The Best Rock Albums of 1986

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Big Black: Atomizer (Homestead)
  2. Constance Demby: Novus Magnificat
  3. Stan Ridgway: Big Heat (IRS)
  4. Death Of Samantha: Strungout On Jargon (Homestead)
  5. Butthole Surfers: Rembrandt Pussyhorse (TouchAndGo)
  6. Metallica: Master Of Puppets (Elektra)
  7. David Thomas: Monster Walks The Winter Lake (TwinTone)
  8. Stephan Micus: Ocean
  9. Univers Zero: Heatwave (Recommended)
  10. Camper Van Beethoven: Camper Van Beethoven (PitchATent)
  11. UT: Conviction (Out)
  12. Swans: Holy Money (PVC)
  13. Feelies: Good Earth (Coyote)
  14. They Might Be Giants: They Might Be Giants (Bar)
  15. David + David: Boomtown (A&M)
  16. Del-Lords: Johnny Comes Marching Home (Enigma)
  17. Afrika Bambaataa: Beware
  18. Camper Van Beethoven: II & III (PitchATent)
  19. Annette Peacock: I Have No Feelings (Ironic)
  20. Slayer: Reign In Blood (Def Jam)
  21. XTC: Skylarking (Virgin)
  22. Flaming Lips: Hear It Is (Pink Dust)
  23. Green: Green (Gang Green)
  24. Yo La Tengo: Ride The Tiger (Coyote)
  25. High Rise: High Rise II (PSF)
  26. fIREHOSE: Ragin' Full On (SST)
  27. Agitpop: Back At The Plain Of Jars (Community 3)
  28. Swans: Greed (PVC)
  29. Husker Du: Candy Apple Grey (Warner)
  30. Ministry: Twitch (Sire)
  31. Pandoras: Stop Pretending (Rhino)
  32. Crime And The City Solution: Room Of Lights (Mute)
  33. BoDeans: Love & Hope & Sex & Dreams (Slash)
  34. Ritual Tension: I Live Here (Sacrifice)
  35. Moving Targets: Burning In Water (Taang)
  36. Smiths: Queen Is Dead (Sire)
  37. Woodentops: Giant (RoughTrade)
  38. Paul Simon: Graceland (CBS)
  39. Soul Asylum: Made To Be Broken (TwinTone)
  40. Club Foot Orchestra: Wild Beasts (Ralph)
  41. Felt: Forever Breathes The Lonely Word (Creation)
  42. Sonic Youth: Evol (SST)
  43. Throwing Muses: Throwing Muses (4AD)
  44. Mr T Experience: Everybody's Entitled To Their Own Opinion (Disorder)
  45. Bad Brains: I Against I (SST)
  46. Cramps: A Date With Elvis (NewRose)
  47. Dream Syndicate: Out Of The Grey (A&M)
  48. Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell (BarkingPumpkin)
  49. Agnostic Front: Cause For Alarm (Combat Core)
  50. Dr Nerve: Out To Bomb Fresh Kings (Punos)
  51. Peter Gabriel: So (Charisma)
  52. Megadeth: Peace Sells (Capitol)
  53. Wild Seeds: Brave Clean + Reverent (Jungle)
  54. LMNOP: Elemen Opee Elpee (Baby Sue)
  55. Slayer: Reign In Blood (Def Jam)
  56. Run DMC: Raising Hell (Profile)
  57. Controlled Bleeding: Headcrack (Sterile)
  58. No Trend: Tritonian Nash-Vegas Polyester Complex
  59. Zoviet France: Misfits, Loony Tunes And Squalid Criminals (Charrm)
  60. Shonen Knife: Pretty Little Baka Guy (Zero)
  61. PFS: Illustrative Problems (Cuneiform)
  62. Ludichrist: Immaculate Deception (Combat Core)
  63. Absolute Grey: What Remains (Midnight)
  64. Crumbsuckers: Life Of Dreams (Combat Core)
  65. Motorhead: Orgasmatron (GWR)
  66. Alter Natives: Hold Your Tongue (SST)
  67. Nick Cave: Your Funeral My Trial (Homestead)
  68. Smithereens: Especially For You (Enigma)
  69. Nurse With Wound: Spiral Insana (Torso)
  70. Coil: Horse Rotorvator (Some Bizarre)
  71. Feedtime: Shovel (Aberrant)
  72. Roger Miller: No Man Is Hurting Me (Forced Exposure)
  73. Wolfgang Press: Standing up Straight (4AD)
  74. Celibate Rifles: The Turgid Miasma Of Existence (Hot)
  75. Diamanda Galas: The Divine Punishment (Mute)
  76. Eric Johnson: Tones (Reprise)
  77. Fetchin Bones: Bad Pumpkin (Capitol)
  78. Jon Hassell: Power Spot (ECM)
  79. Merrell Fankhauser: Message To The Universe (One Big Guitar)
  80. Peter Michael Hamel: Organum (Kuckuck)
  81. Harold Budd: White Arcades (Land)
  82. Pauline Oliveros: The Well And The Gentle
  83. Steve Earle: Guitar Town (MCA)
  84. Nuclear Assault: Game Over (Combat)
  85. Died Pretty: Free Dirt (Citadel)
  86. Gut Bank: The Dark Ages (Coyote)
  87. Peter Case: self-titled (Geffen)
  88. Keith Leblanc: Major Malfunction (World)
  89. Gut Bank: The Dark Ages (Coyote)
  90. Aliex Sex Fiend: It (Plague)
  91. Adrenalin O.D.: Humungousfungusamongus (Buy Our)
  92. Genesis: Invisible Touch (Charisma)
  93. Van Morrison: No Guru No Method No Teacher (WB)
  94. Tripod Jimmie: A Warning To All Strangers (All Ball)
  95. Lyres: Lyres Lyres (AceOfHeart)
  96. My Dad Is Dead: self-titled (St Valentine)
  97. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Illustrated Music Encyclopedia (Virgin)
  98. Robert Wyatt: Old Rotten Hat (RoughTrade)
  99. Talk Talk: Colour Of Spring (EMI)
  100. Richard Thompson: Daring Adventures (Polydor)
  101. Helloween: Walls Of Jericho (Noise),
  102. MDC: Smoke Signals (R Radical)
  103. Church: Heyday (WB)
  104. Schoolly D: self-titled (SchoollyD)
  105. Voivod: Killing Technology (Combat)
  106. Billy Bragg: Talking With The Taxman About Poetry (Go Discs)
  107. Poison: Look What The Cat Dragged In (Enigma)
  108. Nuclear Assault: Game Over (Combat)
  109. Cocteau Twins: Victorialand (4AD)
  110. Antietam: Music From Elba (Homestead)
  111. Anna Domino: self-titled (Crepuscule)
  112. Scratch Acid: Just Keep Eating (Rabid Cat)
  113. Died Pretty: Free Dirt (Citadel)
  114. Frightwig: Kill Kill (Caroline)
  115. Violent Femmes: The Blind Leading The Naked (Slash)
  116. Didjits: Fizzjob (Bam Bam)
  117. Die Kreuzen: October File (TouchAndGo)
  118. Giant Sand: Ballad Of A Thin Line Man (Zippo)
  119. Honeymoon Killers: Let It Breed (Fur)
  120. Momus: Circus Maximus (Cherry Red)
  121. Dwarves: Horror Stories (Voxx)
  122. Timbuk 3: Greetings (IRS)
  123. Joe Satriani: Not Of This Earth (Relativity)
  124. Agent Orange: This Is The Voice (Enigma)
  125. Dos (New Alliance)
  126. Cro-mags: Age Of Quarrel (Rock Hotel)
  127. Soul Asylum: While You Were Out (TwinTone)
  128. In The Nursery: Twins (Wax Trax)
  129. True Believers: self-titled (Rounder)
  130. Swimming Pool Q's: Blue Tomorrow (A&M)
  131. Shriekback: Big Night Music (Island)
  132. Hafler Trio: Seven Hours Sleep (Laylah)
  133. Mission: God's Own Medicine (Mercury)
  134. Talkind Heads: True Stories (Sire)
  135. Public Image Ltd: Album (Virgin)
  136. Gone (SST)
  137. Housemartins: London 0 Hull 4 (GoDiscs)
  138. That Petrol Emotion: Manic Pop Thrill (Demon)
  139. Madonna: True Blue (Sire)
  140. Royal Crescent Mob: Land Of Sugar (Play It Again Sam)
  141. Breathless: Glass Bead Game (TenorVossa)
  142. Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet (Mercury)
  143. Cinderella: Night Songs (Mercury)
  144. Europe: Final Countdown (Epic)
  145. Cynics: Blue Train Station (Get Hip)
  146. Pontiac Brothers: Fiesta En La Biblioteca (Frontier)
  147. Nerves: self-titled (Offence)
  148. Dash Dip Rock: self-titled (688)
  149. Effigies: Ink (Enigma)
  150. Pet Shop Boys: Please (EMI)
  151. World Party: Private Revolution (Chrysalis)
  152. Screaming Blue Messiahs: Gun-Shy (Elektra)
  153. Kurtis Blow: Kingdom Blow (Mercury)
  154. No Direction: Becoming Obsession (No Direction)
  155. Skinyard: self-titled (C/Z)
  156. Dag Nasty: Can I Say (Dischord)
  157. Micronotz: 40 Fingers (Homestead)
  158. Ben Vaughn: The Many Moods (Restless)
  159. Trotsky Icepick: Poison Summer (Old Scratch)
  160. Fuzzbox: Bostin' Steve Austin (Vindaloo)
  161. Treat Her Right: self-titled (Soul Selects)
  162. Magnolias: Concrete Pillbox (Twin Tone)
  163. Beat Rodeo: Home In The Heart Of The Beat (IRS)
  164. Crowded House: self-titled (Capitol)
  165. Georgia Satellites: self-titled (Elektra)
  166. Lyle Lovett: self-titled (MCA)
  167. New Kids On The Block: self-titled (Columbia)
  168. Janet Jackson: Control (A&M)
  169. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Paint Your Wagon (Red Rhino)
  170. James: Stutter (BlancoyNegro)
EPs and minis:
  1. Gun Club: Death Party (Animal), 8/10
  2. Band Of Susans: Blessing And Curse (Trace Elements), 7/10
  3. Killdozer: Burl (Touch And Go), 7/10
  4. Tall Dwarfs: Throw A Sickie (Flying Nun), 7/10

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Erasure: Oh L'Amour
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Constance Demby: Novus Magnificat

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