Northern Peru

October 1994

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The highlights of this trip were the ancient pre-Inka civilizations of Peru.
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  1. Lima
  2. Huaraz: +Chavin
  3. Casma: +Sechin
  4. Chimbote
  5. Trujillo: ++Chan Chan, +Huacas Sol y LUz, Huanchaco
  6. Cajamarca
  7. Chiclayo: +Sipan, ++Tucume`
  8. Chachapoyas: ++Kuelap, Levanto, Yalep
  9. Tumbes

Notes (1996)

Trip difficulty: difficult
Length: 15 days
Season: Year-round

  • Every other wed one can fly Chiclayo-Chacha with FAP 7:30am
  • Chachapoyas: tourist info at Istituto de Cultura, Jr Junin 817.
  • Walking from Kuelap to Levanto:
    1. Kuelap to Tingo (downhill) is about 2hrs
    2. Tingo to to Magdalena (uphill) is about 30'
    3. Magdalena to the stone bridge (ask for short cut, uphill and then 11) is about 30'
    4. stone bridge to wooden bridge along the road to Maino (flat) is about 30'
    5. river to waterfall (steep uphill) is about lhr
    6. waterfall to Levanto (steep uphill) is about 30'
    7. Levanto to Yalep (steep uphill) is about 30'
  • There are vehicles going from Tingo to Maino, but make sure they will drop you off at the beginning of the trail to Levanto; alternatively. From Maino there is another (much easier) trail to Levanto, but the whole trip from Tingo would take a lot longer.
  • Still no hotel and no restaurant in Levanto.
  • Chacha and surroundings are not very safe if travelling by bus overnight. Better use only the main empresas, which have their own security travelling cm the bus.
  • Yalep is not much of a ruin, very little to see or do. Not worth the hike. The hike is worth the hike.
  • The huacas of the Sun and Moon near Trujillo are the largest structures ever constructed in South America, and are second largest in the Western Hemisphere to the Pyramid of Cholula in Mexico. They were built by the Moche Empire, a culture that pre-dated the Inkas by nearly 1000 years.
  • The 26 pyramids in T£cume were built by the Chim£ culture.
  • Kuelap is the most spectacular Chachapoya ('cloud people') structure, a walled city atop a steep mountain.