Ladaq, Bhutan, Kailash, Everest

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The highlights of this trip are the hikes up Everest and Kailash and the visit to the remote kingdom of Bhutan.
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  1. Ladaq (5 days)
  2. Katmandu
  3. Nepal outside the Katmandu valley
    • Gorkha (palace), 6hrs from Katmandu
    • Pokhara, 4 more hrs
    • Tansen, 6 more hrs
    • Lumbin (Buddha's home town), 2.5 more hrs
    • Chutwan (park with elephants and tigers), 5 more hrs
    • Katmandu, 7 more hrs
  4. Hike on Mt Everest (5 days)
    • Fly to Lukla and walk to Namchee Bazaar
    • Walk to Tengboche
    • Walk back to Lukla
    • Fly back to Katmandu
  5. Katmandu
  6. Bhutan (7 days)
    • fly to Paro and drive to Thimphu
    • drive to Tongsa and Bumthang
    • Hike in the sacred valleys
    • return to Tongsa and drive to Ganteng Gompa
    • Ganteng visit with monks and thangka painters, drive to Dechen Cottages
    • back to Thimphu and to Paro
  7. Katmandu
  8. Katmandu-Kailash (5 days)
  9. Kailash (2 days)
  10. Kailash-Ali-Kashgar (3 days)
  11. Kashgar


Trip difficulty: difficult
Season: June - October
Length: 30 days
Approximate cost: $3,000
  • Mt Everest
  • The Everest trek from Tibet to Nepal:
    Day 0. Fly to Lhasa
    Day 1. Visit the Dreprung and Sera Monasteries.
    Day 2. Visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang and Barkhor.
    Day 3. Bus to Ganden monastery and back
    Day 4. Drive to Shigatse, visit the Tashilhunpo Monastery.
    Day 5. Drive from Tingri to Cho Oyu base camp (4,970 m). Camp.
    Day 6. Trek to Drobu Mela, 6-7 hours, 4,800 m. Camp.
    Day 7. Trek over Lamna La pass to Zommug Village, 5-6 hours, 4,790 m
    Day 8. Trek to Dza Rongphu Monastery to Everest base camp, 6-7 hours, 5,200 m Camp.
    Day 9. Trek to Dingboche (4,410m) best view of the peak
    Day 10. Trek to Tengpoche monastery (3,867 m)
    Day 11. Trek to Namche Bazar (3,440 m)
    Day 12. Trek to Lukla (2,800 m) Note: the airstrip is closed from Jan 1, 2001 to April 30, 2001.
    Day 13. Fly to Katmandu

    Bhutan is a Himalayan country. Tours tend to be strictly controlled and most of the contact with Bhutanese is business-oriented: special performances and visits are meant to introduce goods that are for sale to foreigners. Needless to say, they are extremely expensive even for a westerner. Only a limited number of tourists are admitted each year, and tourists are charged by the day ($300 a day in 2015). Bhutan came up with a great business plan. In my humble opinion, it is the biggest tourist scam of all time. Virtually nobody who has been there wants to go back. Indian nationals can go in and out as they wish.
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.