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A guide to its main attractions
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My pictures of Indonesia
This page provides a list of the main things to see in Indonesia. "++" identifies the top attractions.
  • Java: Jakarta (skyscrapers), Borobudur, Yogyakarta (ancient capital), Prambanan (Hindu temples), Mt Bromo
  • Sumatra: Taman (tigers), Bukittinggi, Nias (villages), Lake Toba, Medan (mosque), Banda Aceh (mosque), Palembang (monoliths)
  • Kalimantan: Banjamarsin (the Venice of Asia), Tanjung Puting (orangutang), Sungai Mahakam (Dayak people), Pegunungan Meratus (jungle treks)
  • Bali: Mt Kawi (shrines), Pura Besakih (Hindu temples)
  • Lombok: Volcano
  • Komodo: Komodo park (dragons)
  • Sulawesi: Tana Toraja (villages), Pulau Bunaken (marine wildlife)
  • Papua: Bay of Jayapura, Abepura, Etrop, Cenderawasin Bay Park (marine wildlife), Baliem Valley (Stone Age villages), Raja Ampat (1500 islands)
  • Notes (2011):
    • Indonesian transportation is flexible (from the ojek motorcycle taxi to the bemo minibus), frequent and cheap enough that it is easy to improvise (eg you can take a bemo and get off if it's too slow and jump on a ojek)
    • Indonesia is served by a handful of domestic airlines that have (cheap) flights just about everywhere but beware that flights are always late and often canceled away from Java.
    • $1=8300 rupees
    • Visa at Jakarta airport: $25
    • Bus from airport to Gambir station 20,000 rupees
    • Tuk tuk to Jalan Jaksa in Jakarta 15,000
    • Guesthouse in Jakarta (Memories Hostel) on Jalan Jaksa 80,000 ($9)
    • Average dinner: $3
    • Airport tax is never included in the air ticket. Eg, the tax for the Jakarta domestic airport is 40,000 and for international is 150,000
    • The Jayapura airport is actually in Sentani: two/three hours by bemo, one hour by ojek. A ojek from Jayapura to Sentani costs 150,000 rupias. Halfway is Abepura, that has a Hotel 777 near the university campus. No tourist info, not even a map of the city or the region.
    • Hotels in Jayapura (Papua) from 200,000 and up. Ayu and Senderhana tend to be always full, Kartini is a bit out of town, the Jayapura in front of Permata and Mario Marranu near Kartini are the cheapest (and also the filthiest). Midrange hotels include the Ambel behind Ayu, the Yasmin very visible when you arrive in town, and not far from it Defonsoro (friendliest)
    • To travel anywhere you must get the surat jalan (travel permit to the interior) from the police station near the Hotel Moata (20,000 rupias). When you arrive at your destination, you must present your travel permit to the police station even if nobody tells you to do so.
    • There are daily flights from Jayapura to Wamena for about #170 roundtrip
    • Wamena: Hotel Aggrek 320,000. It's difficult to spend less than 200,000 here. The villages charge 150,000 rupias per night for "home accommodation". Guides ask for 500,000 rupias a day.
    • Guide in Wamena (Papua):
    • Don't believe your tourbook: most "unspoiled" beaches in Indonesia are crowded and polluted, and many are plain invisible because of the row of ugly concrete buildings that block the view from the street.
    • "I am vegetarian = saya tida makan daging"