A History of Silicon Valley

This biography is an appendix to my book "A History of Silicon Valley"

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David Duffield

David Duffield (Ohio, 1941) grew up in New Jersey and studied business administration at Cornell University until 1964. After working as a systems engineer for IBM in Rochester, mainly serving the higher education market, in 1968 he co-founded his first company, Information Associates, consulting for colleges on software. Duffield founded Integral Systems in 1972 in New Jersey to commercialize a package for payroll and human-resources management developed at Rutgers University. In 1976 the company won a major contract from U.C. Berkeley and Duffield decided to move offices to the Bay Area, in Walnut Creek. In 1987 Ken Morris and David Duffield founded PeopleSoft in the east bay with the idea of taking the human-resource management system developed for the mainframe by Integral Systems and port it to a client-server architecture. The product rapidly overtook the mainframe-based competition, generating revenues of $1.9 million in 1989 and $6.1 million in 1990. PeopleSoft went on to overtake JD Edwards and eventually absorb it. Duffield sold PeopleSoft to Oracle for $10 billion in 2005 and then started Workday to offer on-demand software services to companies. He had become one of the 500 richest people in the USA.
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