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The Best Albums of 2022

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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
Best of Rock
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  1. Pragmatica Quartet: Logical And with Double Overbar (self)

  2. 7.5/10
  3. Soul Glo: Diaspora Problems (Epitaph)
  4. Tyondai Braxton: Telekinesis (Nonesuch)
  5. Pan Daijing: Tissues (Pan)
  6. Scarcity: Aveilut (Flenser)
  7. Bebawinigi : Stupor (Subsound)

  8. 7/10
  9. Saya Gray: 19 Masters (Dirty Hit)
  10. Ethel Cain: Preacherís Daughter (Daughters of Cain)
  11. Government: Prepare Thyself to Deal with Treacle (Popkatari)
  12. Won James Won: Loss Avoidage Ltd (RAIG)
  13. Wet Leg: Wet Leg (Domino)
  14. Sudan Archives: Natural Brown Prom Queen (Stones Throw)
  15. Billy Woods: Aethiopes (Backwoodz Studioz)
  16. Denzel Curry: Melt My Eyez See Your Future (Loma Vista)
  17. Machine Girl: Neon White: Part 1 - "The Wicked Heart" (self)
  18. Acloudyskye: What Do You Want (self)
  19. Imperial Triumphant: Spirit of Ecstasy (Century Media)
  20. Beth Orton: Weather Alive (Partisan)
  21. Amateur Hour: Krokta Tankar Och Branda Vanor (Appetite)
  22. Weyes Blood: And In the Darkness Hearts Aglow (SubPop)
  23. Chat Pile: Godís Country (Flenser)
  24. Little Simz: No Thank You (Forever Living Originals)
  25. Jockstrap: I Love You Jennifer B (Rough Trade)
  26. Zach Bryan: American Heartbreak (Warner)

  1. Effluence: Sarmat (Putrefactive)
  2. Effluence: Liquefied (Putrefactive)
  3. Astrid Sonne: Ephemeral Camera Feed (self)
(Listen to them on Nick Vieira's spotify playlist)
  1. Soul Glo: Coming Correct Is Cheaper
  2. Scarcity: III
  3. Government: Masses Bald As Love
  4. Backxwash: Juju
  5. Bebawinigi Yeah
  6. Saya Gray: Empathy 4 Bethany
  7. Jockstrap: 50/50
  8. Effluence: Liquefy
  9. Beach House: Hurts to Love
  10. Perfume Genius: Teeth
  11. Julia Reidy: Paradise In Unrecognisable Colours
  12. Wet Leg: Wet Dream
  13. Won James Won: Arrival of a Brain at La Pizdyamba Station
  14. Sudan Archives: Selfish Soul
  15. 700 Bliss: Nightflame
  16. Spiritualized: Always Together With You
  17. Yeule: Bites on My Neck
  18. Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupul: HAHA
  19. Denzel Curry: Angelz
  20. Alabaster dePlume: The Sound Of My Feet On This Earth Is A Song To Your Spirit
  21. Billy Woods: Asylum
  22. Sylvan Esso: Echo Party
  23. Animal Collective: Strung With Everything
  24. Kendrick Lamar: United in Grief
  25. Black Keys: Burn the Damn Thing Down
  26. Mitski: Heat Lightning
  27. Sylvan Esso: Didn't Care
  28. Alice Boman: Honey
  29. Joe Rainey: Bezhigo
  30. Red Hot Chili Peppers: The Heavy Wing
  31. Weeknd: Less Than Zero
  32. Machine Girl: House of Cards
  33. Beyonce: Break My Soul
  34. Bjork: Her Motherís House
  35. Amateur Hour: Baby You're All I Want
  36. Weyes Blood: Hearts Aglow
  37. Alex G: Cross the Sea
  38. Porridge Radio: U Can Be Happy If U Want T
  39. Show me the Body: Radiator
  40. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Spitting Off The Edge Of The World
  41. Chat Pile: Tropical Beaches Inc
  42. Little Simz: Broken
  43. Anxious: Call From You
  44. Jack White: Fear of the Dawn
  45. Big Thief: Spud Infinity
  46. Bad Bunny : Otro Atardecer
  47. Alvvays: Easy on Your Own?
  48. Lucrecia Dalt: Enviada
  49. The Garden: Orange County Punk Rock Legend
  50. Syko Friend: Black Cow
  51. Rolo Tomassi: Prescience
  52. Zach Bryan Open the Gate
  53. Daniel Rossen: Keeper and Kin

Extended tracks
(Listen to them on Nick Vieira's spotify playlist)
  1. Tyondai Braxton: Telekinesis
  2. Effluence: Undulating Alala
  3. Pan Daijing: Part One - A Raving Still
  4. Chat Pile: Grimace_smoking_weed.jpeg
  5. Scarcity: II
  6. Diamanda Galas: Mutilatus
  7. Won James Won: Toxic Eulogy Ė The Failed Musical
  8. Government: Bruise Looks
  9. Gultskra Artikler: System Audio 20151019 1532
  10. Messa: Pilgrim
  11. Acloudyskye: Thief
  12. Sault: Solar
  13. Pragmatica Quartet: Awaited the Disconnection or We Villains All
  14. Vehemence: Notre Royaume En Cendres
  15. Amateur Hour: But If Teenage Is Forever You Will Look For Something Better
  16. Beth Orton: Weather Alive
  17. Raum: Passage
  18. Ethel Cain: Thoroughfare
  19. Ashenspire: The Law of Asbestos
  20. Audry: Fireworks of Singapore and Hong Kong
  21. Special Interest: LA Blues
  22. Lobsterfight: The Theme for This Evening's Warm Dinner Salad
  23. Imperial Triumphant: Tower of Glory City of Shame
  24. Earthless: Death to the Red Sun
  25. Ikarus: Sessapinae
  26. Irr. App. (Ext.): Nocturnal Arc
  27. Sirom: Pari Se Ovenelo Praznoverje
  28. Christine and the Queens: Combien de Temps
  29. Mamaleek: Grief and a Headhunter's Rage
  30. Black to Comm: La Maladie est le Cote Nocturne du Sens de la Vie
  1. ...
  2. Bloodmist: Arc (5049 Records)
  3. Mary Halvorson: Belladonna
  4. Satoko Fujii: Hyaku - One Hundred Dreams (Libra)
  5. Avishai Cohen Trio: Shifting Sands
  6. William Parker: Universal Tonality
  7. (D)IVO Saxophone Quartet: (D)IVO Saxophone Quartet
  8. Myra Melford Quintet: For The Love Of Fire And Water
  9. Ikue Mori: Tracing The Magic (Tzadik)
  10. Tyshawn Sorey Trio: Mesmerism (Pi)
  11. Marta Sanchez: SAAM (Whirlwind)
  12. Tomas Fujiwara: March (Firehouse 12)
  13. Avram Fefer Quartet: Juba Lee (Clean Feed)
  14. Fred Hersch: Breath by Breath (Palmetto)
  15. Columbia Icefield Quartet: Ancient Songs Of Burlap Heroes (Pyroclastic)
  16. Luke Stewart's Silt Trio: The Bottom (Cuneiform)
  17. Dave Douglas: Secular Psalms
  18. Makaya McCraven: In These Times (Nonesuch)
  19. Dave Rempis/Avreeayl Ra Duo: Bennu (Aerophonic)
  20. Dave Rempis: SCYLLA (Aerophonic)
  21. Mary Halvorson: Amaryllis
  22. Samora Pinderhughes: Grief
  23. Matthew Shipp Trio: World Construct (ESP)
  24. Makaya McCraven: In These Times
  25. Immanuel Wilkins: The 7th Hand
  26. Melissa Aldana: 12 Stars (Blue Note)
  27. Omri Ziegele Where's Africa: That Hat (Intakt)
  28. Ryan Keberleís Collectiv Do Brazil: Sonhos Da Esquina (Alternate Side)
  29. Anteloper: Pink Dolphins
  30. David Virelles: Nuna
  31. Caleb Wheeler Curtis: Heatmap
  32. Geoff Eales: Love Sacred and Profane
  33. Julian Lage: View With a Room
  34. Nduduzo Makhathini: In The Spirit Of Ntu
  35. Jakob Dinesen Quartet: Unconditional Love
  36. Joel Ross: The Parable Of The Poet
  37. Angelica Sanchez Trio: Sparkle Beings
  38. Tyshawn Sorey Trio: Mesmerism (Yeros7)
  39. Mark Turner: Return from the Stars (ECM)
  40. Miles Okasaki: Thisness (PI)
  41. Arild Andersen Group: Affirmation (ECM)
  42. David Murray/Brad Jones/Hamid Drake Brand New World Trio: Seriana Promethea (Intakt)
  43. Julieta Eugenio: Jump (Greenleaf Music)
  44. Domi Louna & JD Beck: Not Tight (Apeshit)

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