The Best Rock Albums of 1981

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Gun Club: Fire Of Love (Ruby)
  2. Jon Hassell: Dream Theory In Malaya (EG)
  3. David Thomas: The Sound Of The Sand (RoughTrade)
  4. Rip Rig & Panic: God (Virgin)
  5. Public Image Ltd: Flowers Of Romance (Virgin)
  6. Deuter: Silence Is The Answer (Kuckuck)
  7. Fleshtones: Roman Gods (IRS)
  8. Black Flag: Damaged (SST)
  9. Fred Frith: Speechless (Ralph)
  10. Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates (WB)
  11. Einsturzende Neubauten: Kollaps (Zick Zack)
  12. Birthday Party: Prayers On Fire (4AD)
  13. Raybeats: Guitar Beat (DontFallOffTheMountain)
  14. Factrix: Scheintot (Adolescent)
  15. Material: Memory Serves (Elektra)
  16. Minutemen: The Punch Line (SST)
  17. Suburbs: Credit In Heaven (Twin Tone)
  18. Jody Harris & Robert Quine: Escape (Lust)
  19. Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Penguin Cafe Orchestra (EGRecords)
  20. Psychedelic Furs: Talk Talk Talk (CBS)
  21. Slava Ranko: Arctic Hysteria (Adolescent)
  22. Lounge Lizards: Lounge Lizards (EG)
  23. DB's: Stands For Decibels (Albion)
  24. Swollen Monkeys: After Birth Of The Cool (Cachalot)
  25. Was Not Was: Was Not Was (Ze)
  26. Alan Vega: Collision Drive (Celluloid)
  27. A Certain Ratio: To Each (Factory)
  28. Blasters: Blasters (Slash)
  29. Saccharine Trust: Paganicons (SST)
  30. King Crimson: Discipline (EG)
  31. Clock DVA: Thirst (Fetish)
  32. David Byrne & Brian Eno: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (Sire)
  33. Cabaret Voltaire: Red Mecca (RoughTrade)
  34. Flesh Eaters: A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (SRR)
  35. Half Japanese: Loud (Armageddon)
  36. Tom Verlaine: Dreamtime (WB)
  37. Adolescents: The Adolescents (Frontier)
  38. Residents: Mark Of The Mole (Ralph)
  39. Kid Creole & The Coconuts: Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places (Ze)
  40. Bauhaus: Mask (Beggars Banquet)
  41. X: Wild Gift (Slash)
  42. This Heat: Deceit (Rough Trade)
  43. J.Geils Band: Freeze-Frame (EMI)
  44. Agent Orange: Living In Darkness (Posh Boy)
  45. Plimsouls: Plimsouls (Geffen)
  46. Nervous Gender: Music from Hell (Subterranean)
  47. Dr John: Plays Mac Rebennack (Clean Cuts)
  48. Robyn Hitchcock: Black Snake Diamond (Armageddon)
  49. Go-Go's: Beauty And The Beast (IRS)
  50. Univers Zero: Ceux Du Dehors (Recommended)
  51. Jean-Michel Jarre: Les Chants Magnetiques (Disques Dreyfus)
  52. Jim Steinman: Bad For Good (Epic)
  53. Marcus Allen: Petals (Rising Sun)
  54. Michael Jones: Michael's Music (Narada)
  55. Nick Mason: Fictitious Sports (EMI)
  56. Peter Michael Hamel: Bardo (Kuckuck)
  57. Stephan Micus: Koan (ECM)
  58. Steve Douglas: Rainbow Suite (Bel Tree)
  59. Throbbing Gristle: Mission Of Dead Souls (Fetish)
  60. Virgin Prunes: A New Form Of Beauty (Rough Trade)
  61. Von Lmo: Future Language (Strazar)
  62. William Aura: Lovely Day (Higher Octave)
  63. Stray Cats: Stray Cats (Arista)
  64. Chuck Vrtacek: Victory Through Grace (Leisure Time)
  65. Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is (Barking Pumpkin)
  66. Nico: Drama Of Exile (ROIR)
  67. August Darnel: Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places (Ze)
  68. Replacements: Sorry Ma (Twin Tone)
  69. However: Sudden Dusk (RandomRadar)
  70. Church: Of Skin And Heart (Parlophone)
  71. Matt Johnson: Burning Blue Soul (4AD)
  72. Space Negros: Have A Lousy Xmas (Jingle Jungle)
  73. Oingo Boingo: Only A Lad (A&M)
  74. BPeople: self-titled (Faulty Product)
  75. Negativland: Points (Seeland)
  76. Altered Images: Happy Birthday (Portrait)
  77. Colin Newman: Singing Fish (4AD)
  78. Japan: Tin Drum (Virgin)
  79. Human League: Dare (Virgin)
  80. Circle Jerks: Group Sex (Frontier)
  81. T.S.O.L.: Dance with Me (PoshBoy)
  82. Plasmatics: Beyond The Valley of 1984 (Stiff)
  83. Nurse With Wound: Insect And Individual Silenced (UD)
  84. Joan Jett: Bad Reputation (Boardwalk)
  85. Soft Cell: Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (SomeBizarre)
  86. John Foxx: The Garden (Metalbeat)
  87. Stevie Nicks: Belladonna (Modern)
  88. Wah: Nah=Poo (Eternal)
  89. Comateens: self-titled (Cachalot)
  90. Barracudas: Drop Out (Closer)
  91. Boyd Rice: self-titled (Mute)
  92. Safety Last: self-titled (Twin Tone)
  93. Neville Brothers: Fiyo On The Bayou (A&M)
  94. Big Boys: Where's My Towel (Wasted Talent)
  95. Phil Collins: Face Value (Virgin)
  96. Billy Idol: self-titled (Chrysalis)
  97. Ludus: Seduction (New Hormones)
  98. Jane & Jeff Hudson: World Trade (Lust)
  99. Human Switchboard: Who's Landing In My Hangar (Faulty Products)
  100. Dan Fogelberg: Innocent Age (Epic)
  101. Garland Jeffreys: Rock And roll Adult (Epic)
  102. Polyrock: Changing Hearts (RCA)
  103. Indoor Life (FrenchCelluloid)
  104. Duran Duran: self-titled (EMI)
  105. Josef K: The Only Fun In Town (Postcard)
  106. Siouxsee Sioux: Juju (Polydor)
  107. DMZ: Relics (Bomp)
  108. Stray Cats: self-titled (Arista)
  109. Alley Cats: Nightmare City (Time Coast)
  110. Spandau Ballet: Journeys To Glory (Chrysalis)
  111. Eyeless In Gaza: Photographs As Memories (Cherry Red)
  112. David Lindley: El Rayo X (Asylum)
  113. Blurt: In Berlin (Ruby)
  114. Black Uhuru: Red (Mango)
  115. Whodini: self-titled (Jive)
  116. Juice Newton: Juice (RCA)
  117. Panther Burns: Behind The Magnolia Curtain (Rough Trade)
  118. U.K. Decay: For Madmen Only (Fresh)
  1. DNA: A Taste Of DNA (AmericanClave) , 8/10
  2. Harold Budd: The Serpent/Children Of The Hills (Cantil), 7.5/10
  3. Bush Tetras: Rituals (Stiff), 7/10

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Trio: Da Da Da Ich Lieb Dich
  3. Mission of Burma: That's When I Reach for My Revolver
  4. R.E.M.: Radio Free Europe
  5. Men at Work: Down Under
  6. Rip Rig + Panic: Knee Deep in Shit
  7. J Geils Band: Centerfold
  8. Rolling Stones: Start Me Up
  9. Kim Carnes: Bette Davis Eyes
  10. Raybeats: Piranha Salad
  11. Alan Vega: Magdalena 82
  12. Was (Not Was): Out Come the Freaks
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Alan Vega: Viet Vet
  3. Wipers: Youth Of America

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