Recording dates

This is a project to revise the dates of the best albums of the 2000s using recording dates instead of release dates.
Please email me data in the format Artist: Title (month year)
People who contributed to this research: Marco Spagnuolo, Christian Huber, Giovanni Giustini,
Vladislav Delay: Naima (september 2001)
Alva Noto: Uniform (march 2001)
Alva Noto: Xerrox vol 1 (october 2006)
Joanna Newsom: YS (june 2006)
Electric Wizard: Dopethrone (june 2000)
David Grubbs: The Spectrum Between (march 2000)
L'Altra: Music Of A Sinking Occasion (march 2000)
Shipping News: Very Soon And In Pleasant Company (may 2000)
Old Time Relijun: Witchcraft Rebellion (month? 2000)
Lightning Bolt: Ride The Skies (july 2000)
Kammerflimmer Kollektief: Hysteria (july 2000)
Zen Guerrilla: Shadows On The Sun (december 2000)
Khanate: Khanate (month? 2001)
Tool: Lateralus (january 2001)
System Of A Down: Toxicity (april 2001)
White Stripes: White Blood Cells (month? 2001)
Neko Case: Blacklisted (february 2002)
Sleater Kinney: One Beat (april 2002)
Black Eyes: Black Eyes (november 2002)
Microphones: Mount Eerie (june 2002)
Ghost: Hypnotic Underworld (july 2003)
Akron/Family: Akron/Family (month? 2003)
M83: Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (june 2003)
Dalek: Absence (june 2004)
Harris Newman: Accidents With Nature And Each Other (month? 2004)
Harris Newman: Accidents with Nature and Each Other (month? 2004)
Comets On Fire: Blue Cathedral (month? 2004)
Orthrelm: OV (august 2004)
System Of A Down: Mezmerize (december 2004)
Dirty Three: Cinder (Feb 2005)
Black Dice: Broken Ear Record (april 2005)
Sunn O))): Black One (may 2005)
Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise (month? 2005)
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Lisbon (october 2005)
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