The Best Rock Albums of 1983

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Mark Stewart: Learning To Cope With Cowardice (RoughTrade)
  2. Jane Siberry: No Borders Here (Open Air)
  3. Cocteau Twins: Head Over Heels (4AD)
  4. Einsturzende Neubauten: Zeichnungen Das Patienten (PVC)
  5. Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones (Island)
  6. Metallica: Kill 'Em All (Megaforce)
  7. Bad Brains: Rock For light (PVC)
  8. Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes (Slash)
  9. Jon Hassell: Aka-Darbari-Java Magic Realism (Eg)
  10. Peter Michael Hamel: Transition (Kuckuck)
  11. Swans: Filth (Neutral)
  12. R.E.M.: Murmur (IRS)
  13. Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex (Neutral)
  14. David Thomas: Variations On A Theme (RoughTrade)
  15. Golden Palominos: Golden Palominos (Celluloid)
  16. Virginia Astley: From Gardens Where We Feel Secure (Virgin)
  17. Klaus Schulze: Audentity (Brain)
  18. Minor Threat: Out Of Step (Dischord)
  19. Fleshtones: Hexbreaker (IRS)
  20. New Order: Power Corruption And Lies (Factory)
  21. Clock DVA: Advantage (Polydor)
  22. Slickee Boys: Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi (Twin/Tone)
  23. Blasters: Non Fiction (WB)
  24. Jah Wobble: Bedroom Album (Lago)
  25. Rob Wasserman: Solo (Rounder)
  26. Rip Rig Panic: Attitude (Virgin)
  27. Pere Ubu: Song Of The Bailing Man (RoughTrade)
  28. Lindsay Cooper: Gold Diggers (SyncPulse)
  29. Replacements: Hootenanny (Twin Tone)
  30. Cassiber: Man Or Monkey (Riskant)
  31. Meat Puppets: Meat Puppets II (SST)
  32. Go-Betweens: Before Hollywood (RoughTrade)
  33. Mofungo: Out Of Line (Zoar)
  34. Bill Laswell: Baselines (Elektra)
  35. 23 Skidoo: The Culling Is Coming (Operation Twilight)
  36. Alien Sex Fiend: Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain (Anagram)
  37. Embarrassment: Death Travels West (Fresh Sounds)
  38. Suicidal Tendencies: Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier)
  39. The The: Soul Mining (SomeBizarre)
  40. Green On Red: Gravity Talks (Slash)
  41. Rain Parade: Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (Enigma)
  42. Social Distortion: Mommy's Little Monster (13th Floor)
  43. Subhumans: The Day The Country Died (Spiderleg)
  44. Blue Nile: A Walk Across The Rooftops (Linn)
  45. Rudimentary Peni: Death Church (Corpus Christi)
  46. Richard Thompson: Hand Of Kindness (Hannibal)
  47. Lou Reed: Legendary Hearts (RCA)
  48. Zoviet France: Mohnomishe (Red Rhino)
  49. ZZ Top: Eliminator (WB)
  50. Danielle Dax: Pop Eyes (Initial)
  51. Cartoon: Music From Left Field (12-Tone Productions)
  52. Hunters And Collectors: The Fireman's Curse (White Label)
  53. Def Leppard: Pyromania (Virgin)
  54. D.R.I.: Dirty Rotten (R-Radical)
  55. Exciter: Heavy Metal Maniac (Shrapnel)
  56. Men & Volts: Hootersville (Eat)
  57. Three O'Clock: Sixteen Tambourines (Frontier)
  58. Wipers: Over The Edge (Brain Eater)
  59. Ono: Machines That Kill People (Thermidor)
  60. Daniel Johnston: Yip/Jump Music (Stress)
  61. Frank Zappa: Zappa (Barking Pumpkin)
  62. Arthur Russell: Tower of Meaning (Chatam Square)
  63. Frank Zappa: Zappa (Barking Pumpkin)
  64. Mark Isham: Vapor Drawings (Windham Hill)
  65. Mercyful Fate: Melissa (Roadrunner)
  66. Michael Stearns: Lyra Sound Constellation (Continuum Montage)
  67. Newtown Neurotics: Beggars Can Be Choosers (Razor)
  68. Van Morrison: Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart (Mercury)
  69. Velvet Monkeys: Future (Fountain Of Youth)
  70. Alan Vega: Saturn Strip (Ze)
  71. John Greaves & Peter Blegvad: Kew Rhone (Europa)
  72. Univers Zero: Ceux Du Dehors (Recommended)
  73. Chris Knox: Songs For Cleaning Guppies (Flying Nun)
  74. John Hiatt: Riding With The King (Geffen)
  75. Cabaret Voltaire: Crackdown (Some Bizarre)
  76. Shonen Knife: Burning Farm (Zero)
  77. Ex: Blueprints For A Blackout (Big Brother)
  78. Paolo Conte: Paolo Conte
  79. Van Halen: 1984 (WB)
  80. Necros: Tangled Up (Restless)
  81. Shriekback: Care (Y)
  82. X: More Fun In The New World (Elektra)
  83. Ben Watt: North Marine Drive (CherryRed)
  84. Stephan Weisser: Elemental Music (Subterranean)
  85. Marillion: Script For A Jester's Tear (EMI)
  86. Adrian Belew: Twang Bar King (Island)
  87. Chris Stamey: It`s A Wonderful Life (DB)
  88. Velvet Monkeys: Future (Fountain Of Youth)
  89. Richard Kirk: Time High Fiction (Doublevision)
  90. Marc Almond: Untitled (Some Bizarre)
  91. 10,000 Maniacs: Secrets Of The I Ching (Christian Burial)
  92. SS Decontrol: Give It Away (Xclaim)
  93. Nurse With Wound: Ostranenie 1913 (Third Mind)
  94. Wolfgang Press: The Burden Of Mules (4AD)
  95. Killing Joke: Fire Dances (EG)
  96. U2: War (Island)
  97. Was Not Was: Born To Laugh At Tornadoes (Ze)
  98. Plimsouls: Everywhere At Once (Geffen)
  99. Tears For Fears: Hurting (Poligram)
  100. Nocturnal Emissions: Drowning In A sea Of Bliss (Sterile)
  101. Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving (Rama)
  102. Arkansaw Men (Alterboys)
  103. Katrina And The Waves: Walking On Sunshine (Attic)
  104. Will Sergeant: Themes For Grind (Satisfied)
  105. Slicky Boys: Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi (TwinTone)
  106. Aztec Camera: High Land Hard Rain (RoughTRade)
  107. LeRoi Brothers: Check This Action (Amazing)
  108. Dumptruck: D Is For Dumptruck (Incas)
  109. Shockabilly: Earth VS (RoughTrade)
  110. Dome: Will You Speak to This World (Uniton)
  111. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood (Epic)
  112. Hanoi Rocks: Back To Mystery City
  113. Let's Active: Cypress (IRS)
  114. Police: Synchronicity (A&M)
  115. Madonna: self-titled (Sire)
  116. Wire Train: In A Chamber (415)
  117. Renaldo And The Loaf: Arabic Yodeling (Ralph)
  118. Bryan Adams: Cuts Like A Knife (A&M)
  119. Meatmen: We're The Meatmen (Touch And Go)
  120. Midnight Oil: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (Columbia)
  121. Phosphenes: self-titled (Coyote)
  122. 45 Grave: Sleep In Safety (Enigma)
  123. Paul Marotta: Agit-prop Piano (DoSpeak)
  124. Phosphenes (Coyote)
  125. Big Country: The Crossing (Mercury)
  126. Triffids: Treeless Plain (Hot)
  127. Unclaimed (Hysteria)
  128. Kommunity FK: The Vision And The Voice (Independent Project)
  129. Ronnie James Dio: Holy Diver (Vertigo)
  130. Severed Heads: Since The Accident (Ink)
  131. Yaz: You And Me Both (Sire)
  132. Accept: Restless & Wild (Portrait)
  133. Heaven 17: Luxury Gap (Arista)
  134. Sex Gang Children: Song And Legend (Illuminated)
  135. Thompson Twins: Quick Step & Side Kicks (Arista)
  136. Quiet Riot: Metal Health (Pasha)
  137. Greg Kihn: Kihnspiracy (Beserkley)
EPs and minis:
  1. Butthole Surfers: Butthole Surfers (Alternative Tentacles), 8/10
  2. Negative Trend: We Don't Pay We Riot (Subterranean), 7.5/10
  3. Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic: Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic (Ace Of Hearts), 7.5/10
  4. Birthday Party: The Bad Seed (4AD), 7.5/10
  5. Birthday Party: Mutiny (Mute), 7/10
  6. 17 Pigmies: Hatikva (Resistance), 7/10
  7. Micronotz: Smash (Fresh Sounds), 7/10
  8. Big Black: Lungs (Ruthless), 7/10
  9. Billy Bragg: Life's a Riot with Spy Vs Spy (Utility), 7/10
  10. Husker Du: Metal Circus (Reflex), 7/10

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Pretenders: Middle of the Road
  3. Rip Rig + Panic: Beat the Beast
  4. Cocteau Twins: Sugar Hiccup
  5. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams
  6. Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio
  7. Police: Every Breath You Take
  8. Mike Oldfield: Moonlight Shadow
  9. Jackson Browne: Lawyers in Love
  10. Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Sisters Of Mercy: Temple of Love
  3. New Order: Blue Monday

TM, ®, Copyright © 1998 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.