The Best Rock Albums of 2001

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Best of Rock
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  1. Solex: Low Kick And Hard Bop (Matador)
  2. Vladislav Delay: Anima (Mille Plateaux)
  3. Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam (Truckstop)
  4. Toby Dammit: Top Dollar (Omplatten)
  5. Scott Tuma: Hard Again (Truckstop)
  6. James Plotkin: Atomsmasher (Hydrahead)
  7. Pelt: Ayahuasca (VHF)
  8. Jonathan Coleclough: Period (Anomalous)
  9. Tool: Lateralus (Volcano Entertainment)
  10. Robert Rich: Somnium (Hypnos)
  11. Stars Of The Lid: The Tired Sounds Of (Kranky)
  12. DJ Logic: Anomaly (Atlantic)
  14. Cannibal Ox: The Cold Vein (Def Jux)
  15. Electrelane: Rock It To The Moon (Let's Rock)
  16. Anaal Nathrakh: The Codex Necro (Mordgrimm)
  17. Roy Montgomery: Silver Wheel Of Prayer (VHF)
  18. Supersilent: 5 (Rune Grammofon)
  19. Fennesz: Endless Summer (Mego)
  20. Neotropic: La Prochaine Fois (Ntone)
  21. Primordial Undermind: Beings Of Game P-U (Camera Obscura)
  22. No-Neck Blues Band: Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones But Names Will Never Hurt Me (Revenant)
  23. Surface of Eceon: The King Beneath the Mountain (Strange Attractors)
  24. Four Tet: Pause (Domino)
  25. Old Time Relijun: Witchcraft Rebellion (K)
  26. Boxhead Ensemble: Two Brothers (Truckstop)
  27. Radiohead: Amnesiac (Capitol)
  28. Low: Things We Lost In The Fire (Kranky)
  29. Nicolai Dunger: Soul Rush (Dolores)
  30. Lightning Bolt: Ride The Skies (Load)
  31. Manitoba: Start Breaking My Heart (Leaf)
  32. Irr. App. (Ext.): Ozeanische Gefuhle (Errata in Excelsis)
  33. Ex Models: Other Mathematics (Ace Fu)
  34. Seconds: Y (5 Rue Christine)
  35. Kammerflimmer Kollektief: Hysteria (Temporary Residence Limited)
  36. Troum: Tjukurrpa - Harmonies (Transgredient)
  37. Thomas Brinkmann: Klick (Max Ernst)
  38. Tara Jane O'Neil: In The Sun Lines (Quarterstick)
  39. Shannon Wright: Dyed In The Wool (Touch & Go)
  40. Simon Joyner: Hotel Lives (Truckstop)
  41. Rollerball: Trail Of The Butter Yeti (Road Cone)
  42. Motion Picture: A Paper Gift (Words On Music)
  43. Animal Collective: Danse Manatee (Catsup Plate)
  44. Matmos: A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
  45. Keiji Haino: Abandon All Words (Alien 8)
  46. Jaga Jazzist: A Livingroom Hush (Warner)
  47. Cult of Luna: Cult of Luna (Rage Of Achilles)
  48. White Stripes: White Blood Cells (Sympathy)
  49. Zen Guerrilla: Shadows On The Sun (Subpop)
  50. Kit Clayton: Lateral Forces - Surface Fault (Vertical Form)
  51. Jan Jelinek: Loop Finding Jazz Records (Scape)
  52. Hood: Cold House (Aesthetics)
  53. Califone Roomsound (Glitterhouse)
  54. Coastal: Coastal (Words On Music)
  55. Beachwood Sparks: Once We Were Trees (Subpop)
  56. Mouse On Mars: Idiology (Thrill Jockey)
  57. Squarepusher: Go Plastic (Warp)
  58. Puppetina: Piewacket (PNT)
  59. Prefuse 73: Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives (Warp)
  60. System Of A Down: Toxicity (Sony)
  61. Sparklehorse: It's A Wonderful Life (Capitol)
  62. Blood Brothers: March on Electric Children (Three One G)
  63. Steve Wynn: Here Come The Miracles (Blue Rose)
  64. Solefald: Pills Against the Ageless Ills (Century Media)
  65. Giardini di Miro`: Rise and Fall of Academic Drifting (Homesleep)
  66. Herbert: Bodily Functions (K7)
  67. Richard Chartier: Decisive Forms (Trente Oiseaux)
  68. Avenged Sevenfold: Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (Goodlife)
  69. Oren Ambarchi: Suspension (Touch)
  70. Unwound: Leaves Turn Inside You (Kill Rock Stars)
  71. Ed Harcourt Here Be Monsters (Heavenly)
  72. As One: 21st Century Soul (Ubiquity)
  73. Caretaker: A Stairway To The Stars (V/Vm Test)
  74. Drive-by Truckers: The Southern Rock Opera (Lost Highway)
  75. Angels of Light: How I Loved You (Young God)
  76. Wolf Eyes: Dread (Hanson)
  77. Venetian Snares: Doll Doll Doll (Hymen)
  78. M Ward: End Of Amnesia (Merge)
  79. Jack Rose: Red Horse White Mule (Eclipse)
  80. Crooked Fingers: Bring on the Snakes (Warm)
  81. Converge: Jane Doe (Equal Vision)
  82. Hope Sandoval: Bavarian Fruit Bread (Rough Trade)
  83. Strokes: Is This It (RCA)
  1. Anaal Nathrakh: Pandemonic Hyperblast
  2. Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam
  3. Solex: Low Kick And Hard Bop
  4. Old Time Relijun: Vampire Sushi
  5. Liars: Mr Your On Fire Mr
  6. Muse: Newborn
  7. Hood: You're Worth The Whole World
  8. Edith Frost: Cars and Parties
  9. Notwist: Neon Golden
  10. Herbert: The Audience
  11. Stereolab: Captain Easychord
  12. Radiohead: Life in a Glasshouse
  13. Trumans Water: Limping Towards Oblivion
  14. Lofty Pillars: Field Of Honor
  15. Neotropic: The Man Who Catches Clouds
  16. Sparklehorse: Dog Door
  17. Lucky Boys Confusion: Dumb Pop Song
  18. Shannon Wright: Vessel For A Minor Malady
  19. Four Tet: You Could Ruin My Day
  20. Low: July
  21. Joe Henry: Richard Pryor
  22. Janet Feder: Shouting Valley
  23. Hope Sandoval: On the Low
  24. Nebula: Do It Now
  25. Angels of Light: My True Body
  26. Squarepusher: Go! Spastic
  27. Mark Lanegan: One Way Street
  28. Calexico: Crystal Frontier
  29. Steve Fisk: Amateur European
  30. Andrew Bird: Two Way Action
  31. Nick Cave: No More Shall We Part
  32. Strokes: The Modern Age
  33. Simon Joyner: Hotel Lives
  34. Motion Picture: Winter 1988
  35. Angels of Light: My Suicide
  36. Squarepusher: I Wish You Could Talk
  37. Tool: Triad
  38. Bjork: Undo
  39. Steve Wynn: There Will Come A Day
  40. Manitoba: Mammals Vs Reptiles
  41. Edith Frost: Cars And Parties
  42. White Stripes: I Can't Wait
  43. Zen Guerrilla: 5th & Cecil B
  44. Tara Jane O'Neil: Your Rate Are
  45. Manitoba: Paul's Birthday
  46. Anaal Nathrakh: The Technogoat
  47. Coastal: Northern
  48. M Ward: Color Of Water
  49. Drive-by Truckers: Shut Up And Get On The Plane
  50. Emperor: Thorns on My Grave
  51. Giardini di Miro`: Pet Life Saver
  52. Matt Marque: Here We Are
  53. Varnaline: Green Eyed Stars
  54. Butthole Surfers: Dracula From Houston
  55. White Stripes: Hotel Yorba
  56. Strokes: Someday
  57. Tim Hecker: Boreal Kiss
  58. Suicide Machines: All My People
  59. Beachwood Sparks: The Sun Surrounds Me
  60. Emperor: Empty
  61. Camera Obscura: Happy New Year
  62. Peaches: Suck And Let Go
  63. Vitalic: Poney Part 1
  64. Weezer: Island In The Sun
  65. Chris Clark: Lord Of The Dance
  66. Erase Errata: C Rex
  67. Circle: Suopea
  68. Jeezy: Bottom of the Map

Extended tracks
  1. Robert Rich: Somnium
  2. Acid Mothers Temple: Psycho Buddha
  3. Irr. App. (Ext.): Ozeanische Gefhle
  4. Roy Montgomery: For A Small Blue Orb
  5. Electrelane: Mother
  6. Supersilent: 1
  7. Toby Dammit: Escape From Fire Island
  8. Surface of Eceon: The Grasshopper King
  9. Jonathan Coleclough: Periodicity
  10. Primordial Undermind: Filament
  11. Jack Rose: Red Horse
  12. Electrelane: Long Dark
  13. Breaking Pangaea: Turning
  14. Stars Of the Lid: Requiem For Dying Mothers
  15. Neurosis: Stones From the Sky
  16. Roy Montgomery: For A Small Blue Orb
  17. Boxhead Ensemble: Requiem
  18. Keiji Haino: Whereto Can I Cast Away
  19. Mogwai: My Father My King
  20. Mice Parade: Open Air Dance
  21. Pelt: A Raga Called John
  22. No-Neck Blues Band: Assignment Subud
  23. Acid Mothers Temple: Occie Lady
  24. Steven Smith: Tableland
  25. Surface Of Eceon: Ascension to the Second Tier
  26. Jonathan Coleclough: Periodic
  27. Guapo: El Topo
  28. Keith Fullerton Whitman: For Acoustic Guitar
  29. Nels Cline: As In Life
  30. Tool: Lateralus
  31. Mono: Karelia
  32. Tom Carter: Monument 2
  33. Lightwave: Pierre J
  34. Neurosis: The Title
  35. Ed Harcourt: Beneath The Heart Of Darkness
  36. Foetus: Kreibabe
  37. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Sunflower
  38. Alan Licht: The Old Victrola
  39. Matmos: Lipostudio
  40. Merzbow: Frozen Guitars and Sunloop/7E 802
  41. Bardo Pond: Inside
  42. Jan Jelinek: Rock In The Video Age
  43. Rollerball: Butter Fairy
  44. Vladislav Delay: Anima
  45. Jonathan Coleclough: Period
  46. Appendix Out: Fortified Jackdaw Grove
  47. Tara Jane O'Neil: This Morning
  48. Red House Painters: River
  49. Nels Cline: Blood Drawing
  50. Gary Lucas: Sh'ma
  51. Techno Animal: Hypertension
  52. Labradford: Twenty
  53. Tool: Lateralus
  54. Slipknot: Iowa
  55. Opeth: Blackwater Park
  56. Cult of Luna: The Sacrifice
  57. Djam Karet: Alone With The River Man
  58. Liars: This Dust Makes That Mud
  59. Stars Of the Lid: Piano Aquieu
  60. Tarentel: Death In The Mind Of The Living
  61. Oren Ambarchi: As Far As The Eye Can See
  62. Venetian Snares: All The Children Are Dead
  63. Mogwai: 2 Rights Make 1 Wrong
  64. Angels of Light: New City In The Future
  65. Pleasure Forever: Any Port In A Storm
  66. Cult of Luna: Hollow
  67. Love As Laughter: E.H.
  68. Acid Mothers Temple: Mercurical Megatronic Meninx
  69. Lupine Howl: Carnival
  70. If Thousands: Kasio
  71. Volcano the Bear: The Tallest People In The World
  72. Richard Chartier: Decisive Forms
  73. Animal Collective: Ahhh Good Country

  1. John Butcher: Fixations
  2. Paul Dunmall: The Great Divide (Cuneiform)
  3. Ken Vandermark Territory Band: Atlas (2001)
  4. Supersilent: 5 (Rune Grammofon)
  5. Wynton Marsalis: All Rise
  6. Jason Moran: Black Stars
  7. Bob Belden: Black Dahlia
  8. Sven Ake Johansson: Six Little Pieces for Quintet
  9. Matthew Shipp: New Orbit (2001)
  10. Repeat: Select Dialect
  11. Roy Campbell: Ethnic Stew
  12. Henry Threadgill: Everybody's Mouth's A Book
  13. Brad Mehldau: Art of the Trio: Progression
  14. Triangles: Triangles
  15. Peter Broetzmann: Fuck DeBoere
  16. William Parker: O'Neal's Porch
  17. Crispell, Peacock, Motian: Amaryllis
  18. Tom Harrell: Paradise
  19. Fred Hersch: Songs Without Words
  20. Dave Douglas: Witness
  21. David Ware: Corridors & Parallels
  22. Keith Jarrett: Whisper Not

  1. Bach: Art Of The Fugue (Labadie, Dorian)
  2. Schoenberg: Piano Concerto (Uchida, Philips)
  3. Lutoslawski: Symphony 3 (Lutoslawski, Accord)
  4. Messiaen: Turangalila (Nagano, Teldec)
  5. Schubert: Winterreise (Fisher-Dieskau, Philips)
  6. Penderechi: Seven Gates Of Jerusalem (Kord, Accord)

By genre:

  1. Tara Jane O'Neil's In The Sun Lines (Quarterstick)
  2. Simon Joyner: Hotel Lives (Truckstop)
  3. Shannon Wright: Dyed In The Wool (Touch & Go)
  4. Papa M: Whatever Mortal (Drag City)
  5. Janet Feder: Speak Puppet (ReR)
  6. TW Walsh: Blue Laws (Truckstop)
  7. Ron Sexsmith: Blue Boy (Spinart)

  1. US Maple: Acre Thrills (Drag City)
  1. Primordial Undermind: Beings Of Game P-U

  1. Steve Roach: Early Man (Projekt)
  2. Robert Rich: Somnium (Hypnos)
  3. Lightwave: Caryotype (Signature)
  4. Matmos: A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
  5. Vladislav Delay: Anima (Mille Plateaux)

  1. Boxhead Ensemble: Two Brothers (Truckstop)

  1. Rockets From The Crypt: Group Sounds (Vagrant)
  2. Zen Guerrilla: Shadows On The Sun (Subpop)
  3. Lucky Boys Confusion: Throwing The Game (Elektra)

  1. Daft Punk: Discovery (Virgin)
Heavy rock
  1. Tool: Lateralus (Volcano Entertainment)
  2. Nebula: Charged (Subpop)

  1. Stars Of The Lid: The Tired Sounds Of (Kranky)
  2. Boxhead Ensemble: Two Brothers (Truckstop)
  3. Pelt: Ayahuasca (VHF)
  4. Scott Tuma: 1
  5. Lightwave: Caryotype (Signature)
  6. Matmos: A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure (Matador)
  7. Janet Feder: Speak Puppet (ReR)

By country:

  1. Radiohead: Amnesiac (Capitol)
  2. Appendix Out: The Night Is Advancing (Drag City)

  1. Mouse On Mars: Idiology (Thrill Jockey)
  1. Keiji Haino: Abandon All Words (Alien 8)

Rest of Europe
  1. Solex: Low Kick And Hard Bop (Matador)
  2. Daft Punk: Discovery (Virgin)
  3. Vladislav Delay: Anima (Mille Plateaux)


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