A nonprofit organization devoted to interdisciplinary studies, public events and free hands-on education; and producer of the L.A.S.T. Festival in the San Francisco Bay area

Thymos , producer of the Life Art Science and Technology (L.A.S.T.) Festival, aims at organizing, presenting and nurturing interdisciplinary events that combine art, tech and science to help reshape the cultural environment of the 21st century towards a multidimensional form of individual and social creativity.

The LAST Festival is a new kind of festival celebrating daring entrepreneurs, thinkers, scientists, artists and engineers, whose passion and vision have reshaped their industries, our lives and the future.

Silicon Valley is at the epicenter of technological, scientific and other creative innovations that impacts life for all of us. It is vital that in democratic society, all have a voice and access to these thought leaders or influencers, in determining together how this culture evolves.The LAST Festival is the platform to democratize and broaden access to people in the Bay Area and beyond. Our programming is a vehicle for the public to have a voice, for action and change - a platform to share and interact with new technology, new art - where science, art and technology intersects

We seek to inform, educate, mobilize, catalyze, maximize best ideas and opportunities for individual empowerment by connecting the public to leading innovators of Silicon Valley. Our symposia create common ground for open dialog between engineers and artists on the future of art and tech and how it impacts our world.

We are purposeful, civic-minded, democratic process that values sharing new knowledge with the public, bringing together thought leaders and change-makers - providing actionable information, encouraging cross-pollinization and entrepreneurship.

We are inspired and driven by the civic public who attend our events and engage with our presenters. We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the lives of our audience.

Be intentional about culture. We are all stakeholders in how new science, technology and art intersect and affect our culture and human existence. Our public gatherings facilitate access to the current world of science, tech and art - inspiring more people to participate in and contribute towards determining the direction of an evolving, dynamic culture of this region.

All events are free and open to the public.

Why art/science/tech interaction matters. An ode to interdisciplinary work.

Creativity does not happen in a vacuum, whether it's art, tech or science. They all coexist, influence each other and interact. Silicon Valley did not happen in a vacuum, it happened within the intense cultural ecosystem of the Bay Area. Thymos aims at organizing, presenting and nurturing interdisciplinary events that combine art, tech and science to help reshape the cultural environment of the 21st century towards a multidimensional form of individual and social creativity.

What Thymos can contribute to STEAM. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

We want people to see the continuum.

What the LAST Festival accomplishes in the Bay Area.

Today the Bay Area ("Silicon Valley" has become a reductive term) is the world's most powerful technological driver. It has grown so rapidly that it lacks the kind of cultural and social identity that other metropolitan centers naturally acquired over the centuries. We celebrate the entire ecosystem. We try the cement a sense of community that goes beyond the "high-tech" boom.

The Context

21st century culture is being expanded both horizontally (thanks to the emergence of new poles such as China) and vertically (thanks to the emergence of new technologies).

Piero Scaruffi

Founder, Author, Cultural Historian, Scientist

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Sofia Lozano-Pallares

Treasurer, Acting CFO and Program Director.

Sofia is a sociologist and a mediator who believes deeply in the value of community. She is a creative, process-driven, strategic leader committed to social equity, access, and the democratization of knowledge. Sofia has 10 years of experience working in the non-profit sector with a focus on community development, conflict resolution, and organizational leadership. Through her work, she has observed that when individuals acknowledge interdependence and foster authentic collaboration, communities become resilient, empowered and self-defined. At Thymos, she is excited to support the organization at a strategic and operational level.

Thymos is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation; our Tax ID number is 47-4392491. California charity registration number C3799048. All donations may be tax deductible.

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