Eastern Europe


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The highlights of this trip were the capitals of Eastern Europe.
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  1. +++Praha (Prague)
  2. Krakow: Isozaki's Manggha Museum
  3. +Nowa Huta (Soviet architecture, Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa of 1995)
  4. Wroklaw: Max Berg's Centenary Hall (1910)
  5. Sopot: The Crooked House
  6. Poznan: Hans Poelzig's Water Tower (1911)
  7. Auschwitz concentration camp
  8. ++Wielicza salt mines
  9. Swiebodzin: the world's largest statue of Jesus Christ
  10. (Czestochowa: Jasna Góra monastery of 1382 with "black madonna" painting of the Virgin Mary)
  11. Warszaw: +Daniel Libeskind's Zlota 44
  12. Budapest
  13. Bratislava


Trip difficulty: easy
Length: 10 days
Season: April-October
My pictures of Poland My pictures of Chechoslovakia
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