Piero in China - a Selection

continued from Piero Scaruffi's biography

Four of Piero's books have been translated into Chinese:

Piero has been invited as a keynote speaker at countless conferences in China, most recently: Between 2015 and 2018 he lectured at

A Selection of Events

December 2014: "A History of Silicon Valley" is ranked #1 most influential book of the year in "Finance and Economics":

December 2014: "A History of Silicon Valley" is ranked #7 most influential book of the year in China (Xinhua News Agency's readers poll)

Sina interview

Sina interview

Lecturing at Tsinghua Univ (the Chinese MIT)

Hangzhou 2015

Innovation conference 2015

The poster for my talk at the conference

A famous tv host introducing me to the audience
A collage made by my agent:

Speaking at China Community Leadership Summit in december 2015:

GBSS conference:

Global Internet Finance Forum:

Connect conference 2016 in Beijing:

Eastern China Normal University, Shanghai:

Documentary about Silicon Valley on CCTV:

Robotop conference in Ningbo (June 2016)

Meeting with the governor of Zhejiang province:

SMG interview:

Live interview at MIC Beijing of October 2016 (30,000 people tuned in):

SINA conference in Beijing (october 2016):

Lagou Gala in Beijing (december 2016):

Tencent-Tsinchua 'Evolution' event in Beijing (december 2016):

Tencent-Tsinchua 'Evolution' event in Beijing (december 2016): the panel

Wuhan (January 2017)

I had to sign more than 200 books

Posters of the event

Rotating poster on the highway
(click for the video)

CSITF 2017 in Shanghai

Hangzhou's AI Conference - June 2017

Tsinghua Univ - June 2017

Tanjin World Intelligence Congress - June 2017

Youshu live streaming - June 2017

Vanity: 50,000 followers

Human 2.0 voted #1 book of the year for young people

Classes in Silicon Valley for Chinese VIPs

Guangzhou - October 2017

Chengdu - Meeting with Xinhua 

Hangzhou Biotech - December 2017

Article in China Daily - December 2017

Pingan in Shenzhen (Smart City) - December 2017

Sanya (Human 2.0) - December 2017

Hangzhou - Applications of A.I. - December 2017

Hangzhou - TV show - December 2017

Click here to watch the interview

Yicai.com (China Business News) ranks Human 2.0 top 50 book of 2017

Wuzhen - April 2018

Chongqing Smart China Expo - August 2018

Global Times article

Changzhou - Digital Economy - September 2018

Hangzhou GFM - New-Energy Vehicles - September 2018

Beijing - Big Data Summit - October 2018

Shanghai - Qiming conference - Future of Innovation - November 2018

Shanghai - Fudan University - Future of Humankind - November 2018

Hainan - Huobi - December 2018

Qingdao - Venture Capital conference - May 2019

Wuhan Global Angel Investment Summit - October 2019

Publicity in the streets: