1. Interrogating the Boundary between Phenomenon and Architecture

A. Maurice Merleau ponty

"All consciousness is perceptual...The perceived world is the always presupposed foundation of all rationality, all value and all existence."

Merleau Ponty Interview:

Exploration of the Perceived World: Space


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B. Article:

Dawna Schuld, Practically Nothing: Light. Space and the Pragmatics of Phenomenology, pp.106-122

In Phenomenal California Light, Space Surface, University of California Press 2011


2. Interrogating the Boundary between Nature and  Architecture

I placed a jar in Tennessee,

And round it was, upon a hill.

It made the slovenly wilderness

Surround that hill.


The wilderness rose up to it,

And sprawled around, no longer wild.

The jar was round upon the ground

And tall and of a port in air.


It took dominion every where.

The jar was gray and bare.

It did not give of bird or bush,

Like nothing else in Tennessee.


—Wallace Stevens, “Anecdote of the Jar