in the USA and in Italy
Essay: The Next Stage in Evolution: The World of Objects
Politics: If France does it...
Essay: Life is Overrated
Politics: North Korea is ready to make a deal
Event: Luke Muehlhauser on the "Singularity", shadow artist Christine Marie, visual artist Carina Earl, Helene Mialet on Stephen Hawking and cyborgs
Neuroscience: A Timeline of Neuroscience
Event: Panel on "Body" with robot scientist Oussama Khatib, multimedia artist Ken Goldberg, Indian classical dancer Antara Bhardwaj and contemporary music performer Sarah Cahill - plus Art Exhibit on "Body"
Neuroscience: Roger Sperry and the Age of the Brain
Facebook: Year-end posts
January birthdays: A secular calendar of saints
Politics: Arming teachers
Behavioral Science: The Genetics and Neuroscience of Torture
Classical Music: The Essentials
Politics: Congratulations NRA for another successful massacre!
Book review: Derek Parfit's Reasons and Persons
Art: Barry McGee
Classical Music: The Greatest Symphonies
Book review: The Master Switch - The Rise and Fall of Information Empires
History: A Timeline of Computing
Art: Makoto Aida
Poetry/Meditation: Half Moon Epigram: The Twins
Politics: China is a colony of the USA
Computer Science: A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence
Politics: Israel, Hamas and human sacrifice
Essay: We are building a weaker and weaker species while creating a more and more dangerous world
Book review:
Peter Bergen's "Manhunt"
Free eBook: A Visual History of the Visual Arts
Essays: For a Theory of Creativity
History: A Timeline of Cyberculture
Presentation: sPaCe
Hiking: Best hikes of 2012
History: A New History of Prehistory
Art: A compilation of stencil art
Politics: Islam and Modernity
Essay: Big Data and the Death of Theory
Book review: Deutsch's "The Beginning of Infinity"
Science: A timeline of modern science and technology
Book review: "The Rise of Asia in IT"
Presentation: Machine Intelligence and Human Stupidity
Event: An Evening on BioArt

Politics: Democracy vs Confucius
Travel: South America, Pacific Islands, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea
Video: Christina Smolke on Synthetic Biology
Music: Solstice concert 2012

Travel: Peru, Argentina, Brazil
Politics: A new kind of smearing campaign
History: Silicon Valley at a glance
Book review: Peter Norvig
Event: Leonardo Art Science Evening
Politics: No winners in Afghanistan
Event: SMMMASH on "Mind"

Politics: Many winners and one loser in Iraq
History: A timeline of Latin America
Interview: About Cognitive Science
Politics: How not to solve a problem
Presentation: A Brief History of God
Event: C.Smolke on Synthetic Biology, M.Jacobson on Alternative Energies, etc
Interview: About Silicon Valley
Politics: The logic of Russia's isolation
Essay: The Origin of Empathy
Book review: Wilson's "The Social Conquest of Earth"
Videos: Several new videos (amateurish)
Essay: The Nonlinear Origins of Free Will
Politics: Wikipedia as a force for evil
History: A timeline of the Arabs
Politics: If Turkey falls...
Essay: Art in the Age of Irregularity
History: A timeline of the Turks
Politics: India: another great illusion?
Hiking: Best hiking of 2011
Book review: "Inside the Neolithic Mind"
Essay: Digital Interactive Art
Event: Creators Project 2012
Politics: Why a US soldier killed 16 Afghan civilians
Video: Kurt Schwitter's "Ursonate"
Book review: "All Things Shining: Reading the Western Classics
Interview: Jaron Lanier
Essay: From Fairness to God
Presentation: A tribute to Alan Turing
Book review: Nicolelis' "Beyond Boundaries"
Interview: Chris Chafe (Stanford CCRMA)
Book review: "Nothing"
Essay: Free will
Interview: Lynn Hershman (multimedia artist)
Politics: Facebook's Brave New World
Politics: Syria: the center of the new world order
Curator : Artists Redefine Turing
Event: Stanford Multimedia Interdisciplinary Event
Art : George Legrady
Politics: The Turkish dictatorship
Interview: Deborah Aschheim (multimedia artist)
Cinema: Best of 2011 festivals
Music: Several new bios
Politics: Bye bye Europe
Event: The Science of Painting
Book review: "Steve Jobs Biography"
Politics: The limits of parliamentary democracy and national sovereignty
Interview: Paul Rabinow
Event: Art Science Evening at swissnex
Politics: Occupy and Redistribute
Art and Architecture: Art in Los Angeles, San Diego and Pomona
Book review: "A Whole New Mind"
Event: Interdisciplinary panel at Stanford
History: Pictures of the Manhattan Project (first atomic bomb)
Literature: Best Works of Literature through the Centuries
Book review: "A History of God"
Politics: Amanda Knox vs Troy Davis
Rock music: Best of 2010 - play it
Book review: Searle's "The Mystery of Consciousness"
Philosophy: Millennium Questions
Politics: Turn the tables on China
Presentation: A History of Silicon Valley
Book review: Erich Neumann
Essay: The Greatest and Worst Inventions of the 20th Century
Politics: Who's bizarre?
Interview: Leonard Susskind (Stanford Univ) on Theoretical Physics
Politics: The implosion of Pakistan
Essay: Cultural Uniformity
Politics: Turkey's sense of humour
Book review: Durham, William: "Coevolution"
Politics: The legacy of the Arab dictators
Essay: The Difference Between You and It
Presentation: How To Kill Yourself, Your Country And Your Planet In A Few Easy Steps and Feel Good About It
History: A timeline of the Asian Miracle
Art: My collages
Politics: The loser in the Arab Spring
Art: Anslem KIefer
Politics: The phantom states of the world
Art: Louis Bec
Politics: The most dangerous place
Classical music: Conductors and orchestras
Politics: Jobs
Book review: Laszlo, Ervin
Interview: Jeremy Bailenson (Stanford Univ) on Virtual Reality
Essay: Stages of Evolution
Politics: Germany looks East
Travel: Turkey
Interview: Silicon Valley anthropologist Jan English-Lueck
Essay: The Decline of Consciousness
Book review: Jaron Lanier
Interview: Visual artist Gail Wight
Essay: Machine Intelligence and Human Stupidity
Essay: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Creativity
Technology: Hyper-commerce
Poetry/Meditation: Half Moon Epigram 16-6-2011 20:13
Politics: Another threat to USA domination: the success of the high-tech industry
Literature: Timeline of Latin literature
History: Timeline of the Roman Empire
Avantgarde music: Nyman, Ostertag, Bryars, Basinski, Ashley, Branca, Dockstader, etc
Politics: In defense of nuclear energy
Travel: Japan and Australia
Essay: The Regge Hypotheses
Classical music: List of modern composers
eBook: A Brief History of Knowledge
Presentation: What is the Dao of an Ant?
Philosophy: Principles of Covariant Wisdom
Politics: China: the great illusion?
Politics: My map of rising powers
Publication: A History of Silicon Valley
History: Visual history of computing
Presentation: Art, Science and Creativity
Essay: The Intelligence of Limbs
Book review: David Chalmers
Publication: Synthesis: poems and meditations
Travel: Central America
Book review: Stuart Kauffman
Politics: A biography of Osama bin Laden
Hiking: Hikes of 2010