Intelligence is not Artificial (2013-16-18)

Why the Singularity is not Coming any Time Soon
And Other Meditations on the Post-Human Condition
and the Future of Intelligence

by piero scaruffi

"Intelligence is not Artificial" (2016) was the revised edition of the book
originally titled "Demystifying Machine Intelligence" (2013).
A vastly expanded edition of "Intelligence is not Artificial" was published in April 2018.
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Table of Contents of "Intelligence is not Artificial"
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  1. What this Book is about - 2018 Edition (2018 addition)
  2. The Preface to the Original Edition
  3. Sociological Background
  4. A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Prequel (2018 addition)
  5. A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 1 (2018 addition)
  6. The Symbolic School (Knowledge-based Systems) (2018 addition)
  7. The Connectionists (Neural Networks) (2018 addition)
  8. The Boom of Expert Systems (2018 addition)
  9. Cultural Background: The Knowledge Society (2018 addition)
  10. Rock Intermezzo: Welcome to the Machine (2018 addition)
  11. The Importance (or Redundance?) of Definitions (2018 addition)
  12. A Brief History of Cognitive Science/ Part 1 (Note: There is no Part 2) (2018 addition)
  13. A Brief History of Logical Reasoning (2018 addition)
  14. A Brief History of Computers (2018 addition)
  15. Machine Learning before Artificial Intelligence (2018 addition)
  16. Probabilities, Markov Chains, Monte Carlo Methods (2018 addition)
  17. The Search for an Artificial General Intelligence (2018 addition)
  18. Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (The Birth of Robots) (2018 addition)
  19. Computation as Deduction (2018 addition)
  20. The first Failure: Machine Translation (2018 addition)
  21. The Origins of Digital Life
  22. Another Failure: Machine Learning (2018 addition)
  23. Another Failure: Common Sense (2018 addition)
  24. Can an A.I. system win a Nobel Prize? (2018 addition)
  25. A Premise to the History of Artificial Intelligence
  26. Steps toward the A.I. Winter (2018 addition)
  27. Brain Simulation and Intelligence
  28. The Body
  29. Intermezzo: We may Overestimate Brains
  30. Childhood
  31. The Influence of Computer Vision (2018 addition)
  32. Back Propagation - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 2 (2018 addition)
  33. Footnote: Neural Networks and the Math of Glass (2018 addition)
  34. Bayes Reborn - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 3 (2018 addition)
  35. Footnote: A brief History of the Gradient (2018 addition)
  36. Reinforcement Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 4 (2018 addition)
  37. Convolutional Neural Networks - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 5 (2018 addition)
  38. Footnote (or Part 5.2): Recurrent Neural Networks (2018 addition)
  39. Footnote: Probability in the age of Neural Networks (2018 addition)
  40. Intermezzo: The GPU and the Spring of A.I. (2018 addition)
  41. Deep Learning - A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 6 (2018 addition)
  42. Deep Reinforcement Learning: A brief History of Artificial Intelligence/ Part 7 (2018 addition)
  43. Intermezzo: What is Intelligence? (2018 addition)
  44. Footnote: The Opaque Power of Neural Networks (2018 addition)
  45. Footnote: Non-deep Learning (Machine Learning in Statistics and Elsewhere) (2018 addition)
  46. Trivia: What is the Homeland of Deep Learning? (2018 addition)
  47. Footnote: Neural Networks as Vector Spaces (2018 addition)
  48. From Recognizing to Creating: Generative Adversarial Networks (History/ Part 8) (2018 addition)
  49. Footnote: Simplifying the (Artificial) Brain (2018 addition)
  50. Artificial and Natural Neural Networks: The Myth of Backpropagation (2018 addition)
  51. The Truth about AlphaZero (2018 addition)
  52. Footnote: The Problem with Pattern Recognition (2018 addition)
  53. Footnote: Dynamic Routing and Capsule Networks (2018 addition)
  54. Lengthy and Boring Footnote: Variational Inference (2018 addition)
  55. Footnote of the Footnote: Hierarchical Bayesian Networks (2018 addition)
  56. Cultural Background: The Network Age (2018 addition)
  57. The Robots are Coming - A Brief History of A.I./ Part 9
  58. Intermezzo: Will Robots be Conscious?
  59. Brute-force A.I.
  60. Brute-force A.I. doesn't Speak
  61. Neural Machine Translation
  62. Understanding this Book (or any Book) (2018 addition)
  63. Boring Footnote: Semantic Analysis (2018 addition)
  64. Footnote: A.I. Kills the Copyright (2018 addition)
  65. Can you Hear me? (2018 addition)
  66. Can you Read me? A Brief History of Speech Synthesis (2018 addition)
  67. The Genetic Algorithm Renaissance (2018 addition)
  68. Footnote: Neuroevolution Algorithms (2018 addition)
  69. Mathematical Teaser: If you Really Have to... Phase Transitions in Intelligence (2018 addition)
  70. How to Win a Nobel Prize: Theory Formation (2018 addition)
  71. A Failed Experiment
  72. An Easy Science
  73. Teaser: Intelligence is not Accuracy (for the 2019 edition)
  74. Footnote: Between Fatima and AlphaGo (2018 addition)
  75. Footnote: A brief History of Chatbots (2018 addition)
  76. Intermezzo: A.I. and the History of Homo Sapiens (2018 addition)
  77. Teaser: Learning to Chat (2018 addition)
  78. Intermezzo and Trivia: the Original App (greatly reduced in the 2019 edition for lack of space)
  79. Don't be Fooled by the Robot
  80. The Intelligence of Neural Networks
  81. Life with Intelligent Machines
  82. Corollary: We are Replacing Animals with Machines
  83. Cute Intermezzo: The Principle of Complementarity in A.I. (2018 addition)
  84. Footnote: A.I. in the Age of Post-truth (2018 addition)
  85. DeepFake (2018 addition)
  86. The Curse of Large Datasets
  87. A Consumer's Rant Against the Stupidity of Machines: Reverting Evolution?
  88. Footnote: Intelligent Customer Support as a Challenge to Human Intelligence
  89. The Singularity as the Outcome of Exponential Progress
  90. A Look at the Evidence: A Comparative History of Accelerating Progress
  91. Intermezzo: In Defense of Regress: Apocalypse Now
  92. Intermezzo: Why Futurists Always Get it Wrong
  93. The Future of Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning to the Rescue? (for the 2019 edition)
  94. Teaser: Can Intelligence Arise from Silicon? (for the 2019 edition)
  95. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 1: What Destroys Jobs
  96. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 2: What Creates Jobs
  97. Jobs in the Age of the Robot- Part 3: The Sharing Economy
  98. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 4: The Maid Principle
  99. Marketing and Fashion
  100. Recap
  101. Why we need A.I. or The Robots are Coming- Part 2: The Near Future of A.I. or Don't be Afraid of the Machine
  102. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 5: The Jobs we Need
  103. Origins of Singularity Thinking
  104. The Case for Superhuman Intelligence. and against it
  105. What is the Opposite of the Singularity?
  106. Designing Machines and Designing People (2018 addition)
  107. Intermezzo: The Attention Span
  108. Cognitive Intermezzo: The Origin of Human Intelligence (or of Machine Intelligence?)
  109. Anthropological Intermezzo: You Are a Gadget
  110. Existential Intermezzo: You Are an Ad
  111. Semantics
  112. The Accelerating Evolution of Machines (2018 addition)
  113. Non-human Intelligence is Already Here
  114. The Consciousness of Super-human Intelligence
  115. The Intelligence of Super-human Intelligence
  116. Koan: What is not Artificial Intelligence although it is Superhuman? (2018 addition)
  117. Intelligent Behavior in Structured Environments
  118. Intermezzo: Will Intelligent Machines Return to Chaotic Environments?
  119. Another Intermezzo: Disorder is Evolution, Order is Stagnation
  120. Meta-philosophical Intermezzo (2018 addition)
  121. Human Obsolescence
  122. In Defense of Progress: Augmented Intelligence
  123. Life with Algorithms: Tomorrow's Utopia (2018 addition)
  124. General-purpose Intelligence
  125. Artificial General Intelligence and the No Free Lunch Theorems
  126. The Proliferation of Appliances, Intelligent and not
  127. Intermezzo: The Resurrection of the Dead
  128. Demystifying the Turing Test
  129. Common Sense
  130. Living with Machines that have no Common Sense (2018 addition)
  131. Artificial Shallow Intelligence (2018 addition)
  132. The Frame Problem (2018 addition)
  133. Common Sense Knowlege for Neural Networks (2018 addition)
  134. Footnote: Logic and Probability (2018 addition)
  135. We actually don't Think
  136. Mind Uploading and Digital Immortality
  137. Machine Immortality and the Cloud
  138. Corollary: Digital Media Immortality
  139. Ethical Intermezzo: The Downside of Immortality
  140. Philosophical Intermezzo: Do We Really Want Intelligence at All?
  141. Religion and the Law of Accelerated Exaggeration
  142. Historical Footnote: New Atheism (2018 addition)
  143. Historical Trivia: The Ancient Roots of A.I. (2018 addition)
  144. Analog vs Digital
  145. Analog Computation/ Reservoir Computing
  146. Teaser: Machine Ethics
  147. How not to Build an Artificial General Intelligence - Part 1: The Many-task Mind
  148. How not to Build an Artificial General Intelligence - Part II: Smart, not Deep, Learning
  149. The Timeframe of Artificial General Intelligence
  150. How NOT to Find a Breakthrough
  151. The Real Breakthrough: Synthetic Biology
  152. Humorous Intermezzo: Bayes and The End of the World
  153. The Future of Miniaturization: the Next big Breakthrough?
  154. The Real Future of Computing
  155. A Brief History of Bionic Humans, Cyborgs and Neuroengineering
  156. The Next Breakthrough: Understanding the Brain (2018 addition)
  157. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Machine Stupidity
  158. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Scientific Socialism
  159. After Machine Intelligence: Machine Creativity - Can Machines do Art?
  160. The Moral Issue: Who's Responsible for a Machine's Action?
  161. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Machine Credibility
  162. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Speed Limits for Machines?
  163. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Criminalizing Common Sense
  164. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: You Are a Budget
  165. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Who will get there first?
  166. The Dangers of Machine Intelligence: Amplifying Human Evil (or A.I. in The Economy of Hate)
  167. Intermezzo: A Remedy to the Echo Chamber (2018 addition)
  168. Jobs in the Age of the Robot - Part 6: Hyper-employment (2018 addition)
  169. Jobs - Utopia and Dystopia (2018 addition)
  170. Post-scriptum on Jobs - A.I. Brain Drain (2018 addition)
  171. Dystopian Quartet 1. Andante: Lessons Learned from A.I.
  172. Dystopian Quartet 2.: Dystopian Quartet 2. Allegro Forte: We are Surrounded
  173. Dystopian Quartet 3.: Dystopian Quartet 3. A Cappella: We are being Programmed
  174. Dystopian Quartet 4. Adagio: Humanity without Humanity
  175. You Are an Algorithm: The Vast Algorithmic Bureaucracy (2018 addition)
  176. The Importance of the Human Mind (2018 addition)
  177. The Dystopia of Vast Algorithmic Bureaucracies - Post-truth Algorithms (2018 addition)
  178. The Dystopia of Vast Algorithmic Bureaucracies - The Age of Apathy (2018 addition)
  179. The Ultimate Dystopia: a Perfect World (2018 addition)
  180. The Dystopia of Vast Algorithmic Bureaucracies - Appendix: the Self-driving car (2018 addition)
  181. Corollary to the Dystopia of Vast Algorithmic Bureaucracies: Leviathan, Panopticon, Biopower (2018 addition)
  182. The Ethics of Algorithms (2018 addition)
  183. Bureaucracy Compounds A.I.'s Stupidity (2018 addition)
  184. Transcendental Intermezzo: You are a Robot - The Demise of Free Will
  185. Transcendental Intermezzo: Neural Variant (2018 addition)
  186. Transcendental Intermezzo Revised: You are a.?
  187. Why the Singularity is a Waste of Time and Why we Need A.I. - A Call to Action
  188. The Future of Human Creativity
  189. Why I an not Scared of A.I.
  190. A Conclusion: Religion in the Age of A.I.
  191. P.S. What i did not Say
  192. Appendix: The Myth of Longevity
  193. Appendix: The Medium is the Brain
  194. Appendix: The Cloud of Invisible Robots (2018 addition)
  195. Appendix: The Era of Objects
  196. Readings on the Singularity
  197. Alphabetical Index
  198. A timeline of A.I.
  199. A timeline of Neuroscience
  200. Praise for "Intelligence is not Artificial"

See also "Humankind 2.0" and History of Silicon Valley
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