Havasu Canyon to Supai village

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Havasu Canyon is a canyon that leads to Supai village, an isolated Native-American village. It can be reached by helicopter, mule/horse or hiking. The distance is often marked as "eight miles", which would make 13 kms. But personally I think it is less.
From Las Vegas drive 93 to Kinsman, then 66 to Peach Springs, then north to Hilltop. Park and sleep overnight. Start hiking early to avoid the sun. In 2004, we started at 4:36 and reached the canyon in 30 minutes. Then you hike through the canyon for about two hours to the village. Past the village, there are ponds and waterfalls. Depending on the season, you may see waterfalls also inside the canyon. At the village you are requested to pay $20. On the way back, it took us 3 hours 15' from Supai village to the Hilltop, of which 40' were ascending the switchbacks.

This hike is often described as "brutal" and "strenous", but actually it is mostly in the shade (the canyon is narrow) and the brutal part (the switchbacks) is rather short. If you have hiked into the Grand Canyon, this is a piece of cake.