Southern African Countries/ Part 3


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The highlights of this trip were the natural wonders of the Southern African Countries.
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  1. Angola:
    • Luanda (one of the most expensive cities in the world)
    • Kalandula Falls
    • Parque Nacional da Kissama
    • Iona National Park
    • To Namibia:
      • Luanda
      • Cabo Ledo
      • Porto Amboim
      • Sumbe
      • Egito Prayo
      • Benguela
      • Dombe Grande
      • Lucira
      • Namibe
      • Leba Pass
      • Lubango
      • Tunda Valde
      • Ondjiva
      • Santa Clara
      • Border crossing to Namibia
      • Oshikango in Namibia (100kms north of Ondangwa)


Trip difficulty: difficult to strenuous
Length: 24 days
Season: Sep-Feb
  • Best time to visit Angola is June to September
  • Best time to visit Zambia is April-November
  • Best time to visit Mozambique is May-October (November to April is the rain season)
  • Visa for Namibia: at the airport or border.
  • Visa for Mozambique: at the airport or border.
  • Visa for Zambia: at the airport or border ($25).
  • Visa for Angola: extremely expensive like everything else in Angola