The Best Rock Albums of 2000

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Best of Rock Albums

  1. Spring Heel Jack: Disappeared (Thirsty Ear)
  2. Dirty 3: Whatever You Love You Are (Touch & Go)
  3. Roy Montgomery: The Allegory of Hearing (Drunken Fish)
  4. Acid Mothers Temple: La Novia (Eclipse)
  5. Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP (Columbia)
  6. Animal Collective: Spirit They're Gone Spirit They've Vanished (Animal)
  7. Godspeed You Black Emperor: Lift Your Skinny Fists (Kranky)
  8. Quasimoto: The Unseen
  9. Bohren & der Club of Gore: Sunset Mission (Wonder)

  10. 7/10
  11. Pinetop Seven: Bringing Home The Last Great Strike (Truckstop)
  12. Shalabi Effect: Shalabi Effect (Alien 8)
  13. Comets On Fire: Comets on Fire (COF)
  14. Demolition Squad: Hit It (Psychotropic)
  15. Morphine: The Night (Dreamworks)
  16. Blectum From Blechdom: The Messy Jesse Fiesta (Deluxe)
  17. Steffen Basho-Junghans: Song of the Earth (Sublingual)
  18. Storm & Stress: Under Thunder And Fluorescent Light (Touch & Go)
  19. Annette Peacock: An Acrobat's Heart (ECM)
  20. For Carnation (Touch & Go)
  21. Alastair Galbraith: Cry (Emperor Jones)
  22. Mojave 3: Excuses For Travellers (4AD)
  23. Aesop Rock: Float (Mush)
  24. David Grubbs: The Spectrum Between (Drag City)
  25. Milk Cult: Project M-13 (0 To 1)
  26. Black Heart Procession: 3 (Touch & Go)
  27. Sin Ropas: Three Cherries (Perishable)
  28. Fontanelle: Fontanelle (Kranky)
  29. Pan American: 360 Business 360 Bypass (Kranky)
  30. Avalanches: Since I Left You (Modular)
  31. Maquiladora: White Sands (Lotushouse)
  32. Calexico: Hot Rail (Quarterstick)
  33. Susumu Yokota: Sakura (Skintone)
  34. Radian: TG11 (Rhiz)
  35. Delgados: The Great Eastern (Chemikal Underground)
  36. L'Altra: Music Of A Sinking Occasion (Aesthetics)
  37. Arab On Radar: Soak The Saddle (Skin Graft)
  38. The Danubians (Cuneiform)
  39. Bent Leg Fatima (File 13)
  40. Clinic: Internal Wrangler (Domino)
  41. Shivaree: I Oughtta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump (Capitol)
  42. Arto Lindsay: Prize (Righteous Babe)
  43. Isis: Celestial (Escape Artist)
  44. Kid 606: Down With The Scene (Ipecac)
  45. P'taah: Compressed Light (Ubiquity)
  46. Electric Wizard: Dopethrone (MUsic Cartel)
  47. Doves: Lost Souls (Heavenly)
  48. Mum: Yesterday Was Dramatic Today Is Ok (Thule)
  49. Shipping News: Very Soon And In Pleasant Company (Quarterstick)
  50. Lou Reed: Ecstasy (Reprise)
  51. Sunn O))): Zero Zero Void (Rise Above)
  52. Otomo Yoshihide: Anode (Tzadik)
  53. Songs:Ohia: Ghost Tropic (Secrety Canadian)
  54. Mermen: The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show (Source)
  55. Jackie-O Motherfucker: Magick Fire Music (Ecstatic Peace)
  56. Cursive: Domestica (Saddle Creek)
  57. A Silver Mt Zion: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms (Constellation)
  58. Datach'i: We Are Always Well Thank You (Caipirinha)
  59. Joan Of Arc: The Gap (Jade Tree)
  60. Aloha: That's Your Fire (Polyvinyl)
  61. Joseph Arthur: Come To Where I'm From (Virgin)
  62. Hives: Veni Vidi Vicious (Burning Heart)
  63. Tin Hat Trio: Helium (Angel)
  64. Ulan Bator: Ego Echo (Young God)
  65. Discordance Axis: The Inalienable Dreamless (Hydra Head)
  66. Bright Eyes: Fevers And Mirrors (Saddle Creek)
  67. Dysrhythmia: Contradiction (Self-released)
  68. Deftones: White Pony (Maverick)
  69. Liquid Mind: Unity (Chuck Wild)
  70. Steve Earle: Transcendental Blues (Artemis)
  71. Soulfly: Primitive (Roadrunner)
  72. Damien Jurado: Ghost Of David (Subpop)
  73. Ora: Amalgam (Edition)
  74. Rollerball: Bathing Music (Road Cone)
  75. Blackalicious: Nia (Mo'Wax)
  76. Ashera: Colour Glow (Cdaw)
  77. Emmylou Harris: Red Dirt Girl (Elektra)
  78. Max Tundra: Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be (Domino)
  79. Immolation: Close to a World Below (Metal Blade)
  80. Absurd Minds: Deception (Scanner)

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  1. Spring Heel Jack: Wolfing
  2. Clinic: Return of Evil Bill
  3. Mojave 3: In Love With A View
  4. Pinetop Seven: And The Dog Longed To Be A Horse
  5. Comets On Fire: The Way Down
  6. Emmylou Harris: Bang the Drum Slowly
  7. Clinic: Second Foot Stomp
  8. Tom Waits: Starving In The Belly Of A Whale
  9. Mandible Chatter: The Dust Blows Back
  10. 6ths: Just Like A Movie Star
  11. Modest Mouse: The Stars Are Projectors
  12. 6ths: You You You You You
  13. Looper: Money Hair
  14. Willard Grant Conspiracy: Christmas In Nevada
  15. Smog: Dress Sexy At My Funeral
  16. Blonde Redhead: This Is Not
  17. Cash Audio: Who Killed The Blues
  18. 6ths: The Dead Only Quickly Decay
  19. Venetian Snares: Fire Is The Devil
  20. Volapuk: Valse Chinoise
  21. Hannah Marcus: Darling How Are You
  22. Minus 5: Lies Of The Living Dead
  23. Mojave 3: Got My Sunshine
  24. Queens Of The Stone Age: Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
  25. Radiohead: The National Anthem
  26. Murder City Devils: I'll Come Running
  27. Clinic: The Second Line
  28. Vue Vue: Girl
  29. Gluecifer: Get The Horn
  30. Lambchop: The Petrified Florist
  31. Bright Eyes: The Calender Hung Itself
  32. Sin Ropas: Redtooth
  33. Boss Hog: Itchy & Scratchy
  34. Datach'i: Uma is Dead
  35. Add N To (X): Plug Me In
  36. Eat Static: Mondo A Go-Go
  37. Calexico: Ballad Of Cable Hogue
  38. Minus 5: The Little Black Egg
  39. Damon & Naomi: The New World
  40. Black Heart Procession: Waterfront
  41. Everclear: Learning How To Smile
  42. Amon Tobin: Chocolate Lovely
  43. Converge: Homewrecker
  44. David Thomas: Clouds Of You
  45. Rollerball: DJ Tecate
  46. Lambchop: The Butcher Boy
  47. Panamerican: Code
  48. Bright Eyes: Something Vague
  49. Add N To (X): Brothel Charge
  50. Cursive: Shallow Means Deep Ends
  51. Willard Grant Conspiracy: Christmas In Nevada
  52. Sixteen Horsepower: Clogger
  53. Avalanches: Frontier Psychiatrist
  54. Skull Control: Mater Dolores
  55. Zeke: Let's Get Drugs
  56. Marilyn Manson: The Fight Song
  57. New Pornographers: The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism
  58. Lenny Kravitz: Again
  59. Goldfrapp: Lovely Head
  60. Joseph Arthur: Exhausted
  61. Marilyn Manson: The Death Song
  62. Max Tundra: Ink Me
  63. U2: Beautiful Day
  64. Madlib: Come on Feet
  65. La Celestina
  66. Absurd Minds: Deception

Extended compositions
  1. Acid Mothers Temple: La Novia
  2. Steve Roach: Cave Dwellers
  3. Dirty 3: I Offered It Up To The Stars
  4. Otomo Yoshihide: Anode
  5. MIMEO: Electric Table
  6. Nobukazu Takemura: Souvenir In Chicago
  7. Cheer-Accident: Trading Balloons
  8. Storm & Stress: Meet Me In The Place...
  9. Species Being: Track 4
  10. Acid Mothers Temple: Acid Heart Mother
  11. A Silver Mt Zion: Lonely As The Sound of Lying On The Ground
  12. Mojave 3: My Life In Art
  13. Six Organs of Admittance: Journey Through Sankuan Pass
  14. Tarentel: Searching for Things
  15. Steven Smith: Tableland
  16. Gravitar: Rocket To Dearborn
  17. For Carnation: Tales
  18. Takemura: Souvenir In Chicago
  19. Angel In Heavy Syrup: Voyage
  20. Joan Of Arc: Your Impersonation
  21. Maquiladora: Bueno Mis Amigos
  22. Arovane: The Storm
  23. Laika: Widows' Weed
  24. A Silver Mt Zion: Blown-Out Joy
  25. Animal Collective: Alvin Row
  26. Michael Hall: I Wish I Was A Mole
  27. Primal Scream: Swastika Eyes
  28. Sun City Girls: Rotation Flotation
  29. Troum: Mirrored In You (Dedicated To Martyn Bates)
  30. Caspar Brotzmann: Indians
  31. Nile: The Dream Of Ur
  32. Dysrhythmia: Earthquake
  33. Grandaddy: He's Simple
  34. Electric Wizard: Weird Tales
  35. Circle: Stimulance
  36. Vladislav Delay: Huone
  37. MIMEO: Electric Table
  38. Early Day Miners: In These Hills
  39. Gas: Pop 7
  40. Immolation: Close to a World Below
  41. Ayreon: Dawn Of A Million Souls
  42. Moodymann: The Thief That Stole My Sad Days
  43. Bohren & der Club of Gore: Nightwolf

Best of Jazz 2000

  1. Spring Heel Jack: Disappeared
  2. Marty Ehrlich: Malinke's Dance
  3. Guillermo Gregorio: Faktura
  4. Joe Maneri: Going To Church
  5. Myra Melford: Dance Beyond the Color
  6. Andrew Hill: Dusk
  7. Dave Douglas: El Trilogy
  8. Nels Cline: Destroy All Nels Cline
  9. Free Radicals: Our Lady of Eternal Sunny Delights
  10. Splattercell: OAH
  11. New Orchestra: Inscape
  12. Steve Turre: In The Spur of the Moment
  13. Joshua Redman: Passage of Time
  14. David Murray: Octect Plays
  15. Bill Frisell: Ghost Town
  16. 33.3: Plays Music
  17. George Lewis: Endless Shout
  18. William Parker: Painter's Spring
  19. Bill Dixon: Papyrus
  20. David Berkman: Communication Theory
  21. Greg Osby: The Invisible Hand
  22. Bobo Stenson: Trio Serenity
  23. Acoustic Alchemy: The Beautiful Game
  24. Leo Smith: Golden Quartet
  25. Clark Terry: One on One
  26. Sonny Rollins: This Is What I Do

  1. N Sync: No Strings Attached (10 millions)
  2. Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP (8 millions)
  3. Britney Spears: Oops (8 millions)
  4. Creed: Human Clay (6.5 millions)
  5. Santana: Supernatural (6 millions)
  6. Nelly: Country Grammar (5 millions)
  7. Beatles: 1 (5 millions)
  8. Backstreet Boys: Black & Blue (4 millions)

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