The easiest way to donate money to is to use Paypal: send money to my email address. Or contact me. If you want to contribute to any of the charities that i recommend, i prefer that you send money directly to them. If you want to support any of the cultural events that i organize, please specify which one. Any contribution is welcome, even just $1.

I also welcome help in terms of work. Here are the tasks for which i need help. If you contribute money, it will be used to hire helpers for these tasks, but, if you want to do the tasks yourself, that is worth as much as money.

The other way to support this website is to purchase any of the several books that are still in print: Click here

If you have access to a secretary (or if you have money to hire one), i would love to get help in organizing my texts, books, lps, vhs/dvds, etc. There's an infinite number of things to do for which i will never find the time.