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Before you leave
  • Climate (what time is best to visit?)
  • Visas (your number one enemy is always the bureaucracy)
  • Diseases (specific to the region that you are going to visit)
  • Banditry/crime/hostility to foreigners
  • Money (cash? traveler cheques? credit cards?)
  • Language (dictionary)
  • Information
  • Passport (is it valid six months and does it have enough pages for visas?)
  • Accommodation (where are you going to stay the first night?)
  • Medical insurance?
  • Inform your credit card company

  • Tour books/ guides. We live in the age (2008) of the Lonely Planet. You will meet independent travelers armed with a Lonely Planet guide virtually in every corner of the globe. The Lonely Planet guides are indeed invaluable for their maps. They provide you a way to orient yourself when you arrive in a new city. Other than that, the Lonely Planet guides are, at best, a mixed blessing. By definition, any hotel or restaurant recommended by a Lonely Planet guide is likely to be full of foreigners like you. Needless to say, this has two drawbacks: a) you completely miss the "local" experience, since you are surrounded by tourists and not natives; and b) these establishments have little motivation to provide a good service at a competitive price, since they get plenty of customers anyway. If you follow the Lonely Planet guide, you are likely to stay in a guesthouse/hotel that gives you a much worse deal than the hotel next door. In fact, this has been consistently my personal experience. Last but not least, the Lonely Planet guide is truly inadequate for site descriptions. You need to buy also a good book about the place you are visiting, or you will miss 90% of the very reason to travel there.