Big Basin, April 2007


Sunday April 8


Hardcore hikers hike one-way from Portola Redwoods Park to Waddell Beach via Big Basin (40-45 kms, approximately a marathon).

Softcore hikers hike round-trip from Waddell Beach to Berry Falls and back (approximately six hours).

My webpage on Big Basin

My webpage on Bay Area hikes: Bay Area hikes (It has a map of the Bay so you can locate the park)

Hardcore Hikers who are doing the one-way hike

  1. Christof (sure)
  2. Ksenya (sure)
  3. Mihai (sure)
  4. piero (sure)
  5. Shashikant (sure)

Softcore Hikers who are doing the round-trip hike

  1. Aurelie (sure)
  2. Sofia (sure)
  3. Karen (sure)
  4. Elaine (sure)
  5. Oni (sure)


Cellular phones do not work in the forest (thankfully). Shashikant has four walkie talkies. I have three. I am giving two of mine to Aurelie. Aurelie will give one to whoever else wants it of her group. Use channel 13.



The weather forecast has dramatically improved. It is supposed to be sunny in the afternoon. The weather forecast says 19 degrees, which is nice and warm, but count on chillier temperatures, like 15 degrees, because you will soon enter a forest.

AUrelie has mosquito repellent for everybody, if needed.

Directions for hardcore hikers

Directions for softcore hikers


Beware: it's all over the coast trails.


Santa Cruz


"Somewhere something incredible is waiting to happen" (John Wheeler)