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The Best Rock Albums of 2016

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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
Best of Rock
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  1. Impossible Nothing: Phonemenomicon (no label)
  2. Roly Porter: Third Law (2016) (Tri Angle)
  3. Nicolas Jaar: Sirens (Other People)
  4. Dear Hunter: Act V - Hymns With The Devil in Confessional (Equal Vision)
  5. Parquet Courts: Human Performance (Rough Trade)
  6. Oranssi Pazuzu: Varahtelija (Svart)
  7. Ulrich Krieger: /RAW:ReSpace/ (XI)
  8. Equiknoxx: Bird Sound Power (DDS)
  9. Troller: Graphic (Crucial Blast)
  10. Vektor: Terminal Redux (Earache)
  11. Bon Iver: 22 A Million (Jagjaguwar)
  12. Necks: Unfold (Ideologic Organ)
EPs and Minis
  1. Chino Amobi: Airport Music For Black Folk (2016), 7/10 (EP)
  1. Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker
  2. Nicolas Jaar: The Governor
  3. Dear Hunter: The Most Cursed of Hands/Who Am I
  4. Danny Brown: Ain't It Funny
  5. Parquet Courts: Dust
  6. Equiknoxx: Timebird
  7. Parquet Courts: Pathos Prairie
  8. Troller: Not Here
  9. Peder Mannerfelt: I Love You
  10. King Goblin: Garadama
  11. Khun Narin: Long Wat
  12. Chino Amobi: Malmo
  13. Andy Stott: On My Mind
  14. Woods: Politics of Free
  15. Ergo: A Conviction
  16. Equiknoxx: Last Of The Mohicans
  17. Julianna Barwick: St Apolonia
  18. Bon Iver: 00000 Million
  19. Chance the Rapper: Angels
  20. White Lung: Sister
  21. Kevin Gates: Ain't Too Hard
  22. Cigarettes After Sex: K
  23. Death Grips: Bottomless Pit
  24. Nick Cave: I Need You
  25. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Rare Things Grow
  26. Kanye West: Wolves
  27. Radiohead: The Numbers
  28. Moses Sumney: Doomed
  29. Weezer: L.A. Girlz
  30. James Blake: Radio Silence
  31. Katie Gately: Lift

Extended tracks
  1. Impossible Nothing: A
  2. Impossible Nothing: D
  3. Nicolas Jaar: Three Sides Of Nazareth
  4. Roly Porter: Blind Blackening
  5. Impossible Nothing: P
  6. Roly Porter: Mass
  7. Necks: Timepiece
  8. Oranssi Pazusu: Vasemman Kaden Hierarkia
  9. Ulrich Krieger: Trona
  10. Gnod: Sodom & Gomorrah
  11. Rhys Chatham: Pythagorean Dream
  12. Nate Wooley: Seven Storey Mountain V
  13. Aluk Todolo: B3
  14. Necks: Blue Mountain
  15. Merzbow: Planet Of The Cows
  16. Troller: Torch
  17. Vektor: Cygnus Terminal
  18. Cobalt: Elephant Graveyard
  19. Ascanio Borga: Porta Alchemica
  20. Richard Pinhas: TVJ33
  21. Car Seat Headrest: Vincent
  22. Sumac: Image Of Control
  23. Ulcerate: Chasm Of Fire
  24. Jute Gyte: Like The Woodcutter Sawing His Hands

  1. Leo Smith: America's National Parks (Cuneiform)
  2. Vijay Iyer & Wadada Leo Smith: A Cosmic Rhythm With Each Stroke (ECM)
  3. Ken Vandermark: Site Specific (Catalytic)
  4. Bathysphere: Bathysphere (Driff)
  5. SLM (Mark Dresser and Sarah Weaver): Source (Liminal)
  6. Peter Broetzmann: Beautiful Lies (Neos)
  7. Barry Guy: The Blue Shroud (Intakt)
  8. Rob Mazurek: Alien Flower Sutra (International Anthem)
  9. Taylor Ho Bynum: Enter The Plus Tet (Firehouse 12)
  10. Ergo: As Subtle as Tomorrow (Cuneiform)
  11. Peter Evans: Lifeblood
  12. Martin Archer: Story Tellers
  13. Michael Formanek's Ensemble Kolossus: The Distance (ECM)
  14. Tyshawn Sorey: The Inner Spectrum Of Variables (Pi)
  15. Nels Cline: Lovers
  16. Nate Wooley: Argonautica
  17. Henry Threadgill's Ensemble Double-Up: Old Locks and Irregular Verbs
  18. George Lewis: Creative Construction Set (Mikroton)
  19. Paul Dunmall: Maha Samadhi

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