West African Countries

October-november 2007

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The highlights of this trip were the natural wonders of the West African Countries.
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  1. Mauritania:
  2. (best place to get a visa for Mali, together with Senegal)
  3. Fly to Nouakchott
  4. Nouakchott: Saudi Mosque
  5. Chinguetti
  6. Parc Banc D'Arguin
  7. Mali:
  8. Tombouchtou/ Timbuktu
  9. +Tombouchtou/ Timbuktu: +Dyingerey Ber mosque (14th c)
  10. Boat to Gao
  11. Dogon country: northern villages (Sanga, Bongo, Aroun, Tireli)
  12. Niger
  13. +Hikma complex (2018)
  14. Nigeria
  15. +Ibadan: Demas Nwoko's Dominican Chapel (1973)
  16. Burkina Faso:
  17. +Gorom-Gorom's thursday market
  18. Gaoua: Lobi villages, Tiebele near Po
  19. Sierra Leone:
  20. Liberia:
  21. Cote d'Ivoire: basilica of Yamoussoukro (largest in the world)
  22. Guinea:
  23. Conakry: get visa for Mali.
  24. Conakry: Marche' Madina, one of West Africa's largest markets
  25. Dalaba: Fouta Djalon plateau, one of the best places for hiking in West Africa, mainly for waterfalls (Chutes de Ditinn, Chutes de Kambadaga)
  26. Bossou village on the Liberian border: one of the best places in West Africa to see chimpanzees
  27. Foula Djalon plateau
  28. Senegal:
  29. Saint-Louis, old colonial capital, 300 kms north of Dakar, 10 kms south of the border with Mauritania
  30. Cape Verde:
  31. Praia
  32. +Cidade Velha


Trip difficulty: difficult to strenuous
Length: 30 days
Season: Oct-Apr
  • The rain season in west Africa is June to September
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    • Visas are the real problem in this part of the world. West Africa is a wonderful part of the world. Unfortunately it is in the hands of a bunch of corrupt, incompetent, criminal and unfriendly politicians. The governments of West Africa (with the exception of Senegal) make it very difficult and expensive to obtain a visa. Some of the requirements are laughable. In 2007 the embassy of Mauritania still required "proof of transportation, letter of financial solvency from bank, proof of employment and an invitation letter". The embassy of Mali required a hotel reservation. Both clearly stated that they are not responsible of they lost your passport while in their possession! Welcome to the fifth or seventh world, not the third world. Only Benin, Togo, Gambia and Equatorial Guinea granted visas at the border and only Senegal did not require a visa. The stupidity of these governments border on the demented. (Written in 2007. Hopefully it will improve with time).
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 2007 scaruffi.com all rights reserved.