Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

The Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (SVAIRI) was founded in 2016 in the heart of Silicon Valley with the mission of educating the general audience and of guiding business and government organizations. We are particularly interested in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the Humanities.

We host periodic salons featuring scientists, philosophers, artists, startups, linguists, mathematicians, investors and authors to discuss progress and promises of automation, from simple "deep learning" techniques (mostly used in applications of pattern recognition) to the speculative realm of computational creativity.

We help A.I. companies find partners in A.I. and we help investors invest in startups. We help both big and small companies find the right research partners at the major universities of the Bay Area.

We divide our projects into two broad classes: the understanding of meaning (of text, of images, of patterns, of history, of science, etc); and the generation of meaning (via research, tools, art and communication). We focus on how can automation create jobs and improve the human experience.

We were founded by Piero Scaruffi, who has been active in A.I. since the 1980s and has written extensively about the culture of Silicon Valley, and we partner with new and old talents of Silicon Valley to deliver state-of-the-art programs to our audience.

Our programs in a nutshell:

  • We monitor global A.I. developments
  • We investigate the social impact of A.I.
  • We organize workshops for both the local business community and foreign visitors
  • We provide a five-day training program (2 days of lectures, 2 days of visits to startups and labs, and a one day workshop)
  • We educate global startups
  • We maintain an industry network
  • We compile a yearly report in both English and Chinese

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Probabilities, Markov Chains, Monte Carlo Methods, Computer Vision, Boltzmann Machines, Backpropagation, Bayesian Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Bayesian Thinking, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning in Statistics, Neural Networks as Vector Spaces, Generative Adversarial Networks, Capsule Networks, Variational Inference, Hierarchical Bayesian Networks, Semantic Analysis, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Genetic Algorithms, Chatbots...

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June 2017 in Hangzhou, China

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