Dear reader,

I provide information about hiking in California free of charge as a public service. All the information provided here is first-hand, but i make no claim or guarantee as to its accuracy in any other day than the one when i did it, and i assume no responsibility for the safety of those using my information as part of their trip planning.

Furthermore, this kind of hikes involves myriad risks and potential dangers, especially if you have inadequate physical and psychological preparation (99% of all hikers, possibly including myself).

It is the responsibility of the users of this website's resources to doublecheck that the information is correct and up-to-date, and to be aware of the risks involved in any hiking activity.

By providing this information i make no suggestion or representation, expressed or implied, that my descriptions faithfully represent the wilderness as you will encounter it. I have no control over Nature, so i also make no implied statement about the safety of conditions on the day that you will hike.

Hike at your own risk.

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