Intelligence is not Artificial

by piero scaruffi

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(These are excerpts from my book "Intelligence is not Artificial")

Cute Intermezzo: The principle of complementarity in A.I.

Niels Bohr's principle of complementarity is one of the foundations of our current understanding of the universe, that there are two different ways to describe it, perceive it, and predict its future (e.g., viewing a system either as a set of particles or as a set of waves). I imagine that, were Bohr alive today to witness the chaotic hype about A.I. of the 2010s, he would slap a principle of complementarity on "intelligent" automation: for every activity that gets automated, someone will automate the counter-activity. For example, if someone creates an automated recruiting assistant to recruit the best engineer, someone will create an automated resume writer to write the best resume that fools the recruiting assistant; if someone creates a travel assistant that picks the best combination of hotels, car rentals, trains, etc, someone will create a travel-agency assistant to offer a package that fools the travel assistant. This will become an endless duel between the two sides, each one trying to fool the other one in smarter and smarter ways. After all, the two algorithms look like one and the same if you reverse engineer the parameters.

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