Jinxia Niu, coauthor of "Human 2.0" (2017)

Currently, Jinxia Niu is a Chinese journalist based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. She graduated in 2011 from Nanjing Normal University with a master in journalism. Her first job was as a researcher and editor at a famous TV station, JSBC. She is routinely called "a Buddhist nun" because of her passionate interest in all things Buddhist. In fact, she moved to Hangzhou specifically to be near a famous Buddhist temple, the Lingyin temple. She has memorized several Chinese classics, written in ancient Chinese that most Chinese people can't even read. She is now one of the main writers for the Zheshang magazine. She has published special reports on "The rise of Wechat" and on Alibaba's founder Jack Ma. In 2015 a number of her articles on big data were included in the book "Big Data Combat" that she edited. She has interviewed scores of influential business people, writers and politicians. In late 2015 she began a project with Silicon Valley author Piero Scaruffi that consists in a series of interviews about the future of technology and society. The interviews are being published in her magazine and will be collected in a book, tentatively titled "Humankind 2.0". In 2016 she was awarded the top prize for journalism in the Zhejiang province of China (population 54 million people).

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