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A guide to touring...


by piero scaruffi
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  • Black Rock City: Burning Man festival (august/september)
  • Carson City: Carson City Railroad Museum
  • Great Basin (Baker, border with Utah)
  • Gold Strike Hot Spring Trail (one hour from Las Vegas)
  • Tule Springs Fossil Beds (south of Las Vegas)
  • Valley of Fire (east of Las Vegas, border with Arizona)
  • Las Vegas (as of 2022): +Frank Gehry's Keep Memory Alive Event Center (2010), Clark County Government Center, Luxor, Excalibur, New York, Gate to Aria (the artificial gardens), CityCenter (slanted buildings), Paris, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Venetian, Treasure Island, Stratosphere, Casino Center (Golden Nugget, Four Queens, etc), Las Vegas Symphony Park, Oldenburg's "The Typewriter Eraser" in CityCenter, the MSG Sphere
  • Garden Valley: Michael Heizer's "City" (completed in 2022 after 52 years, one of the largest art works in the world, 250 kms north of Las Vegas, 400 kms east of Bishop) Buddhist Bronze Mirror (Cincinnati Art Museum). A "tou guang jing" (“magic mirror”) of the 15th–16th century just discovered that, when a light is shoned, reveals an invisible Buddha (only two other such magic mirrors are known to exist).
  • Photos
  • Las Vegas notes (2022). Casinos frequently offer extremely cheap rooms. Why you should never stay in a casino but instead in a cheap motel: 1. The promotional rates of casino always hide additional charged; 2. check in and check out can take forever; 3. the valets hide your car; 4. there are colossal charges for the simplest thing (e.g. Internet access); and 5. getting to your room involves a long walk and a long wait for elevators. In a cheap motel (and there are millions in Las Vegas: 1. you pay upfront and therefore you know exactly how much; 2. check in is fast and check out takes one second; 3. your car is parked in front of your room; 4. Wi-fi Internet is free, period; and 5. your room is a ten-second walk from your car.
  • The auto collection at the Quad/ Imperial Palace is no more