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A guide to its main attractions
by piero scaruffi
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Pictures of Argentina
  • Buenos Aires:
    • Casa Rosada at Balcarce 50
    • Banco de la Nacion Argentina by Alejandro Bustillo in front of Casa Rosada
    • Estado Major Conjunto behind Casa Rosada
    • Banca Frances in the square of the Casa Rosada
    • Cabildo (1580) by Andres Blanqui at Bolivar 65 near the Cathedral
    • Cathedral at the corner of Rivadavia and San Martin in the main square
    • Banco Hipotecario, ex Banco de Londres (1967) by Clorindo Testa at Reconquista 101 & Mitre
    • San Ignacio (1722) on Manzana de las Luces at Peru 272, entrance is on Bolivar (3 blocks from Ave Mayo)
    • Legislatura (Peru & Roca, one block from Ave Mayo and near Cabildo)
    • Corner of Belgrano and Peru (near Cathedral)
    • Palacio Barolo (1919), an Art Nouveau building, South America's tallest building at the time
    • Cafe Tortoni at Avenida de Mayo 829 (1858)
    • Plaza De Los Dos Congresos at the junction of Entre Rios & Rivadavia
    • Palacio del Congreso (1906) by Victor Meano on Entre Rios between Hipolito Yrigoyen and Rivadavia, two blocks from Plaza Contreso
    • Confiteria Del Molino (1887) by Francisco Gianotti at corner of Callao and Rivadavia (1917)
    • Palacio de Aguas Corrientes at the intersection of Cordoba, Riobamba, Viamonte and Ayacucho
    • Palace of Justice or Tribunales by Norbert Maillart in Plaza LaValle behind Teatro
    • Teatro Colon by Vittorio Meano (1908) at Cerrito 608
    • Museo Hispanoamericano by Martin Noel in Suipeche near Libertador
    • Retiro station
    • New Standard Bank (visible from Retiro)
    • Torre Monumental at San Martin & Libertador
    • Edificio Siemens (visible from Torre Monumental)
    • Marriott in Plaza St Martin
    • Edificio Kavanagh at the end of Florida (1936) in Plaza St Martin
    • Basilica del Santisimo Sacramento (1912) behind Kavanagh
    • Galerias Pacifico at Florida 753 (seven blocks from Ave Mayo)
    • Centro Naval at Cordoba and Florida (across from Galerias Pacifico)
    • Standard Bank (Pena and Florida)
    • Palacio de Comunicaciones/ Central Post Office (1928) by Norbert Maillart at the corner of Leandro Alem & Corrientes
    • Basilica del Pilar (1732) at Junin 1892 & Plaza Recoleta in Recoleta
    • Recoleta Cultural Center
    • Caminito in La Boca near the Riachuelo
    • Russian Orthodox Church (1904) at Paseo Colon & Brasil across from Parque Lezama in Boca
    • El Viejo Almacen - "Temple of Tango" at Balcarce & Independencia (1798) in Boca
    • Iglesia Santa Felicitas by Ernesto Bunge at Isabel 20 near Plaza Colombia in Barracas
    • Le Parc Tower by Mario Alvarez in Palermo
    • Torre Fortabat by Sanchez Elia in Puerto Madero
    • Repsol-YPF in Puerto Madero by Cesar Pelli
    • BankBoston Tower
    • El Faro Towers (2004) in Madero
    • Le Parc Figueroa Alcorta - Torre Cavia (2009)
    • Mulieris Towers (2009)S in Madero
    • Renoir Tower Two (2010) in Madero
    • Unico Buenos Aires Hotel by Patxi Mangado in Puerto Madero (2012) at the end of Belgranon in Madero
    • Parque de la Memoria (between Ciudad Universitaria and Costanera Norte)
    La Plata:
    • Cathedral
    • City Hall
    • Cultural Center
    • Curutchet House (1948) by Le Corbusier (Boulevard 53 No 320) - always closed
    • Almacen near Boca
  • Mar del Plata: NH Gran Hotel Provincial by Alejandro Bustillo
  • Rosario: Torre Aqualina by Mario Alvarez
  • Mendoza: Aconcagua trek from Puente del Inca, near the border with Chile (permits must be obtained from Mendoza)
  • Jujuy: catedral, palacio del gobierno
  • Colonial churches of the north: Ticara, Huacalera, Uquia, Huamahuaca, La Quiaca
  • Quebrada de Huamahuaca
  • Posadas: ruins of S.Ignacio
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Patagonia


Notes (2011)

  • Easy immigration with European passport. Very expensive if you have to use a US passport. Buenos Aires is not cheap. Can't afford a single room here. Cheapest would be 150 pesos, which is about $35. Dorm is $16 in a four-bed room, pretty standard all over the center.
  • $1 = 4.25 pesos
  • Bus airport-town $65=$15 includes shared taxi to hotel
  • ++Hostel Estoril Terrazza at 1385 Ave Mayo 6th floor 70=$16
  • Transportation in Buenos Aires is very cheap (about 25 cents for most buses and subway trains) so very easy to explore.
  • Bus and subte 1.10=$.025
  • Train to La Plata 1.5h 2.10=$.050
  • Iguazu Falls might indeed be the most impressive waterfalls in the world just because it's kilometers and kilometers of waterfalls. I hiked all three trails in roughly 6 hours taking 100+ pictures The Brazilian side is redundant: just one panorama (that doesn't compare to the many ones on the Argentinian side). Bus from Buenos Aires to Iguacu in cama 470 pesos = $110, 20 hours (no matter what they tell you). Iguazu to the Falls 20 pesos roundtrip. Entrance to the park 100 pesos = $24. Iguacu to Sao Paulo: most companies leave from the Brazilian side, but at least one leaves from the Argentinian side (or, better, offers free transport to the Brazilian side) and costs 425 pesos = $98.