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The highlights of this trip were the cities of Scandinavia.
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  1. Iceland: Reykjavik (Henning Larsen's Concert Hall, Church of Hallgrimur, Hofdi House, The Pearl, Solfar Sun Voyager, Harpa Conference Center, Tjornin Pond, Videy Island), Skaftafell National Park, Thingvellir National Park, Haukadalur geysers (Strokkur and Geysir), Gullfoss waterfalls, Skaftafell Park, 330km east of Reykjavik, with Svartifoss waterfall (one hour hike).
  2. Denmark: Copenhagen (Henning Larsen's 2005 Opera House, Martin Nyrop's 1902 Town Hall, Jensen Klint's +Grundtvig Church of 1926, Ron Mueck's "Boy" (2000) at Aarhus' museum, Cirkusbygningen, Arne Jacobsen's Royal SAS Hotel)
  3. Denmark: Elsinore's Kronborg Castle, Oresend Bridge (2000), Jorn Utzon's Church in Bagsvaerd (1976), Stengard Church in Bagsvaerd (1962)
  4. Norway: Urnes stave church
  5. Norway: Bryggen
  6. Norway: rock-carving field at Geithus of 6000 BC (in Modum)
  7. Norway: rock carvings in Ausevika (north of Bergen)
  8. Norway: rock carvings in Bardal (even ships)
  9. Norway: Oslo (Snohetta's Opera House)
  10. Norway: ++Borgund's stave church of St Andrew and Urne church
  11. Sweden: Goteborg (Masthugg Church of 1914)
  12. Sweden: Lund cathedral
  13. Sweden: Gotland Island
  14. Sweden: Skaraborg's Husaby kyrka (1150)
  15. Sweden: Stockholm (++old town)
  16. Sweden: Malmo (+Turning Torso by Calatrava)
  17. Finland: Helsinki (Eliel Saarinen's Pohjola Building with +spiral staircase, Eliel Saarinen's Train station, Kiasma, Saarinen's National Museum, Finlandia Hall, Opera House, Parliament House, Cathedral, Temppeliauko Church, Houses of Estates, Uspenski Cathedral, Old Market Hall, National Theater)
  18. Finland: Turku (Castle, Cathedral)
  19. Finland: Olavinlinna Castle (Savonlinna)
  20. Finland: Tampere (Daniel Libeskind's Tampere Central Deck and Arena)
  21. Finland: +Alvar Aalto's Saynatsalo Town Hall in Jyvaskyla (150 km north-east from Tampere)

Notes (2014)

  • 1000 ISK (Iceland's krona) = $8.62 (2014)
  • Reykjavik is shockingly expensive. A bed in a large dormitory is about $40. A single in the cheapest guesthouse is $150.
  • Airport bus to BSI bus station (downtown) 1950 ISK = $16
  • City buses 350=$3
  • Bus to Skaftafell and back 16,900 ($150) from BSI bus station
  • Golden Circle Tour 8,000 ($65) from Grayline terminal (downtown)
  • TM, ®, Copyright © 2014 all rights reserved.