Spring or fall

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The highlights of this trip are the ancient ruins of Persia in the northern and western parts of Iran
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  • IRAN
  • Orumieh: ++Kara Kelina (Armenian church of St Taddeus, earliest church in the world), +Takht Suleiman (pre-Mongol fort)
  • +Tabriz (+Blue Mosque, villages, eg Kandovan)
  • +Mauselum in Sultaniyeh (nortwestern Iran)
  • Kermanshan: +Tag-e Bostan (4th AD), ++Tablet of Darius and sculpture on Bisotun mountain (5th BC), Anubanini sculptures (2800 BC)
  • Ahwaz: +++Chogha Zanbil (Elamite 1250-500 BC), +Susa (3000-320 BC)
  • Hamadan
  • Caspian Sea
  • Moallem Kalayeh: +Alamut/ Assassins' fortress (Caspian Sea, 200 km northwest of Tehran)
  • +Mashhad (near border with Turkmenistan): ++Gawhar Shad mosque (1400), Ferdousi tomb, museum Harooneih, Ghazali tombs, shrine of Imam Reza
  • Sultaniya: +Mongol mausoleum of Oljeyetu (1317)
  • Mashad's Goharshad mosque (1419) (largest mosque in the world)
  • Tabriz
  • +Darb-i Imam funerary complex (15th c) in Isfahan
  • Nayin's Masjid-i-Jami of 10th c (east of Isfahan and north of Yazd)
  • Gonbad-e Qabus tower of 1006 (northeast Iran south of Turkmenistan and near Caspian Sea)
  • +Mil-i Sharq Radkan/ Radkan's gunbad of 1281 (80 kms north of Mashad
  • south of Turkmenistan very near the Caspian Sea) Soltaniyeh/ Sultaniya (near Tabriz)'s +Gunbad-i Uljaytu/ Mausoleum of Khodabandeh (1312)
  • Varamin's Masjed-i-Jami (1320
  • south of Caspian Sea)
  • Takht-I-Sulaiman with temple to Anahita (near Tabriz)
  • St Thaddeus Church (Azerbaijan province)
  • Elamite ruin of Choga Zanbil, ziggurat of Dur Untash in southern Iran
  • IRAQ
  • Ctesiphon
  • Ur
  • Nineveh
  • Nimrud
  • Babylon


Trip difficulty: moderate to strenuous
Length: 15 days
Season: Spring/Fall
Approximate cost: $2,500

TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 all rights reserved.