Which city invented what

An appendix to the timeline of science
by piero scaruffi

Transistor: New Jersey (Bell Labs, 1947)
Programmable computer: England (Manchester Univ, 1948)
Neural Network: Boston (MIT, 1954)
Integrated circuit: Texas (Texas Instruments, 1958)
Artificial Intelligence: Boston (MIT, 1956)
Robot: Detroit (General Motors, 1961)
Database: New York (IBM, 1961)
Computer graphics: Boston (MIT, 1963)
Online transaction processing: New York (IBM, 1964)
Internet: Boston (BBN, 1969)
Virtual Reality: Utah (1969)
CAD: Utah (1969)
Microprocessor: Bay Area (Intel, 1971)
Email: Boston (BBN, 1972)
Videogame console: New Hampshire (Magnavox, 1972)
Personal computer: New Mexico (Ed Roberts/Altair, 1974)
DNA sequencing: England (Cambridge, 1977)
Biotech: Bay Area (Genentech, 1978)
Navigator: Boston (MIT, 1979)
Compact Disc: Japan (Sony, 1982)
Camcorder: Japan (Sony, 1983)
E-commerce: Boston (Boston Computer Exchange, 1983)
Flash memory: Japan (Toshiba, 1984)
Personal digital assistant: France (Psion, 1984)
Cellular phone: Arizona (Motorola, 1984)
3D printing: Los Angeles (3D Systems, 1988)
Search engine: Montreal (Archie, 1990)
Digital camera: Japan (Fujitsu, 1990)
Gene therapy: Maryland (NIH, 1990)
World-wide web: Switzerland (CERN, 1991)
Wearable computing: Boston (MIT, 1993)
Online payment: San Diego (First Virtual, 1994)
Self-driving car: Germany (1994)
Gene editing: New York (Sloan Kettering Inst, 1994)
Live video streaming: Netherlands (1995)
Voice over IP: Israel (VocalTec, 1995)
Cloning: Britain (Univ of Edinburgh, 1996)
DVD player: Japan (Toshiba, 1996)
Smartphone: Finland (Nokia, 1996)
Social media: New York (Sixdegrees, 1997)
Camera phone: Japan (Sharp, 2000)
Personal genomics: Boston (Knome, 2007)
Blockchain: Florida (Bitcoin, 2008)

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