Sweeney Ridge/ Rockaway Beach/ Linda Mar

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Sweeney Ridge is situated 15 minutes south of San Francisco. It affords stunning views of both the Bay and the Ocean.

From the south Bay: Take 280 north, take the hwy35 exit, turn left onto Sneath Ln, drive to the dead end. Park.

From the north Bay: Take 280 south, take the Hwy 1 south exit, take 35 (skyline) south, turn right onto Sneath ln.

From Sweeney Ridge it is possible to hike south to connect with the Fifield-Cahill Ridge Trail , which descends towards the reservoir (about 15 kms) and ends at "Skyline Quarry Gate", 1 km west of the intersection of Skyline Boulevard and Highway 92 (drive up hwy 92 as if you are going to Half Moon Bay, but turn right into the gate about 500 meters after the traffic light, and then drive to the end of the road).
It is not clear if it is possible to hike from Sweeney Ridge to San Pedro Valley Park.
Nearby San Pedro Valley hike: go back on hwy 35, turn left on hwy 35 and then left again on Sharp Ave, then left again on hwy 1 to Montara, then left on Linda Mar to the end of the road (600 Oddstad Boulevard, Pacifica).

A trail of about 4kms takes you to the top of Montara Mountain.

The Brooks Creek Trail (1.5 km) goes by the Brooks Falls (three-tier 50m drop, but visible only in winter and early spring).

A straight route up to Montara Mountain starts from McNee Ranch, which is located across from Montara Beach.

McNee Ranch to Sweeney Ridge via Montara Mountain

A nice loop goes from McNee Ranch up to Montara Mountain's North Peak, then back down to the turnoff for San Pedro Valley Park, turn right to go downhill past the waterfalls to San Pedro Valley Park, then walk out to the street, turn left and look for Peralta Rd and Higgins Way, the trailhead to go straight back to McNee Ranch (see "Pacifica State Beach to Montara State Beach").

A more ambitious loop is

  • Park at McNee Ranch and take the Montara Mountain trail
  • Hike up to Montara Mountain's North Peak
  • Descend the same trail to the turnoff for San Pedro Valley Park
  • Turn right to go downhill past the waterfalls to San Pedro Valley Park
  • Walk out to the street, turn right and turn left on Everblades
  • Turn right into Fassler Blvd to its end
  • Take the Baquiano trail to Sweeney Ridge
  • Turn left to the old missile sites and go down the Mori trail
  • Cross highway 1 (there is an underpass)
  • The other side is Mori Point
  • Walk up to Mori Point (follow the signs for "The Point")
  • Turn left on the coastal trail that heads south
  • This trail connects to the Linda Mar beach via Rockaway Beach
  • Cross highway 1 again at the traffic light for Linda Mar
  • Walk up Linda Mar two long blocks and turn right into Peralta Rd
  • Follow Peralta until it turns into Higgins Way and continue to the dead end
  • This is the trailhead to go straight back to McNee Ranch (see "Pacifica State Beach to Montara State Beach").

There is also a paved pedestrian area that runs parallel to highway 1 along the coast in the section called "Devil's Slide". This takes you to the Gray Whale Cove trailhead, a steep ascent that connects with the trail going to Montara Mountain.

Pacifica State Beach to Montara State Beach

Take Highway 1 south past Rockaway State Beach in Pacifica to Lindamar Blvd (as of 2010, Taco Bell on your right, Denny's on your left). Start the hike at the end of Higgins Way, which is at the end of Peralta Rd, which is off Linda Mar Blvd (or take a right on Adobe from Peralta and then a right on Higgins till the end of the road). This is just past Shamrock Ranch and before Devil's Slide. At the end of Higgins Way there is a gate. The fire road (partially paved) goes up around the hills. At one point you can take an unpaved short cut to get straight to the coast trail (with awesome views of the coast all the way to San Francisco). If you are on the paved fireroad, eventually you reach a crossroad. If you are on the shortcut, turn left when you hit the coast trail, and then you'll reach the same crossroad. Bear right (take the road that goes down towards the ocean) and, after a few switchbacks, you reach a trailhead (no bikes, no horses). This trail goes down quite steep towards Montara. Take any of the side trails on your right-hand side that will take you (down a very steep slope) to a lower trail, which is basically parallel to Highway 1. You have bypassed Devil's Slide. This lower trail (after passing benches overlooking the ocean) reaches Highway 1. Cross the street and look for the stairs to go down to the beach.
Pictures of the hike
Hike description From the Sneath Ln parking lot to the top takes between 30 minutes and one hour.

Before the top, there is a fork:

  • The trail to the right reaches the top and then descends to the Shelldance Nursery. Then you have to cross highway 1 in order to reach the beach. There is a tunnel but it is not trivial to find it: walk along highway 1 going north for about 100 meters past the first house. You are now just south of Sharp Park and of Pacifica. Walk along the road that heads to the beach. When you are almost at the beach, take the trail south that goes up and down the cliffs with magnificent views of the ocean. Continuing south on this trail, one reaches Linda Mar's beach.
  • The trail to the left splits: if you go straight, you eventually reach the end of the Ridge Trail; if you turn right, you descend towards Linda Mar (Baquiano Trail). The trail ends on Fassler Ave. Take the first opportunity to cross the hill south of Fassler Ave and you reach Linda Mar proper. You can walk south to the point where highway 1 starts climbing towards Devil's Slide.
These two trails can be used to make a loop. It takes between 30 and 45' from the top to the beach, and at least one hour from the beach to the top.

The main attraction of this hike is the view: 360-degree views from the ocean to Mt Diablo.

The trail from Sneath Ln to the top is about 5kms. The trail from the top to highway 1 is about 7kms. From highway 1 to the beach is about 1km.

From Linda Mar two little detours are also possible:

  1. To climb the hill overlooking Devil's Slide: cross at the traffic light (hwy 1 and San Pedro Ave) to get on the Taco Bell side, then walk to the end of the road. Right at the curve, you find a white building and an Italian restaurant. In between, there is a gate: that is the trailhead to the summit. After about 50 meters, it joins a fireroad. The fireroad winds its way up to the promontories overlooking the ocean with stunning views (in a good day). The road/tral ends just above a series of striped cliffs. On the right hand side on can see a secluded beach and the houses surrounding it.
    Directions to Linda Mar Blvd & Hwy 1: take Westborough exit off 280 and go west all the way, then south (left) on hwy 1 for 5 minutes. At that traffic light on the beach side, next to Taco Bell, there's a little shopping center with a couple of restaurants etc. Technically, it's the beginning of San Pedro Ave. Park there.
  2. To reach the beach below Devil's Slide (possible only with very low tide): cross at the San Pedro Avenue traffic light to get on the Taco Bell side, then walk to the beach and follow the contour of the beach south. It bends south. You have to walk over rocks and make sure you don't slip. How far you can go depends on how low the tide is.
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