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Cristina Eckhardt

Cristina Eckhardt is a 2016 graduate from the University of South Florida Honors College, where she received her Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences with concentrations in biological and social/behavioral health. She completed her Honors Thesis in collaboration with the Tampa Museum of Art, where she created a research study designed to measure the effects of visual thinking strategies (VTS) among individuals experiencing mental illness. Throughout her undergraduate years (and the backpacking journeys that took place shortly afterward!), Cristina cultivated a profound appreciation for psychology. She is especially interested in the topics of consciousness, evolutionary psychology, quantum physics, perennial philosophy, and the inextricability characterizing them all. She intends to begin graduate school in 2019 to expand upon her research interests and contribute creative, innovative ideas to the field. Cristina is a regular contributor towards the Cognitive Science section of this website.

She is a regular contributor and editor to the newsletter on Cognitive Science