The Best Rock Albums of 1987

Selected by piero scaruffi
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  1. Swans: Children Of God (Product)
  2. Henry Rollins: Hot Animal Machine (Texas Hotel)
  3. Unrest: Tink of S.E. (Teen Beat)
  4. Blind Idiot God: Blind Idiot God (SST)
  5. Guns And Roses: Appetite For Destruction (Geffen)
  6. Hugo Largo: Drum (Relativity)
  7. Dinosaur Jr: You're Living All Over Me (SST)
  8. Faith No More: Introduce Yourself (Slash)
  9. Tragic Mulatto: Locos Por El Sexo (Alternative Tentacles)
  10. Sinead O'Connor: The Lion And The Cobra (Chrysalis)
  11. Sonic Youth: Sister (SST)
  12. Flaming Lips: Oh My Gawd (Restless)
  13. American Music Club: Engine (Grifter)
  14. Jane Siberry: The Walking (Duke Street)
  15. Bel Canto: White-Out Conditions (Crammed Disc)
  16. Pussy Galore: Right Now (Caroline)
  17. Tom Waits: Frank's Wild Years (Island)
  18. Synergy: Metropolitan Suite (Audion)
  19. Young Fresh Fellows: The Men Who Loved Music (Frontier)
  20. Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie: At Swim Two Birds (Flying Nun)
  21. Squirrel Bait: Skag Heaven (Homestead)
  22. Eric B. & Rakim: Paid In Full
  23. Public Enemy: Yo Bum Rush The Show (DefJam)
  24. Missing Foundation: Missing Foundation (Purge)
  25. Einsturzende Neubauten: Fuenf auf der nach oben offenen Richterskala (Some Bizarre)
  26. Zoogz Rift: Water (SST)
  27. Catheads: Hubba (Restless)
  28. Butthole Surfers: Locus Abortion Technician (TouchAndGo)
  29. Replacements: Pleased To Meet Me (Sire)
  30. Fetchin Bones: Galaxy 500 (Capitol)
  31. Lazy Cowgirls: Tapping The Source (Bomp)
  32. Redd Kross: Neurotica (Smoke 7)
  33. Green: Elaine MacKenzie (Pravda)
  34. Live Skull: Dusted (Homestead)
  35. Lubricated Goat: Plays The Devil's Music (Black Eye)
  36. Prince: Sign Of The Times (WB)
  37. Husker Du: Warehouse (Warner)
  38. Penguin Cafe Orchestra: Signs Of Life (EGRecords)
  39. David Sylvian: Secrets Of The Beehive (Virgin)
  40. Carney, Hild & Kramer: Happiness Finally Comes To Them (Shimmy)
  41. Ophelias: Ophelias (Strange Weekend)
  42. B.A.L.L.: Period (Another American Lie)
  43. Sisters Of Mercy: Floodland (Elektra)
  44. U2: Joshua Tree (Island)
  45. David Thomas: Blame The Messenger (TwinTone)
  46. Mark Stewart: Mark Stewart (Mute)
  47. These Immortal Souls: Get Lost (SST)
  48. Robbie Robertson: Robbie Robertson (Geffen)
  49. Das Damen: Jupiter Eye (SST)
  50. Union Carbide Productions: In The Air Tonight (Radium 226.05)
  51. Original Sins: Big Soul (Bar None)
  52. Screaming Trees: Even If And Especially When (SST)
  53. Death In June: Brown Book (NER)
  54. Tackhead: Tape Time (Nettwerk)
  55. Loop: Heaven's End (Head)
  56. Chris Isaak: Chris Isaak (Warner Bros)
  57. Celtic Frost: Into The Pandemonium (Noise)
  58. Fleshtones: Fleshtones vs Reality (Emerge)
  59. Verlaines: Bird-Dog (Flying Nun)
  60. Game Theory: Lolita Nation (Rational)
  61. White Zombie: Soul Crusher (Silent Explosion)
  62. R.E.M.: Document (IRS)
  63. Pianosaurus: Groovy Neighborhood (Rounder)
  64. Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien (Relativity)
  65. Wedding Present: George Best (Reception)
  66. Legendary Pink Dots: Any Day Now (Play It Again Sam)
  67. Ryuichi Sakamoto: Neo Geo (Virgin)
  68. 10,000 Maniacs: In My Tribe (Elektra)
  69. Gang Green: You Got It (Roadracer)
  70. Lemonheads: Hate Your Friends (Taang)
  71. Phantom Tollbooth: One-Way Conversation (Homestead)
  72. Bevis Frond: Triptych (Woronzow)
  73. Voivod: Killing Technology (Combat)
  74. Dave Alvin: Romeo's Escape (Epic)
  75. Able Tasmans: A Cuppa Tea And A Lie Down (Flying Nun)
  76. Enya: Enya (BBC)
  77. Faster Pussycat: Faster Pussycat (Elektra)
  78. Michael Jones: Amber (Narada)
  79. Robert Rich: Numena (Multimood)
  80. Stephan Micus: Twilight Fields (ECM)
  81. Big Black: Songs About Fucking (Touch And Go)
  82. Viv Akauldren: I'll Call You Sometime (Akashic)
EPs and minis:
  1. Blake Babies: Nicely Nicely (Chewbud), 7/10
  2. Felt: Poem Of The River (Creation), 7/10
  3. Fishbone: It's A Wonderful Life (Columbia), 7/10
  4. Laughing Hyenas: Merry Go Round (Touch And Go), 7/10
  5. Of Cabbages And Kings: Of Cabbages And Kings (Purge), 7/10
  6. Paul Roland: A Cabinet Of Curiosities (New Rose), 7/10
  7. Pixies: Come On Pilgrim (Elektra), 7/10
  8. Tom Verlaine: Flashlight (WB)
  9. Tragic Mulatto: Locos Por El Sexo (Alternative Tentacles)
  10. Alter Natives: Hold Your Tongue (SST)
  11. Howard Rowland: Honeymoon In Red (DutchEast)
  12. Young Gods: self-titled (Project)
  13. Saints: All Fools Day (Polydor)
  14. Fastbacks: And His Orchestra (Popllama)
  15. Julian Cope: Saint Julian (Island)
  16. Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation (Geffen)
  17. John Hiatt: Bring The Family (A&M)
  18. Spacemen 3: Perfect Prescription (Glass)
  19. Sex Clark Five: Strum Und Drum (Records To Russia)
  20. King Snake Roost: From Barbarism To Christian Manhood (Aberrant)
  21. Napalm Death: Scum (Earache)
  22. Donner Party: I (Cryptovision)
  23. Big Black: Songs About Fucking (Touch And Go)
  24. Universal Congress Of: self-titled (SST)
  25. fIREHOSE: If'n (SST)
  26. Nitzer Ebb: That Total Age (Mute)
  27. Prong: Primitive Origins (Mr Bear)
  28. Meat Puppets: Mirage (SST)
  29. Raging Slab: Assmaster (Buy Our)
  30. Danielle Dax: Inky Bloaters (Awesome)
  31. Sun City Girls: Horse Cock Phepner (Placebo)
  32. Suicidal Tendencies: Join The Army (Caroline)
  33. Front Line Assembly: Initial Command (KK)
  34. Screeching Weasel: self-titled (Underdog)
  35. Melvins: Gluey Porch Treatments (Alchemy)
  36. Paul Roland: Danse Macabre (Bam Caruso)
  37. Opal: Happy Nightmare Baby (SST)
  38. Plasticland: Salon (Pink Dust)
  39. Long Ryders: Two-Fisted Tales (Island)
  40. Suzanne Vega: Solitude Standing (A&M)
  41. Concrete Blonde: self-titled (IRS)
  42. Swing Out Sister: It's Better To Travel (Mercury)
  43. Fields Of Nephilim: Dawnrazor (Beggars Banquet)
  44. Cure: Kiss Me (Fiction)
  45. Saqqara Dogs: Thirst (Pathfinder)
  46. 27 Various: Hi (Susstones)
  47. Bill Bruford: Earthworks (EditionsEG)
  48. Pastels: Up For A Bit (Glass)
  49. Bleine Reininger: Instrumentals 1982-86 (Interior Music)
  50. Don Dixon: Romeo And Juilliard (Enigma)
  51. Chris Stamey: It`s Alright (Coyote)
  52. False Prophets: Implosion (Alternative Tentacles)
  53. Bears: self-titled (Primitive Man)
  54. Roger Miller: Big Industry (Ace Of Hearts)
  55. Electric Peace: Medieval Mosquito (Barred)
  56. Silos: Cuba (Record Collect)
  57. Carmaig Deforest: I Shall Be Released (Good Foot)
  58. Downy Mildew: Boomtree (Texas Hotel)
  59. Thelonious Monster: Next Saturday Afternoon (Relativity)
  60. Indigo Girls: Strange Fire (Indigo)
  61. For Against: Echelons (independent Project)
  62. No Means No: Sex Mad (Alternative Tentacles)
  63. Outskirts Of Infinity: Lord Of The Dark Skies (Woronzow)
  64. Screaming Blue Messiah: Bikini Red (Elektra)
  65. Shamen: Drop (Moksha)
  66. John Cougar: The Lonesome Jubilee (Mercury)
  67. Def Leppard: Hysteria (Virgin)
  68. King Diamond: Abigail (Roadrunner)
  69. K.D. Lang: Angel With A Lariat (Sire)
  70. Roger Waters: Radio KAOS (Harvest)
  71. Brian Brain: Time Flies When You're Having Toast (Moving Target)
  72. Artie Traum: Cayenne (Rounder)
  73. Viv Akauldren: I'll Call You Sometime (Akashic)
  74. Midnight Oil: Diesel And Dust (Columbia)
  75. INXS: Kick (Atlantic)
  76. NWA: And The Posse (Ruthless)

  1. ... In preparation
  2. Guns N' Roses: Welcome to the Jungle
Extended tracks
  1. ... In preparation
  2. Synergy: Metropolitan Suite

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