Lassen Volcanic Park

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Mt Lassen's trail.
This is a very easy 4km hike to the summit (elevation of 3,187 meters).
Some other popular hikes (nothing epic)
List of hiking trails
Mostly Lassen is famous for the Hydrothermal Areas (mainly Bumpass Hell).
Driving directions from San Francisco. Take 80 east, then 505 to 5. Drive north on I-5 to Red Bluff. Exit in Red Bluff and go east on Hwy 36.
See the maps in the right column for directions and hiking trails.
The Lassen website has road and snow conditions.
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Lassen's website
Weather forecast.
Lassen's region:

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Road into Lassen:
(CHALET is the point where the road is closed in winter and the Southwest campground is located)
Park map:
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Hiking map: