Inca Peru and Galapagos

December 1987

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The highlights of this trip were the ancient Inca ruins of Peru and the Galapagos islands.
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  1. Guyaquil
  2. +++Galapagos
    • ++Bartolome: penguins, sea lions, iguanas, Pinnacle Rock, 365-step staircase
    • ++Espanola: albatross, blue-footed boobies, lava lizard, Punta Suarez
    • +Isabela: whales, dolphins, penguins, tortoises, cormorants, Sierra Negra Volcano (second largest active crater in the world), Tagus Cove
    • Genovesa: birds
  3. Lima: Plaza Grau, Catedral, Arcivescovado, Palacio de Gobierno, +S Domingo, ++S Francisco, S Pedro, ++Museo de Oro
  4. Cuzco: Plaza de Almas, Compania de Jesus, +Catedral, Mercede, +S Domingo/ Qorikancha, Plaza de S Blas
  5. Tampumachai
  6. Qenko
  7. ++Saqsa
  8. +Ollaytatambo
  9. +++Machu Picchu


Trip difficulty: easy to moderate
Length: 20 days
Season: Year-round

  • Note (2020): $20 tourist transit card must be purchased before the flight
  • Note (2020): $100 entrance ticket to Galapagos National Park must be purchased upon arrival
  • Several hotels arrange day trips from Santa Cruz and operators can be approached directly at the harbor. Boats range for family-size to ferry-size.
  • Peru page
  • Pictures
  • Chronological table of the ancient civilizations of Peru
  • Geographic map of the ancient civilizations of Peru
  • Map of Galapagos Islands