Recording dates

This is a project to revise the dates of the best albums of the 1970s using recording dates instead of release dates
Please email me data in the format Artist: Title (month year)
People who contributed to this research: Luke Muehlhauser, Marco Spagnuolo, Roberto Maldoror Manfredini, Aron Vallinder, Christian Huber, Stefano Rizzo, Nicola Porti, Rocco Stilo

Tangerine Dream: Zeit (may 1972)
Donovan: Open Road (june 1970)
Donovan: Essence To Essence (october 1973)
Donovan: 7-Tease (october 1974)
Donovan: Slow Down World (march 1976)
Third Ear Band: Third Ear Band (april 1970)
Third Ear Band: Macbeth (august 1971)
Tim Buckley: Starsailor (september 1970)
Nico: Desert Shore (month? 1970)
Nico: The End (month? 1974)
Jefferson Airplane: Bark (july 1971)
Jefferson Airplane: Long John Silver (april 1972)
Jefferson Starship: Baron Von Tollbooth (december 1972)
Jefferson Starship: Dragon Fly (july 1974)
Jefferson Starship: Red Octopus (february 1975)
Jefferson Starship: Spitfire (march 1976)
Jefferson Starship: Earth (october 1977)
Grateful Dead: American Beauty (september 1970)
Grateful Dead: Jerry Garcia (july 1971)
Grateful Dead: Wake of the Flood (august 1973)
Grateful Dead: From the Mars Hotel (april 1974)
Grateful Dead: Europe 72 (may 1972)
Grateful Dead: Hundred Year Hall (april 1972)
Grateful Dead: Blues For Allah (july 1975)
Grateful Dead: Terrapin Station (june 1977)
Grateful Dead: Shakedown Street (august 1978)
Grateful Dead: Go To Heaven (december 1979)
Nick Drake: Pink Moon (october 1971)
Jimi Hendrix: Band of Gypsys (january 1970)
Jimi Hendrix: Cry of Love (august 1970)
Neu: 2 (january 1973)
AC/DC: Dirty Deeds Done Dirty Cheap (Summer 1976)
Aerosmith: Rocks (March 1976)
Aerosmith: Toys In The Attic (Feb 1975)
Alan Parsons Project: I Robot (march 1977)
Alan Parsons Project: I Robot (March 1977)
Alan Parsons Project: Tales of Mystery and Imagination (Jan 1976)
Alan Parsons Project: Tales of Mystery and Imagination (january 1976)
Allman Brothers Band: Eat A Peach (Jan 1972)
Allman Brothers Band: Live At Fillmore East (March 1971)
Art Bears: Hopes And Fears (march 1978)
Art Bears: Winter Songs (december 1978)
Big Star: Third (month? 1974)
Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath (jan 1970)
Black Sabbath: Master of Reality (apr 1971)
Blue Oyster Cult: Blue Oyster Cult (Oct 1971)
Bob Dylan: Desire (August 1975)
Bonnie Raitt: Give It Up (June 1972)
Boston: Boston (April 1976)
Brand X: Unorthodox Behaviour (october 1975)
Brian Eno: Another Green World (August 1975)
Brian Eno: Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (Sept 1974)
Brian Eno: Here Come the Warm Jets (September 1973)
Brian Eno: Discreet Music (september 1975)
Tim Buckley: Tim Buckley (august 1966)
Bruce Springsteen: The Wild The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle (August 1973)
Byrds: Untitled (june 1970)
Byrds: Byrdmaniax (january 1971)
Byrds: Farther Along (december 1972)
Byrds: Byrds (december 1972)
Can: Tago Mago (february 1971)
Can: Ege Bamyasi (june 1972)
Can: Future Days (august 1973)
Caravan: In The Land Of Grey And Pink (Sept 1970)
Carole King: Tapestry (Jan 1971)
Chicago: Chicago III (Dec 1970)
Clash: London Calling (July 1979)
Cure: Three Imaginary Boys (january 1979)
Daevid Allen: Banana Moon (january 1971)
Damned: Damned Damned Damned (Dec 1976)
Deep Purple: Machine Head (december 1971)
Deep Purple: Made In Japan (august 1972)
Doors: Absolutely Live (May 1970)
Doors: LA Woman (Jan 1971)
Eagles: Hotel California (October 1976)
Electric Light Orchestra: II (October 1972)
Elvis Costello: Armed Forces (September 1978)
Elvis Costello: This Year's Model (month? 1978)
Faces: A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse (March 1971)
Fairport Convention: Full House (April 1970)
Fall: Live At Witch Trials (December 1978)
Faust: Faust IV (Jun 1973)
Faust: Faust So Far (Mar 1972)
Faust: Faust (september 1971)
Feelies: Crazy Rhythms (month? 1979)
Flamin Groovies: Flamingo (month? 1970)
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (August 1976)
Frank Zappa: Grand Wazoo (may 1972)
Frank Zappa: Roxy And Elsewhere (May 1974)
Frank Zappa: Waka/Jawaka (may 1972)
Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove (April 1978)
Genesis: Nursery Crime (August 1971)
Genesis: Trespass (July 1970)
Gentle Giant: In A Glass House (July 1973)
Gong: Camembert Electrique (september 1971)
Grateful Dead: Workingman's Dead (Feb 1970)
Hatfield and The North: Hatfield and The North (october 1973)
Heartbreakers: L.A.M.F. (March 1977)
Henry Cow: Desperate Straights (Nov 1974)
Henry Cow: In Praise Of Learning (March 1975)
Henry Cow: Leg End (June 1973)
Henry Cow: Unrest (March 1974)
Henry Cow: Concerts (october 1975)
Henry Cow: Western Culture (august 1978)
J.J. Cale: Naturally (June 1971)
Janis Joplin: Pearl (October 1970)
Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe (August 1978)
Jean-Michel Jarre: Oxygene (Nov 1976)
Jethro Tull: Aqualung (Feb 1971)
Jimi Hendrix: Band Of Gypsys (Jan 1970)
Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures (April 1979)
Judas Priest: Sad Wings Of Destiny (Dec 1975)
Kansas: Kansas (month? 1973)
Kate Bush: Kick Inside (august 1977)
Kate Bush: Kick Inside (August 1977)
Kevin Ayers: Shooting at the Moon (june 1970)
Kevin Ayers: Joy of toy (summer 1969)
Kevin Ayers: Whatevershebringswesing (autumn 1971)
Kevin Ayers: Bananamour (december 1972)
King Crimson: In the Wake of Poseidon (May 1970)
King Crimson: Lark's Tongues In Aspic (Feb 1973)
King Crimson: Red (Aug 1974)
King Crimson: Red (August 1974)
Kiss: Kiss (Nov 1973)
Klaus Schulze: Irrlicht: april 1972, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: Cyborg: february to July 1973, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: The Cosmic Jokers: february to may 1973, Stommeln
Klaus Schulze: Galactic Supermarket: february to may 1973, Stommeln
Klaus Schulze: Non citati nella scheda: The Cosmic Jokers: Planeten Sit In: february to may 1973, Stommeln - contemporaneo dei precedenti due, quindi, ma dalle note traspare si sia trattato di un divertissement, o poco pi—. Lo stesso varrebbe per Sci Fi Party e Gilles Zeitschiff.
Klaus Schulze: Blackdance: may 1974, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: Picture Music: autumn 1974, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: Timewind: march/june 1975, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: Moondawn: january 1976, Frankfurt
Klaus Schulze: Go: february 1976, London
Klaus Schulze: Go Too: 1977, New City, N.Y., USA
Klaus Schulze: Non citato, sempre con Yamashta: Go L:ive from Paris - at concert on 12 june 1976, Paris
Klaus Schulze: Body Love: end of 1976, Frankfurt and Bochum
Klaus Schulze: Mirage: january 1977, Hambhren and Frankfurt
Klaus Schulze: Body Love Vol. 2: end of 1976 and september 1977, Frankfurt
Klaus Schulze: X: summer 1978, Frankfurt
Klaus Schulze: Dune: april/may 1979, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: ...Live...: at concerts in 1976 (Berlin) and 1979 (Amsterdam and France)
Klaus Schulze: Time Actor: 1979, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Dig It: may to september 1980, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Trancefer: 1981, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Tonwelle: 1981, Winsen
Klaus Schulze: Audentity: winter 1982/83, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Aphrica: september 1983, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Drive Inn: september 1983, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Dziekuje Poland Live 1983: at concerts in Poland, July 1983
Klaus Schulze: Angst: april, september, october 1983, Munich and Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Megatone: 1984, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Miditation: 1981 & 1985, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Inter*Face: july/august 1985, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Dreams: summer 1986, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Babel: autumn 1986-april 1987, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: En=Trance: autumn 1987, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Miditerranean Pads: august 1989, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: The Dresden Performance: at concert on 5 august 1989 in Dresden and march-may 1990, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Beyond Recall: august/september 1990
Klaus Schulze: Royal Festival Hall Vol. 1: at concert in London, 10 september 1991 & summer 1992, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Royal Festival Hall Vol. 2: at concert in London, 10 september 1991 & summer 1992, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: The Dome Event: at concert in Cologne, 11 may 1991 & summer 1992, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Le Moulin de Daudet: march to september 1992, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Goes Classic: 1991 to march 1993, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Totentag: march 1992 to august 1993, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Trancelation: october 1993, Hambhren, Hannover, Berlin
Klaus Schulze: Das Wagner Desaster - Live: at concerts in Paris (27 may 1994)
Klaus Schulze: and Rome (31 may 1994)
Klaus Schulze: The Dark Side of the Moog: il primo dei 10 dischi venne recorded at september 1994; l'ultimo nel 2005.
Klaus Schulze: In Blue: november and december 1994, Hambhren
Klaus Schulze: Are You Sequenced?: february to march 1996, Hambhren & 27 april 1996 at the concert in Derby, England
Klaus Schulze: Trance Appeal: july-august 1995, Hambhren
Kraftwerk: 2 (Oct 1971)
Kraftwerk: 2 (october 1971)
Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk (Sept 1970)
Kraftwerk: Kraftwerk (september 1970)
Kraftwerk: Ralf & Florian (july 1973)
Kraftwerk: Ralf & Florian (July 1973)
Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV (March 1971)
Leonard Cohen: Songs Of Love And Hate (Nov 1970)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Gimme Back my Bullets (november 1975)
Matching Mole: Little Red Record (august 1972)
Matching Mole: Matching Mole (january 1972)
Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells (april 1973)
Neil Young: After The Gold Rush (June 1970)
Neil Young: Harvest (September 1971)
Neil Young: Zuma (August 1975)
Nucleus: Elastic Rock (January 1970)
Nucleus: We'll Talk About It Later (September 1970)
Nucleus: Solar Plexus (December 1970)
Ian Carr & Nucleus: Belladonna (July 1972)
Nucleus: Labyrinth (March 1973)
Nucleus: Roots (august (1973)
Nucleus: Under the Sun (March 1974)
Nucleus: In Flagrante Delicto (February 1977)
Nucleus: Out of the Long Dark (November 1978)
Ian Carr & Nucleus: Old Heartland (April-May 1988)
Pere Ubu: Dub Housing (September 1978)
Pere Ubu: New Picnic Time (june 1979)
Pere Ubu: The Modern Dance (November 1977)
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here (july 1975)
Ramones: The End Of The Century (May 1979)
Residents: Fingerprice (november 1976)
Residents: Meet The Residents (october 1973)
Residents: Not Available (february 1974)
Rick Wakeman: Six Wives (october 1972)
Robert Wyatt: End of an Ear (august 1970)
Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom (march 1974)
Robert Wyatt: Ruth is stranger than Richard (march 1975)
Robert Wyatt: The animals film (august 1981)
Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers (june 1970)
Rolling Stones: Exile On Main Street (september 1971)
Rolling Stones: Goat Head's Soup (december 1972)
Rolling Stones: It's Only Rock&Roll (april 1974)
Rolling Stones: Some Girls (march 1978)
Roxy Music: For Your Pleasure (February 1973)
Roxy Music: Roxy Music (march 1972)
Roxy Music: s/e (March 1972)
Roxy Music: Stranded (September 1973)
Rush: Permanent Waves (october 1979)
Sergius Golowin: Lord Krishna von Goloka (july 1972)
Sex Pistols: Never Mind The Bollocks (August 1977)
Soft Machine: 3 (may 1970)
Soft Machine: 5 (Feb 1972)
Soft Machine: Fourth (november 1970)
Soft Machine: Fifth (february 1972)
Soft Machine: Six (december 1972)
Soft Machine: Seven (july, 1973)
Syd Barrett: Barrett (July 1970)
Tangerine Dream: Alpha Centauri (January 1971)
Tangerine Dream: Atem (January 1973)
Tangerine Dream: Phaedra (December 1973)
Tangerine Dream: Ricochet (month? 1975)
Tangerine Dream: Rubycon (january 1975)
Tangerine Dream: Rubycon (January 1975)
The Stooges: Raw Power (October 1972)
Throbbing Gristle: The Second Annual Report (september 1977)
Throbbing Gristle: D.O.A. (may 1978)
Throbbing Gristle: 20 Jazz Funk Greats (August 1979)
Tom Waits: Blue Valentine (August 1978)
Tom Waits: Foreign Affairs (August 1977)
Univers Zero: Univers Zero/ 1313 (august 1977)
Univers Zero: Heresie (march 1979)
Uriah Heep: very `eavy_very `umble (month? 1970)
Van der Graaf Generator: Pawn Hearts (september 1971)
Velvet Underground: Loaded (july 1970)
Zweistein: Trip, Flipout, Meditation (october 1970)
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