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The Best Albums of 2021

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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
Best of Rock
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  1. Fucked Up: Year of the Horse (self)

  2. 7.5/10
  3. Backxwash: I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses (UglyHat)
  4. Sewerslvt: We Had Good Times Together Don't Forget That (self)
  5. Squid: Bright Green Field (Warp)
  6. Lil Ugly Mane: Volcanic Bird Enemy and The Voiced Concern (Fashionable Death)

  7. 7/10
  8. Stella Research Committee: A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness (self)
  9. Parannoul: To See the Next Part of the Dream (self)
  10. Effluence: Psychocephalic Spawning (P2)
  11. Fire-toolz : Eternal Home (Hausu Mountain)
  12. Frontierer: Oxidized (self)
  13. Jpegmafia: LP (Republic)
  14. Valerie June: The Moon and Stars - Prescriptions For Dreamers (Fantasy)
  15. Injury Reserve: By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Loma Vista)
  16. Greentea Peng: Man Made (AMF)
  17. Your Old Droog : Time (Nature Sounds)
  18. Powerdove : Machination (Murailles)
  19. Old Saw: Country Tropics (2021) (Lobby Art)
  20. Pan Daijing: Jade (Pan)
  21. Argo Nuff: Annebolyn (self)
  22. Janis Lago: Daughter of Sappho/ Recovery (Next Year's Snow)
  23. Kaatayra: Inpariquipe (self)
  24. Tantric Bile: Seminal Baptism (Putrefactive)
  25. Sematary: Rainbow Bridge 3 (self)

  1. Sewerslvt: Tortvred Lesbians Ripped Apart (self)
(Listen to them on Nick Vieira's spotify playlist)
  1. Backxwash: I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses
  2. Sewerslvt: Blissful Overdose
  3. Lil Ugly Mane: Broken Ladder
  4. Frontierer: Glacial Plasma
  5. Backxwash: Burn to Ashes
  6. Jpegmafia: Hazard Duty Pay
  7. Tricot: Supasama/ Super Summer
  8. Black Dresses: Heaven
  9. St Vincent: Somebody Like Me
  10. Iglooghost: Sylph Fossil
  11. The Armed: Big Shell
  12. Arca: Arana
  13. Pan Daijing: Metal
  14. Weezer: Aloo Gobi
  15. Valerie June: You and I
  16. Iceage: Vendetta
  17. Girl in Red: You Stupid Bitch
  18. Arca: Rubberneck
  19. Valerie June: Why The Bright Stars Glow
  20. Jpegmafia: Dirty
  21. Wiki: Wik da God
  22. Low: All Night
  23. Lil Ugly Mane: Styrofoam
  24. Fire-toolz : Where on Earth Is My Sacchidananda?
  25. Liz Phair: Bad Kitty
  26. Home is Where: Assisted Harakiri
  27. L'Rain: Kill Self
  28. Jpegmafia: Bald
  29. Lana Del Rey: Let Me Love You Like a Woman
  30. Celeste: Beloved
  31. Lorde: Stoned at the Nail Salon
  32. Cassandra Jenkins: Hard Drive
  33. Injury Reserve: SS San Francisco
  34. Xenia Rubinos: Who Shot Ya
  35. Isaiah Rashad: Free Lunch
  36. Ethel Cain Inbred
  37. Olivia Rodrigo: Good 4 U
  38. Wet Leg Chaise Longue
  39. Little Simz: Little Q Pt 2
  40. Dave: Both Sides of a Smile
  41. Undo K From Hot: Ziplock Quilts That Kill From Hot
  42. Pom Poko: Andy Go to School
  43. Brandi Carlile: Broken Horses
  44. Olivia Rodrigo: Good 4 U
  45. Arooj Aftab: Suroor
  46. Old Nick: Labyrinthine Library Of Lycan Literature
  47. Arca: Xenomorphgirl
  48. Olivia Rodrigo: Drivers License
  49. Yola: Diamond Studded Shoes
  50. Lucy Dacus: Thumbs
  51. Greentea Peng: Jimtastic Blues
  52. PinkPantheress: Just for Me
  53. Benny the Butcher: Live By It
  54. Grouper: Ode To The Blue
  55. Blackie : Closer to the Fire
  56. Eric Church: Heart on Fire
  57. Godspeed You Black Emperor: Fire at Static Valley
  58. The War on Drugs: Occasional Rain
  59. Bachelor: Stay in the Car
  60. Brockhampton: Windows
  61. Halsey: Girl Is A Gun
  62. Topaz Jones Gold
  63. Goat Girl: Sad Cowboy
  64. Poppy: Breeders
  65. Eric Church: Stick That in Your Country Song
  66. Sematary: Crucifixion
  67. Foo Fighters: No Son of Mine
  68. Lil Nas X: That's What i Want
  69. Carly Pearce: Diamondback
  70. Polo G : Bloody Canvas
  71. Self Esteem: Wrestling
  72. Spinvis: Tingeltangel Hersenpan
  73. Powerdove: Someone Else
  74. Rauw Alejandro: Todo de Ti
  75. DJ Rozwell: Vatican Vault
  76. Moin: Don't Make Me Wait
  77. Old Nick: Iam Vampire Castle

Extended tracks
(Listen to them on Nick Vieira's spotify playlist)
  1. Sewerslvt: Jvnko Still Loves You
  2. Fucked Up: Year of the Horse - Act Three
  3. Squid: Pamphlets
  4. Parannoul: White Ceiling
  5. Old Saw: Mechanical Bull at Our Lady of the Valley
  6. Squid: Narrator
  7. Levon Vincent: Cyclops Trx 1
  8. Tantric Bile: Seminal Baptism
  9. Stella Research Committee: The Blast Cabinet Conference
  10. Sewerslvt: Tortvred Lesbians Ripped Apart
  11. Low: The Price You Pay
  12. Black Midi: Ascending Forth
  13. Blast: Tactile Grid
  14. Claire Rousay: 17 Roles
  15. Mdou Moctar: Afrique Victime
  16. Fucked Up: Year of the Horse - Act Four
  17. Dave: Heart Attack
  18. Argo Nuff: Annebolyn
  19. Janis Lago: Noone picks up anymore
  20. Kaatayra: Inpariquipe
  21. Sewerslvt: Her
  22. Worm Cloaked in Nightwinds
  23. Effluence: Pestilent Stardust
  24. Irr. App. (Ext.): Auspur
  25. Faust: Knochentanz
  26. Rachika Nayar: Losing Too Is Still Ours
  27. Spectral Lore: The Sorcerer Above The Clouds
  1. Vinny Golia: Inoculations / Music For Orchestra And Soloists
  2. Leo Smith: The Chicago Symphonies
  3. James Brandon Lewis: Jesup Wagon
  4. William Parker: Migration Of Silence
  5. Sons of Kemet: Black to the Future
  6. Anna Webber: Idiom
  7. Fabia Mantwill Orchestra: Em.perience
  8. Jihye Lee Orchestra: Daring Mind
  9. Paul Towndrow: Deepening the River
  10. Adi Meyerson: I Want to Sing My Heart Out in Praise of Life
  11. Nik Baertsch: Entendre
  12. Fred Hersch: Breath By Breath
  13. Borderlands Trio: Wandersphere
  14. Naoko Sakata: Dancing Spirits
  15. Sinew: Sinew
  16. Pharoah Sanders: Promises
  17. Vijay Iyer: Uneasy
  18. Maridalen: Maridalen
  19. Alexander Hawkins: Togetherness Music
  20. Brandee Younger: Somewhere Different
  21. Julian Siegel Jazz Orchestra: Tales from the Jacquard
  22. Big Bad Broetzmann Quintet: Bambule! (Euphorium)

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