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The Best Albums of 2023

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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
Best of Rock
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    (Partial list: i still have 100s of rock albums to review)
  1. ...
  2. Christine and the Queens: Paranoia Angels True Love (Because)
  3. Blackie : Catharsis Only (self)
  4. Liturgy: 93696 (Thrill Jockey)
  5. Katie Gately : Fawn/Brute (Houndstooth)
  6. Amma Ateria: Concussssion I (2023)
  7. HIRS Collective: We're Still Here (Get Better)
  8. Raja Kirik: Phantasmagoria of Jahtilan (Yes No Wave)

  1. ...
  1. Blackie: Born Inside Excrement
  2. Kate Gately: Tame
  3. Xiu Xiu: Esquerita Little Richard
  4. Jpegmafia & Danny Brown: Garbage Pale Kids
  5. Sufjan Stevens: My Red Little Fox
  6. Model Actriz: Mosquito
  7. Celestaphone: Jettatura
  8. Kate Gately: Meat

  9. 100 Gecs: Hollywood Baby
  10. Sematary: Haunted Mound Reapers
  11. Christine and the Queens: He's Been Shining for Ever Your Son
  12. L'Rain: 5 to 8 Hours a Day (WWwaG)
  13. HIRS Collective: Burn Your House Down
  14. Jpegmafia & Danny Brown: God Loves You
  15. 100 Gecs: Frog on the Floor
  16. Julie Byrne: Portrait of a Clear Day

Extended tracks
  1. Parannoul: Into the Endless Night
  2. Liturgy: Antigone II
  3. Wednesday: Bull Believer
  4. Christine and the Queens: Big Eye
  5. Amma Ateria: Concussssion I
  6. Prizes Roses Rosa : Burned Car Highway Light Volcanic
  7. Raja Kirik: Act III. Perangan
  8. Andrew Weathers Sage Suddenly
  9. Broeder Dieleman: Oh Mijn Ziel
  10. Dwarfs of East Agouza: The Sprouting of the 7th Entertainment
  11. DJ Speedsick: Director's Cut
  1. Ivo Perelman: Seven Skies Orchestra (Fundacja Sluchaj)
  2. Steve Lehman: Ex Machina (Pi)
  3. Yussef Dayes: Black Classical Music (Brownswood)
  4. Darcy James Argue's Secret Society: Dynamic Maximum Tension (Nonesuch)
  5. Tyshawn Sorey Trio: Continuing (Pi)
  6. Kate Gentile: Find Letter X (Pi)
  7. Allison Miller: Rivers in our Veins (Royal Potato Family)
  8. Lakecia Benjamin: Phoenix (Whirlwind)
  9. Ingrid Laubrock: Monochromes (Intakt)
  10. Angel Bat Dawid: Requiem For Jazz (Intergalactic Mantra)
  11. Fire! Orchestra: Echoes (Rune Grammofon)
  12. Henry Threadgill: The Other One (Pi)
  13. Sylvie Courvoisier: Chimaera (Intakt)
  14. Kendrick Scott: Corridors (Blue Note)
  15. Mette Henriette: Drifting (ECM)
  16. Perch Hen Brock & Rain: Elegiacal (Wig)
  17. Barry Guy's Blue Shroud Band: All This This Here (Fundacja Sluchaj)
  18. London Brew: London Brew (Concord)
  19. Isaiah Collier: Parallel Universe (Night Dreamer)
  20. Walter Smith III: Return to Casual (Blue Note)
  21. Yoni Mayraz Dybbuk Tse (Astigmatic)

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