October 1990

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The highlights of this trip were the Colombia.
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  1. Barranquilla
  2. Medellin: +Parque Biblioteca Espana
  3. Bogota (altitude!): ++ San Francisco, ++Torres del Parque
  4. Drive to Tunja
  5. Drive to Villa de Leiva: +El Fosil, ++INfernito (the colombian Stonehenge), ++Ecce Homo (convent)
  6. ++Villa de Leiva: colonial town
  7. +++Canyon del Chicamocha: spectacular road that, after Socorro and San Gil and Aratoca, dives down into the canyon for about 10 kms until the Pescadero bridge, 50 kms from Bucarmanga.
  8. +Toquendana
  9. Barranquilla to Santa Marta
  10. ++Laguna/Cienga de Santa Marta
  11. ++Cartagena
  12. Reinado (November): parade of the "reinas" (the most beautiful girls of Colombia) on carnival-like carriages through a huge crowd (people pour water from the houses and in the streets people fight with buckets of water), followed by a big fiesta.
  13. Barranquilla
  14. Cundinamarca: Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
  15. Las Lajas Cathedral
  • Chiribiquete park


Trip difficulty: moderate to difficult
Length: 14 days
Season: Year-round
  • Pictures of Colombia
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.